Kanakadhaara Sthothram- Devotional hymn

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Today being the last Friday in the auspicious month of Thay. I wanted to post this Devotional Hymn.

The story behind the Kanakadhara slokam is very interesting. One day, the great saint Adi Shankara goes to a very poor lady’s house begging for Bikshaa (alms). The lady is left with nothing except a dry gooseberry (Amla/ Nellikkaai/ Usili kaya) which was going to be her food for the day. But since she couldn’t send Shankara away empty-handed, she gives it to him. The Saint stands in her courtyard and invokes Goddess Mahalakshmi with the Kanakadhara Sthothram. At the end of the recital, Mahalakshmi blesses the poor lady with a shower of Golden Amlas. It is believed that whoever recites these slokas will be blessed with wealth and abundance.

The Hyms is made of 22 verses written in the ancient language of Sanskrit. My knowledge of the language is very limited but I have tried to attain as much perfection in the diction as possible with some help from friends. If you are interested in knowing the lyrics and the meaning of these hymns, please visit:“http://sanskritdocuments.org/all_pdf/kanaka-tr.pdf” . There are a few versions but I have stuck to the one I was most impressed with.

I also learnt recently that there is a tamizh equivalent called ‘Pon mazhai’ written by KaNNadaasan in which he has exquisitely written the slokas adhering to the style of Adi Sankarar, neither appending anything new nor discounting anything from the Sanksrit original.

This rendition is only an attempt of the awe-inspiring work by Smt. Sudha Raghunathan whom I consider to be my Maanaseeka Guru (Tutor). This is a humble GuruDakshina to her from me. My dream is to sing and post some of her religious works like the Soundarya Lahari and Lalitha Sahasranamam and this is the first post in that series.

This is a religious post which will obviously be of interest to only one group of audience. I have posted this with no intentions of hurting the feelings of the rest of the listeners and would like to apologise to them if I inadvertantly have. I have disabled comments so that no one feels obliged or compelled to leave a word or two as feedback. You are most welcome to scribble/ email me your valuable ideas/ suggestions/ pointers/ criticisms.

Sacred work of : Adi Shankaracharya (788 to 820 AD)


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