Kan pona pokkile (Panam padaithavan)

Lyrics & Chords

Old classics of msv-ramamurthy,the legends
of tamil cinema.Beautiful song.

Movie Name: Panam Padaithavan (1965)
Singer: T.M.Sounderajan
Music Director: Viswanathan-Ramamurthy
Lyrics: vaali.
Year: 1965

Most of MGRs songs have great meaning and an inspirational quote for life. Here is one such song from the movie Panam Padaithavan.

Kan Pona Pokkilay Kaal Pogalaamaa
Kaal Pona Pokkilay Manam Pogalaamaa
Manam Pona Pokkilay Manidhan Pogalaamaa
Manidhan Pona Paadhayai Marandhu Pogalaamaa

Nee Paartha Paarvaigal Kanavodu Pogum
Nee Sonna Vaarthaigal Kaatrodu Pogum
Oor Paartha Unmaigal Unakkaaga Vaazhum
Unaraamal Povorkku Udhavaamal Pogum, Kan Pona ……

Poyyaana Sila Paerkku Pudhu Naagareegam
Puriyaadha Pala Paerkku Idhu Naagareegam
Murayaaga Vaazhvorkku Edhu Naagareegam
Munnorgal Sonnaargal Adhu Naagareegam ,Kan Pona ……

Thirundhaadha Ullangal Irundhenna Laabam
Varundhaadha Uruvangal Pirandhenna Laabam
Irundhaalum Maraindhaalum Paer Solla Vendum
Ivar Pola Yaar Endru Oor Solla Vendum , Kan Pona ……

My sincere dedication to those maestros and
the giants of Tamil Film Industry.



Lakshmi Somasundaram said

Dai superb da,enjoyed it thoroughly.
A very very tough song and you have managed it very
well da.Your diction is also very perfect da.T.M.S
sir songs are not easy to sing.This is my all time
favourite song.Thanks for singing.5/5 for the effo
rt and goes to my favourites.

That ‘manam pogalama’ line could be more clear,no worries.Minor mistake.keep it up and keep singing.

Loved your description about the legends.
Thanks for sharing.

Enjoyed your last charanam and nice lyrics too.


Srini S said

Thanks a lot dee lakshu.Really appreciate ur feedb
ack and glad dat u liked it.Thanks for the pointers
Thanks for the quick feedback.
Thanks for the rating and favouriting.


Srini S said

Thanks a lot sowmyaji for the feedback and those poi
nters too.Glad dat u liked it.


Maruthi said

Srini , lovely song , the lyrics is commanding the flow of the song in this one……the key of succes in this song is power singing srini….slightly pressure in vocals and punch on keywords are most needed in demand……your voice usually has a weightage ….which this song demands but you missed it by big margin…… apart from that couple of sangathis are slightly off……

.this song sounds simple to listener but not the sangathis ,not the pitch, not the singer……but the tone is the most demanding factor ( that traditional cinema tamil tone )…….you have that tone srini…but you missed it.

no issues in singing and timing ……if you are spot on …at the tone you will get everything following it…as everything is embedded into that in this special song……I honestly can admit I will not be able to sing this song for its demand.
Semi finalist in UK International (songwritting/ composers contest) 2009 judjed by Simon Cowell and his panel.


Srini S said

No issues maruthi,thanks for the detailed feedback,
much appreciated and my sincere thanks for pointing
out the mistakes too.will definitely takecare of i
t in my future t.m.s renditions.Glad dat u liked m
y singing.


Radhika Nair (away) said

Srini – Have not heard this song at all. Am a big fan of MSV – he has done some brilliant pieces in Mal cinema which each time fills the listener with awe – espec some of his brillaint melodious semi-classical songs. I had absolutely nothing to compare your rendition with – I liked it a lot and 5 !

Pl do listen to my latest
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Phir Se Aayiyo Badra – Namkeen
Shruthiyil Ninnuyarum – Thrishna(Mal)


Harry Chops said

Srini-Due to language constraints, can’t really understand much but whatever I could understand, it was enjoyable.
You may please listen to my first attempt of singing an original composition

Saamne tum yun Baithe ho-original composition

Your feedback is requested



Srini S said

thanks a lot radhika n harry for the feedback,glad
dat u both liked it.

Radhika thanks for the 5.

Harry will listen,thanks for the invitation.


Jenefa (inactive) said

Nice pick, Srini Bro! This is among the few of the classic songs, i didn’t miss to hear! I felt your voice suits apt for the song.
You rendition sounds very good to me:)

Jenefa :)


Subbu said

Hi Srini-Nice attempt-The legendary TMS punch was a lil less in this rendition,,,not sure if the scale has been lowered……there is a touch of melancholy in this rendition……which I guess should be totally avoided to get that ‘ganeer Venkala Kural’- IR used to say the AaN kural vanished along with TMS ! Otherwise enjoyed listening to Srini….
Straight From the heart, Always


Harshan Nambiar (away for a month india vacation) Pro user said

Shrni bhai …not familiar with this song….but thanks for introducing this beautiful composition. You sounded awesome man, I am just amazed at your versatility ….kishoreda, rafi saab, Hariharan, KJY, SPB, Bhupender, MSV …Tamil , hindi ……what can I say ….just a big 5 from you….you r getting better with every rendition bro….the sky is the limit ….dont loose focus…god bless.

full stars ************
Check out

Aye dil hai Mushkil


Meera Manohar said

Ahhaaa. nice song to cover Srini. The track is also pretty nice with all the chorus and harmonies :P

Neat job by you for the most part. It’s tough to bring TMS effect since he’s really a legend, but I really enjoyed your own take on this one. Infact you have made it your own which is really commendable.

Kudos… and a 5/5!

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Harshan Nambiar (away for a month india vacation) Pro user said

Hearing it again and wondering the hindi version would have perfectly suited Kishoreda :-)
Check out

Aye dil hai Mushkil


Meera Krishnan said

srini – superb ……yes……effortless singing……simply superb…of course the mixing was really good nd made the song more beautiful….nd the lyrics of the song – very meaningful……keep up the good work….thanx for sharing this evergreen TMS hit with us…….nd no doubt this 1 goes to my fav. list nd also d vote…


Tara Balakrishnan said

enjoyed ur rendition Srini!
My latest posts…

“Ye tumhari meri baatein – Rock on! "

thumbi vaa

Mundhinam with George


Dheeraj Govind said

nice effort srini… though i am not familiar with old tamil songs… enjoyed it to the full extend… seems like a tough song yet u sung it effortlessly…


N.gopinath said

Not familiar to this song.
Enjoyed your singing…nice composition…very well sung… congrat…
Please listen to my latest upload & comment

Karimukil kattile: Cover by Gopinath


Srini S said

thanks a lot jene,subbu,narayan,meera manohar,meera
krishnan,tara,bala,sai and dheeraj for the wonderful feedba
ck and thanks for those pointers which i have impro
ve a lot in my future tms sir renditions.

Harshan and meera krishnan thanks for adding it to
ur favs.

Meera manohar thanks for your appreciation on the

jene,harshan,meera manohar,meera krishnan and sai
thanks for the rating.

Harshan bhai thanks for taking time to listen to i
t again and thanks for your support and encourage
ment.Appreciate it a lot,my sincere thanks.


Meena Raman said

Enjoyed it a lot Srini,this is one of favorite song.
i keep hearing to it quiet often.
thanks for Sharing
5/5 and to my favorites



Srini S said

thanks a lot meena for the feedback,glad dat u like
d it.

Thanks for the rating and favouriting it.


Priya B said

Hi Srini….nice singing of TMS!!
Nalla irundhadhu….5/5!
Aana oru paattula ivvalo kelvi kekkalamaa??
Ketta kelvikku badhil vandhadhaa?


Srini S said

hahahaha,naan enna panradu,adha vaali sir and m.g.r
sira dhan poi kekanum,hehe.

Thanks a lot priya for the feedback,im happy dt u li
ked it.

Thanks for the 5


Krishnan N v ( nvk ) said

Lovely song pick… loved it in your voice very much… Slight off pitch notes heard somewhere, not major though…

ENVEEK-In my “Second Innings”.
Check out My Latest Ramzaanile CHandrikayo, Leharon Ki Tarah, Soorya Kireedom and Ya Rabba


Srini S said

thanku somuch sir for the feedback,glad dat u liked
it and thanks for those pointers.


Thinkal govind kumar Pro user said

My Dear SS Thambi,
I second Sree’s comments regarding your versatility
in singing the songs of different singers & languages without losing the original feel which is why I always say that we are all proud of you.
This one too was quite haunting & nostalgic !
Brought tears in my eyes !
Hats off to you & a standing ovation to Our Dear SS !
Please continue your good work !
Happy Diwali !
Cheers !
GOD Bless !
Loving Best Wishes,
Thinkal Govind Kumar.


Srini S said

Thanks a ton TGK sir for those encouraging words
and the wonderful feedback,much appreciated.Please
keep encouraging like this.Thanks again.Im happy
dat u liked my work.

Happy diwali sir.


Roshine Gnanatharshan. said

Wow How did I miss listening to this song :O
Beautiful rendition srini…
Old songs are always Gold.


Srini S said

Thanks a lot roshinie for the feedback,really encouraging,glad dat u liked it.

Thanks for adding it to your favs.


Uthra said

Nice song pick and suits your voice. Please post more TMS songs. Some more boldness (gambheeram) in your voice would have taken it to the next level, I felt nevertheless enjoyed this song. Nice track too.
Lyrics…. beautiful. Didn’t know it was vaali’s. I would have assumed that it was kannadasan’s if you had not mentioned that. It is a pity that we don’t get many songs with good lyrics these days.


Srini S said

watever u had mentioned is absolutely right uthraji.
yes we dont get many songs with good lyrics nowadays
I too didnt knew dat the lyrics is by vaali sir.sowmyaji gave me the information.I too thought that its kannadasan sir.

Anyways i thankyou for the feedback on my rendition
,really appreciate it.Thanks for those pointers.
Glad dat u liked it.


Ravi Govindasamy said

Hi Friend Am Ravi G. Am very interested to singing. I love music. All songs I heard urs. All are very nice, very nice. Can you help me Srinivasan I want this karaoke songs for me too practicing here, So this ll be very thankfull help from u.

Thanks Friend.

Ravi G


Srini S said

sure ravi,thanks a lot for the feedback.Glad that
you liked it.


ராஜ் குமார் அஞ்சன் said

Srini brother!!!!
A song which is so close to my heart…. I listen to this most of the times whenever I frequent Muziboo. Forgot to comment. Mannikkavum. Have been listening to the songs in your space in repetition. Nalla weightage uLLa voice…. Thanks for covering this…. TMS-MSV-TKR-MGR -- enna oru combination!!!!! Thanks again for sharing this with us…. I am not sure of the technical parameters and other metrics. But a nice rendition which gave a soothing effect…. Appadiye kann munnaadi antha video therinjuthu…
Thanks & Regards,

Music is what our feelings sound like….


Srini S said

romba nandree brother unga commentsku.innum naan
neraya improve paNNikaNum and neraya kathukaNum.
Paattu na summava?Not an easy thing.
Thanks and glad you liked it.


Naha said

thanks srini, Enjoyed it a lot Srini,this is one of favorite song by Naha, Dubai


Srini S said

Thanks a lot naha for the feedback.Glad you
liked it.Welcome to my space.


S. Nageswari said

I love this song. This is my favourite song……. Any time I heared this song I stay and heard this song fully.


Srini S said

Thanks so much nageswari.Glad you liked it.Welcome to my space.


Gopi Shanmugam said

Sri, Very vell sung… all the poniters coverd… I have missed this cover still now… any way it’s a pleasure listening… liked it.


Srini S said

Thanks so much gopi.Glad you liked it.


Theagaraj Dhanapalan Pro user said

Migavum Arputhamana paadalai appadiye ungal azhagu kuralil arputhamaga enathu seviyil olikkum bakkiyam kidaithathu indru.

Miga miga arumai.


Srini S said

theagu romba nandree pa.


Radha Krishnan said

very nice song and singing srinivasan.
this is my favrit song. inniku thaan andha song ketten. udane paadanum pola irundhuchu, naanum adhai paadi upload panniten. but, unga level ku sangatis ellam kondu vara mudiyala. just chumma paadi upload saidhu irukiren. neenga romba perfect aa paadi irukeenga. en song mm kettu paarunga link tharen. http://www.muziboo.com/kvr888/music/kan-pona-pokkile-kaal-pogalama-cover-by-me/


Srini S said

thanks a lot rk.sure kekaren.


Harshan Nambiar (away for a month india vacation) Pro user said

Heard it again srini ….u make it sound so effortless….beautiful composition.

Here are some of my interpretations …of originals I love


Srini S said

Thanks so much harshan bhai.So happy with your comments.


K.jayakumar said

very nice to hear,good throw and beautiful mixing!


Amukrish said

what a meaningful song…. hmmmm….

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