Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna (Cover with Shampak Chakravorty)

Lyrics & Chords

Thanks to Shampak for suggesting this song! What can I say about him……he is one of the finest singers I have heard in recent times. I am delighted to be singing with him.

He has done an excellent job at this song! And he took lots of efforts to mix it as well. Thank u so much Shampak!!!

Here goes our attempt at this beautiful melody.

Film: Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna
Music: Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy
Orig Singers: Alka Yagnik & Sonu Nigam
Cover by: Smitha & Shampak
Mixed by: Shampak

Please drop in your feedback!



Sudha Kumar (back to listen to all of you..) said

Hi Smitha and Shampak,
Beautifully sung both of you! Your upload popped up on my phone, and I had to listen right away! Shampak, one pitchy spot but otherwise great! Smitha, very nice!
5/5! -Sudha


Pravin Patade said

Very well done…… Flawless singing and very well mixing :) 5/5 from me.

Thande thande paani se nahaana chahiye,
Gaana aaye ya na aaye gaana chahiye :)


Harshan Nambiar (away for a month india vacation) Pro user said

Very melodious song pick ….very nicely done…smitha and shampak. Very expressive rendition……

shampak …very expressive rendition …surprisingly felt some offnotes at a few places for e.g 1.04 , 4.06. The last kabhi alvida na kahana….could be better. Also felt some minor timing issues …in the anthra.

Smitha ….very nice singing ….very expressive….loved the alaap at 3:21.

Keep it up ….

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Ramya Harish said

Shampak and Smitha, Very nice rendition by both of u. Enjoyed it. Felt some places notes cud be tighter in both ur portions.



Murali Ramanathan said

Well sung Shampak and Smitha…Enjoyed very much…

Warm Regards,
Murali Ram

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Anup said

good job Shampak and Smitha….enjoyed it


Srividya Kasturi said

Second Harshan abt the timing issues @ antara, Shampak….
Smitha, ur voice sounded so good!!! Overall, an expressive rendition! Your voices sound good together:)

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Shampak Chakravorty said

Thankyou everyone for liking & disliking it…… Appreciated…. Sreeharshan I know a slight pitchy portion at 1.04 but didnot find anything at 4.06. I was very tired didn’t had the energy the sing it again….My fault.

But again the rating is hurting me a lot….3.8 the first two as 5/5 suddenly dropped to 3…. Is it that bad….??? Sorry Smitha I have let you down…




Srini S said

Beautiful singing by both of u with full of emmotion


nice singing n i too felt some timing issues,otherw
ise it was gud.very expressive singing.


ur singing was gud.



Krishnan N v ( nvk ) said

Before telling anything else I wish to congratulate both of you for singing the song soooo well.I say that because it is not so easy as it sounds… Creating the right expressions and feel is not a joke… Great job guys…

Shampak you have an awesome voice and great modulations and expressions.

Smitha you were brilliant as usual… Lovely expressive rendition …

Now coming to the slight critical points, you were having some timing problems …Very fractional though… And slight pitching too…Most conspicuous was at 0.55 and few other places as well…did not bother to note the places…

I am sure you will take care to avoid such simple issues which are nothing difficult for such beautiful singers like you…

All the best…


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Smitha Passanha said

Sudha, Pravin, Harshan, Ramya, Murali, Anup, Vidya, Srini, NVK Sir – Thanks everyone for taking time to listen to this one. All your feedback noted….will strive to eliminate pitching and timing issues in our forthcoming renditions.

Shampak – U haven’t let me down! You have sung so beautifully! This is a public forum and everyone has the right to express their honest opinion. So please don’t feel disappointed. Just take the feedback positively and work on the improvements mentioned. Let me re-iterate that u are one of the best voices I have heard in recent times!

- Smitha

Do listen to Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna and O Mere Sona Re


George Kuruvilla Pro user said

Hi Guys,
Great job on this one. Terrific singing Shampak! I have to agree with Smitha. You are very talented and have a voice that is very suited to the current bollywood music trends. So keep singing please!! Smitha… as good as always! Only pointer is the vibrato issue that I have talked to you about in the past. Shampak, about the rating, dont take it to heart. There are some great songs on muziboo that have been rated poorly. Doesnt mean the song is bad. You both have done a fab job and this is a very good cover! The rating obviously doesnt change that.
With that said, 5/5 from me :-)

BTW, the mix is very good too.

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Bodhisattva Dasgupta said

Very well sung, Smitha…… Very very well sung, to be precise…. and Shampak babu… aapne toh kamaal hi kar diya…. Basically, a very well sung Duet…. good vibrato, Shampak…. Kudos to both of u…



Smitha Passanha said

Thanks so much George! Will watch for the vibratos……u know how difficult it is for me! :-) And thanks for commenting abt the mix. Shampak worked really hard on it!

Bodhi – Thanks!!!

Khan bhai – I agree abt the alaap….Shampak did a fabulous job! He also did a great job with the subtle harqats. Glad u liked this one!

- Smitha

Do listen to Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna and O Mere Sona Re


Vijay Iyer (away...) said

Hi Smitha/Sampak,

Beautiful rendition. Very tastefully executed. This is a very delicate song and needs the right expressions and you guys have done good justice. Sampak I am hearing you for the first time and the first impression is you have lot of potential.
Smitha, as always nicely done. :)

Keep up the hardwork,



Rashmi Nair said

Very nice rendition, Smitha & Shampak.
As our friends mentioned, I felt very slight offnotes, but they were too negligible compared to the expressions and feel both of you have captured.
Both of you have been gifted with beautiful voices. This was a treat! Good job.


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Meera Manohar said


Sorry on being late here :)

Awesome song pick for your tones I should say !

Shampak, you were a little shaky in the first line but then your flow was just amazing. You have a very beautiful fresh voice to be specific. Your aalaap before the 2nd stanza was very very well done.

Smitha, you sounded very gloomy which I think is a great thing for the song, such a contrast from your Dum maro dum :=) Good job, barring a slight off in the start ( one of those 1st few lines), you were very good.

Kudos on a very well done cover !


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Soumitra Sarkar said

Nice job overall guys :) Keep it going :)

- Soumitra
Pls listen to my Deewana Leke Aaya Hai attempt.


Theagaraj Dhanapalan Pro user said

Very good work and I liked it.

Other points to be taken care has been mentioned by experts.




Shailender said

The start was fabulous…….little offnotes were there as noted above by the discernible listeners…….but the feel and expressions were immaculate….

Good job Smitha and Shampak….

…… listen to Jaane Kahan Gaye Woh Din


Neha ........ said

What a beautiful rendition…!
-Shampak, I feel u captured the mood of the song so so perfectly! I wud agree with the others, you really have a very ‘playback’ voice!!!
-Smitha, beautiful expressions…
5/5 from me!!


Shampak Chakravorty said

Thankyou Vijay, Rashmi, Meera,Soumitra,Theagaraj,AJ,Shailender & Neha…. Thanyou for all the encouraging words…. I will try my sincere best in eliminating whatever drawbacks I had in this one…. Thankyou so much for giving our song your precious time & concern…. Glad that the ratings improved….hee hee….




Tara Balakrishnan said

this is awesome and very soothing rendition. Loved both ur voices and expressions. beautiful…
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thumbi vaa

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Anirban said

Shampak – Great voice!!! and very original!! Nice singing

Smitha – lovely expressions….
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Maa – Taare Zameen Par
Your feedback will be of great help.
~ Anirban


Smitha Passanha said

Thanks everybody! Sorry for the delay n replying….was away on vacation :-)

Appreciate all the comments and have noted all the feedback! Thanks so much for stopping by!
- Smitha

Do listen to Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna and O Mere Sona Re


Ranjit Salian said

Hey Smitha and Shampak due apologies for being late.

Wonderful synchronization between you two.

First to Shampak: Wonderful divine voice for such a sentimental song. You had a perfect feel and you were brilliant with your subtle expressions throughout the song and like Meera said the Alaap was too good…perfect…It just lifted up the song by leaps and bounds…

Smitha: You already know that I like your style of singing and your divine voice. Your style is very different from that of Shampak but yet your expressions were absolutely in sink and the soul of the song surely came through 100% and touched my heart and soul.

Smitha you have not catered to my request as yet…I am eagerly waiting for that song…I hope you remember…I am not in a hurry but just wanted to remind you.

This song goes to my favorites.

Imm-ortal are the words that come from my soul for this rendition.

So you deserve a 10/5.

Take Care divine souls Smitha and Shampak,
Keep the faith always,
Peace be with you,
God Bless You two and all yoru beloved souls…

Posted less than a minute ago


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αнмε∂ Khan said

Wowww what a voice yaar!!.its very difficult and fully emotional molded tune! Shampak ur great attempt conveys ur admirable hold on modulation & wow expression! Smitha Ji despite the cute style of ur voice capturing every subtle curve so precisely…:) the emoted expressions throughout the song u captivate brilliantly! right balance of energy & emotions…. a blessed combination indeed! endless charm Shampak & Smitha ji :)


Smitha Passanha said

Ranjit, Aman, Ahmed – Thanks so much guys for ur encouraging words. Glad u all liked our effort.

- Smitha

Do listen to Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna and O Mere Sona Re


Saqib Javed said

very well singing but mixing issues on someplaces……carefull on ending words n that word is Khabar Not kabar
For male singer

My Recent song
Yeh Bekhudi deewangi
Ek Baar Tujhko Dekha Deewana



Pramod Gk said

Smitha, This is been one of the favrt song…of mine… really nicely done by both of u… feel of the song was gr8 which is main theme in the whole song… well done…


Dr. priya Rajan said

Sounding so good - Fallen in LOVe with your voice!! and what a great feel u create.

Smita have listened to you earlier have a pyara pyara voice….
Kabhi alvidha nahi kahenge …. sunthe rahenge aap ke ganee….

How come this song did not get noticed. Excellent and sure for my fav’. Nice singing…Rating 5/5.

Don’t bother about the rating, I love to dig every singer’s song and sincerely appreciate your TALENT.

Good Luck always.

MUSIC is the language of the soul!


Meera Krishnan said

Shampak and Smitha…

a clean rendition .a nice duet….yeah!! i too liked the aalap rendered by u both before the first and second charanams…good work……keep going and upload more songs like this……


Pooja Mehta said

brillient both of you ….shampak awesome as usual…smitha ji u r also superb…great expressions….keep it up both of you:)

“MuSiCaLlY YoUrS”


Sobhan Jachuck said

fantastic rendition……

Shampak…. Again awesome voice and very well sung.
Smitha…… Nice voice and very well sung….

Sobhan Jachuck


Suresh said

Hey Smitha, Wonderful singing. You have a very good voice. There are some words which are getting dragged more than it should and a bit of pitching issues. Just work on it. Your voice will work wonders than it is now. Keep Rocking !!!!

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