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Here is my version and rendition.I love this song.
vs gopal
1 oct 2010.
Lata Mangeshkar has sung this song so beautifully and sweetly that even females will have a problem coming close to it and it’s perhaps sheer foolhardiness on my part to consider singing this. Yet, I love this composition in RAAG YAMAN KALYAN so much, as if it were my own composition, and I could not desist from singing this.

This is from the movie ANPADH (1962). Great music by Madan Mohan and great lyrics by Raja Mehndi Ali Khan. This song is picturised on a beautiful young Bindu, actress who played vamp roles later. A couple of other beautiful songs from this movie are “Aap ke nazron ne samjha” and “Hai isi mein pyar ki abroo”. Main actors are Balraj Sahni, Mala Sinha and Dharmendra.

jiya le gayo ji mora saanvariya
laagi man mein lagan hui baavariya

pa ni ni ni re re re ma ma ma dha pa ma pa re
ni re re re ma ma ma dha dha dha sa ni dha ni sa

o papeehe, o papeehe
tune papeehe nahi dekhe more sainya
dekhe to le-lega unki balaiyaan
ja re deewane, maar na taane,
piya ki sun jaake baansuriya

saamne aaye to main aankhon mein chupa lun
thaamke bainya unhen dil mein bitha lu
shaam savere, saath ho mere
gori ke sang jaise gaagariya

Papihe=a singing bird
balaiyan lena= is a phrase signifying the taking away another person’s troubles and misfortunes on oneself
taane maarnaa=give left handed compliment; derision through some kind of praise

FILM Plot:

Chaudhary Shambhunath (Balraj Sahni) considers the accumulation of wealth to be more important than education. He condones his sister’s inattention at school and consequently she grows up “anpadh” (illiterate). When she finds herself married to a bibliophile her problems really begin. Unable to read the poetry her husband loves and being a rotten cook too, she becomes despised by her husband and her in-laws. Circumstances conspire to leave her homeless, husbandless and pregnant. Narrowly escaping from the attentions of a panderer she falls amongst friends and, with the birth of her daughter, she starts on the long road to redemption. An entertaining plea for education in general and for the education of girls in particular. (from Wikipedia)



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jiya Le Gayo ji Mora


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