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A famous ghazal rendered by Jagjit Singh for the movie “ARTH” (1982) starring Shabana Azmi. Music was by Jagjitji himself. Lyrics were by Kaifi Azmi. (The other famous ghazal from the movie is “Tum Itna Jo”)

Here is my version/rendion.
vs gopal
12 aug 2010

jhuki jhuki see nazar bekaraar hain ke naheen
dabaa dabaa saa sahee dil mein pyaar hain ke naheen

too apane dil kee jawaan dhadakanon ko gin ke bataa
meree tarah teraa dil bekaraar hain naheen

wo pal ke jis mein mohabbat jawaan hotee hain
us ek pal kaa tujhe intazaar hain ke naheen

teree ummeed pe thhukaraa rahaa hoo duniyaan ko
tujhe bhee apane pe ye ayetabaar hain ke naheen



V.s. Gopalakrishnan said

Dear Neil!
Many thanks!
It looks like you and I are going to upload the largest number of songs/music pieces on this site! :))
Cheers! Take care!
vs gopal
12 aug 2010
vs gopal


Harshan Nambiar (away for a month india vacation) Pro user said

Good attempt Gopal ji …I love this song for the tune in the anthra….watch out for Yogesh bhai …he has posted almost 300 songs….for the records:-)
Interpretation is the revenge of the intellect upon Art ………….Susan Sontag.

Here are some of my interpretations …of originals I love


V.s. Gopalakrishnan said

Dear Harshanji,
Many thanks indeed!
Yes, Yogesh bhai is nearing 300 songs but Neil is also close to that figure.:))
vs gopal
13 aug 2010
vs gopal

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