Jeevan Ke Din - Bade Dilwala

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Hi Folks -

This time around I am back to the basics :-) This song is pretty challenging. When you hear it in Guru’s voice it sounds very easy and “singable” but when covering it, it is then you realize the real talent behind Guru’s song. Not just this song, but there are many such examples where this is true. Covering this song is like a roller coaster ride with respect to the notes. I tried my best. Hope you like it.

  • I apologize for singing “thode sahin” instead of “chote sahin”.

Have a good weekend!!!

Cast: Rishi Kapoor, Sarika, Tina Munim
Music Director: Burman R D
Director: Bhappi Soni
Producer: Bhappi Soni
Lyrics: Majrooh Sultanpuri
Year: 1982

Singer: Kishore Kumar
Version: Cover

Jeevan Ke Din Chhote Sahi
Hum Bhi Bade Dilwale
Kal Ki Humein Fursat Kahan
Sochen Jo Hum Matwale

Jeevan Ke Din Chhote Sahi
Hum Bhi Bade Dilwale
Kal Ki Humein Fursat Kahan
Sochen Jo Hum Matwale

Jeene Ka Rangeen Mausam
Yeh Khoobsurat Zamana
Jeene Ka Rangeen Mausam
Yeh Khoobsurat Zamana
Apne Yehi Chaar Pal Hain
Aage Hai Kya Kisne Jaana
Jeena Jise Aata Hai Woh
In Mein Hi Mauj Mana Le
Kal Ki Humein Fursat Kahan
Sochen Jo Hum Matwale

Jeevan Ke Din Chhote Sahi
Hum Bhi Bade Dilwale
Kal Ki Humein Fursat Kahan
Sochen Jo Hum Matwale

Yeh Zindagi Dard Bhi Hai
Yeh Zindagi Hai Dava Bhi
Yeh Zindagi Dard Bhi Hai
Yeh Zindagi Hai Dava Bhi
Dil Todna Hi Na Jaane
Jaane Yeh Dil Jodna Bhi
Is Zindagi Ka Shukriya
Sadke Main Uparwale
Kal Ki Humein Fursat Kahan
Sochen Jo Hum Matwale

Kal Ki Humein Fursat Kahan
Sochen Jo Hum Matwale

Jeevan Ke Din Chhote Sahi
Hum Bhi Bade Dilwale
Kal Ki Humein Fursat Kahan
Sochen Jo Hum Matwale
Sochen Jo Hum Matwale

- Cheers



Adithi said

Good pick and rendition, Anirbanji! :) As usual, awesome feel!
Peace if possible, but truth at any rate – Martin Luther


Devan S said

Nice song and beautifully done by you with the apt feel.Loved it.

“**** Music leads my life……****”


Harshan Nambiar Pro user said

Anirban ….very beautiful song pick….Guruji ka kya bolu, every song he rendered …looks easy to the ears…bus gaana try karo…tho waat lagthi hai:-) Chote ho ya Thode ….baat tho wohi hai…LOL

What I really loved your rendition …is that you adopted Kishoreda’s style and throw …excellent expressions…in your OWN voice….you have an awesome voice texture. Pitching can still improve….its for all of us here BTW thoda mic parcel kar dena thakur :-).

Overall I really loved it …………………to favs.
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Dj Wazif said

Anirban bhai…. great choice of guru’s gems and like you said it looks easy but when you take it on, it shows its colors…. so being said that I must say you did a great job here and with beautiful expressions. One pointer is mentioned by Sarmi…. I guess your vocals felt dry…. had you added a bit more reverb and echo… it would gell well with the track…. also the notes on higher side will feel better with echo…. anyhow overall great work and liked it.

Wish you Gr8 Luck!

Please listen to my original here: Dekho Mausam

DJ WaziF


Dinesh Mehta said

Liked your rendering and enjoyed listening to it.

Please visit my songs page located here

Enjoy each breath with effortless balance.


Ramesh Tadi Pro user said

Anirban (first of all, your name reminds me of my bengali dost in Rajasthan, Anirvan Chowdary b=v :)…

Agree that your voice modulations of Dada is awesome with great throw… i loved the attitude with which you rendered… agree with you that how we feel easy to hear and struggle when we start to attempt it… then with more struggle we like and love the original Singer… off-late i had the same experience with Javed Ali song Tum Mile to…

liked it…keep them comming

Ramesh Tadi


Anirban said

Sarmi – Thanks a bunch for that observation. I appreciate you pointing out the pitch issue. I have corrected the pitch part (hopefully). But I introduced some other glitches. I think I will re-sing this whole song again and see how it comes out. I like this song and I want to make sure I do justice :-)

Rahul – Thanks for your feedback. Glad you liked it.

Adithi, Devan, Dinesh – Thanks for your comments.

Leo – Thanks for adding it to your favorites. Means a lot.

Harshan – Thanks for adding it to your favorites. Mic is on the way….keep checking your mails :-)

Ramesh – Thanks for the comment. I too know someone by the name Anirvan. So thats a coincidence. :-)


Anirban said

Wazif – I kind of agree with you about the reverb part. I will try and see if I can improve the mix.



Sudhakar said

very good song pick, Anirban ji, bahut acha gaya hai apne, aur apki awaaz bhi bahut zabardast hai. keep sharing like this.

Thanx & Regards


Radhakrishnan Nair said

Nice song pick and very well rendered.Liked it very much.


Vijay Iyer (away...) said

Very nice song pick and good work with the cover. Liked it!!



Farzeen Sidd said

Marvellous singing !!!!!! Voice suited for this song !!!!!! Great singing by you !!!!!!!


Shaniruh said

Anirban bhai……gr8 pick & superbly sung, very difficult song and you managed very well…loved it in your voice :)


Anirban said

RK, Vijay, Shaniruh and Farzeen – Thanks for liking it. Appreciate your feedback


Chondryma Chakrobortti (inactive) said

Anirban – Thats a wonderful song pick…. Pitching could have been better…. Nevertheless, liked your overall singing in this….


Pradeep Barre said

Well done Anirban!
Thanks & Regards,


Mustafa musaji (drifting away...) said

Lovely singing Anirban! You did not let the difficulty of rendering this song show in your singing. Proper echo/reverb would have further enhanced your clear and stable voice. Overall, a very good rendition! Liked it!
Mustafa Musaji
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Shailender said

Really liked listening to the song in your voice………it was clear and great pitching to a major extent…….dont know about echo/rev, but I found it thoroughly enjoyable….

Music is my meditation…….Shailender


Sunil Telkar (absconding) said

Lovely rendition.
Liked the feel in the recording. Your rendition is very close to the original. Kudos!!


Jeevan Ke Din Chote Sahi
Abhi Kuch Dino Se
Zindagi Do Pal Ki
Bachna Ae Haseeno

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Vak Manupadi said

Anirban Ji, A soulful rendition. Too Melodious. I like it very much.


Anirban said

Hey Chondryma, Vaibhav, Pradeep, Mustafa, Shailender, Sunil, Vak and Vishal -

Thank you so very much for your kind words and observations.

Vishal ji – Thank you for the kind words. I am encouraged by your comments :-))

Thanks again,


Asim Ghosh said

You are absolutely correct, Anirban. This is one of KishoreDa’s songs, which sound so easy to cover, but in reality they are quite difficult.
You sang with lots of expressions and feelings. Liked it.
I see that you used Taranaa track. Brings back memories. I had bugged Harshal (Taranaa’s owner) to make this track. This was one of his own creations. His musicians were very busy making more popular tracks for other members, so, Harshal made the track himself, and asked me to sing with the trial version. I felt very honored!

“Gaa-Ke Jiyo Toh …. Geet Hai Yeh Zindagi”


Anirban said

Asim da – Thank you so much for the kind words. Thank you for recommending the track to the taraana owners :-) They did a good job. Its a good track.


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