Jay Ramsey - Baby Girl

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Jay Ramsey is a rapper from the streets and from childhood he loves hip-hop rap. He writes his own lyrics. The group is composed of several bearish. The artist Jay Ramsey consider music as a language of expression to tell the world the injustices and uncertainties through his songs, and so composed the lyrics of Free Education
From his youth began to write his own lyrics, because
The singer Jay Ramsey uses music as a tool to raise awareness of the unjust reality of the planet, and bearing in mind that music is his life, and comes with every musical note and sings from the heart.
Most rappers use music to sing about love or what they have achieved thanks to the music, or only to discredit other singers in the industry.
Jay Ramsey prefer more constructive letters, letters that protect society or the integrity of children, and the human being, defending the real usefulness of music through singing and with sentiments to defend itself and defend others , The artist Jay Ramsey creates music that serves to modern dance, and also to think in times of relaxation.
A rapper who has grown up and lived the injustices of life, and has been able to transmit them through songs and music. Visit http://cdbaby.com/cd/jayramsey to download

Jay Ramsey es un artista, rapero- callejero que desde la infancia le ha gustado los estilos musicales del rap, y hip-hop, en la actualidad los utiliza como medio de expresión para comunicar al mundo las injusticias y precariedades, relatar sus propias vivencias adquiridas desde su juventud y tras muchas peleas y conflictos, Jay Ramsey comprendió que su elección por la música es su vocación.
Comenzó desde joven a redactar sus propias letras, y aún a día de hoy continúa siendo el compositor de sus canciones.
El cantautor Jay Ramsey utiliza la música como un instrumento para concienciar a la gente de la injusta realidad del planeta, y teniendo siempre presente que la música es su vida, se entrega con cada nota musical, y canta desde el corazón.
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