Jab Se Dekha Hai Tujhe (Original Composition)

Lyrics & Chords

A part of the Tata Indicom – Dil Ki Aawaaz album launched on 1st May,2009.

Composition, Arrangements, Lyrics, Guitars and Vocals: Mohit Gupta
Bass: Abhishek Mangla
Sound Engineer: Nitin Sidhu

Jab Se Dekha Hai Tujhe, Rah gaya hoon mein kahan,
Dil mein bas gaye ho tum, kho gaya hoon mein kahan

Do aakhiri din hi sahi, mujhse milne aana kabhi
Pal do pal ki manzil hi sahi, tu ban gayi hai meri khushi

Dil mein chahat hai teri, kaise jataoon jaanejan
Jab se dekha hai tujhe, kho gaya hoon mein kahan

Betaabiyon ke mausam yun hi, Chalte rahenge tu jo nahi
Patjhad ho ya saawan, raahein bahar ki, badti rahegi tadpan meri

Maksad ban gaye ho tum, ban gaye ho mera jahaan
Jab se dekha hai tujhe

Dil ki chahat bas tu hi, tu na mili to ye din aakhiri
Par ye dil mein hai yakeen, aayegi fir tu yahin
Jab se dekha hai tujhe, rah gaya hoon mein kahan

Veeheheheheey Aeyeyeyheyhehey….




Joseph Thomas said

Good composition Mohit.


Hemant Sharma said

Awesome !! I love it.


Ashish Goel said

Damn nice Mohit! I’m impressed, with the writing, with the guitar and with the singing! I think some additional instrumentation later in the song along with a studio recording would make this a real nice song.


Nishant Kyal said

mohit, well not exactly the song i’ve been asking of you for a long time :P, but i like it. a little variation in the music or the instruments will make this a treat. don’t take anything away from this song, just add a little to it :)


Prateek Dayal Muziboo staff said

Hi Mohit …

This is very nice … I really liked it … quite meaningful … keep up the good work!

Music from across the World!


Soumitra Sarkar said

nice one Mohit :)

- Soumitra

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Prem j Hans said

Hi Mohit :) Nice work man, loved it …Lyrics and Composition is way too good man :) good to hear some fresh composition on Muziboo …5/5

PremJ Hans…
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Shashank Gokhale said


Powerful Guitar….Awsome RIFFs and nice Composition….

at few placed you were Off the notes in singing….
For Ex. tadapan

Rest….Excellent rendition….if You are open to sugestions….

- Just Shorten this song
- Keep this song entirely on the Accostic Guitar
- Add some lead guitar
- Cut Short Start RIFFs by 8-10 measures

To remeber this song….I would prefer to be little bit shorter in Lyrics as this is a Slow Song… And I think Slow song + Lot of Lyrics….would not register quickly…

Again every word written above is the Suggestion….

But this goes in my Favourite…. :D

Shashank Gokhale
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Subbu said

pretty cool Mohit….it is o difficult to hold a listener’s attention span with just guitar and bass,these days,and you have done that well….your open throated singing is really nice a.k.a kailash kher at places :-)…was this recorded at a studio?

Straight From the heart, Always


Janhavee said

Nice Bold and open throat singing. Great lyrics and composition.

Good Job! Mohit.

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– Janhavee


Smitha Passanha said

Nice composition Mohit!

- Smitha

Do listen to Teri Ore and Tere Bina Zindagi Se Koi


Mohit Gupta said

hey thank u all for hearing out my composition and am happy that u liked it….looking forward to more n more people hearing it…so if u feel its worth the 5 min of their life do forward to ur friends too…cheers :)

muziyay :)


Dhiraj Barla said

Nice one Mohit, great job on composition and lyrics, i particularly liked the lyrical value of this song and your open throated singing elevated the value of the song. Keep it up.


Saurabh Shrivastava said

Hi ,

Great sir …. Keep up the good work. I have a few comments as per my understanding …… I’ll call you up and tell you that later.



Priyank Sharma said

Mohit, this is just tooo good … way to go pro buddy …. keep improvising! :)


Krishnan N v ( nvk ) said

Good one…Liked it …Great singing too


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George Kuruvilla Pro user said

This is beautiful. For once, I even understood the lyrics :-) The singing was quite expressive, composition was simplistic and perfect for the theme. I think some harmonies would help this composition… maybe even something like a small flute piece as a fill in. Great work bro! 5/5


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Harshan Nambiar Pro user said

Hello Mohit …first time here in your space. You have done a remarkable job with the compostion …singing was great too …good expressions. Agree with George on the harmonies ….I guess its the new trend….it would have made this sound more beautiful ….esp at the higher notes.

5/5 from me as well….keep these creating juices flowing :-)

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Dekha na hai re socha na

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Ishu Chhabra said

Hey Mohit….awesome song,well sung.your voice is very different and unique. Please do come up with more new energetic and motivational songs. I will pray for your success.


Sidhartha Bhimania said

Hey Mohit! This is Sidhartha Bhimania from IIT D.

Great going man, it was a nice one. Hope you produce even amazing music in future.

Keep the fire running…


Nithya Muziboo staff said

Loved the guitaring, the tune and ofcourse ur singing….



Radhakrishnan Nair said

That was awesome Mohit! Keep it coming!


Ashish Chitravanshi said

This is quite good :) rolled some years back for me
Send me these MP3s, I will circulate here with my friends

best of luck dude, you ROCK!!



Pranay Gupta said

ossum hai sir. really nice simple romantic song….


Amit Sharma said

Hey mohit, came to the site for the first time reading your mail on batch 2004 group. I liked the song and It was your way of singing is quite similar to the way i have heard you sing in IIT. I liked it and i liked razor jam as well.

Good that you are still with your music. Keep it up


Dipak Mishra said

Dear Mohit
Good composition,particularly the guitar .Keep up the good work.Being an ardent music fan looking into the finer details,I feel that at some places the voice gets suppressed by the guitar.At some places the voice gets Spread like a sound in the mountain,and at those places it is awesome.But a good one.


Pushkar Jain said

Hi Mohit,
Good to hear you after a long time. Awesome song!


Chandan Mendiratta said

I m a fan!
Wish u luck,


Manu Vis said

well mohit
cheer up
really loving
what a composition one in lakh
fanatastic natural touch of music


Mohit Gupta said

hey guys n girls
really thankful to u for all those lovely comments.
am really glad that uv liked this song.
im working on more compositions and will keep u updated.
meanwhile anybody who would like to attend the launch of Tata Indicom -Suno Dil Ki Aawaaz album….at Siri Fort Audi, Khel Gaon, Delhi…do let me know….
keep listening and forwarding the link to ur friends.ur comments and rating/favoriting tells me that people are listening and liking it…so do leave ur mark on my musical portfolio :)
planning to have the song soon on youtube too with an apt video…wil keep u posted.

my myspace


muziyay :)


Psychuck said

Very nice. Look forward to the album.


G P said

Mohan, fantastic song! I am hooked :)


Mohamed Niaz said

Very ……………nice……….song!



Ajay Chandran said

Mohit good composition… loved the guitar…
Cheers, Ajay (Kaunquest)

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Ritesh Wadhwani said

The first thing i did after listening was downloaded it and it straight away goes to my cell phone so that i can hear it daily the next thing i did was rating it 5….and the next thing i wanna do i saying u frm heart that dude u rock and u r a true rockstar i mean wat range superb……the composition the words and the voice….Super duper hit bro keep posting such original Song i just love seeing ppl being creative :)


Neha ........ said

Hi Mohit, the compostion is awesome… singing and expressions were very very good too :) good job…! 5/5 from me!


Minder Singh said

nice one fren,hope u can build an orchestra around it like strings n cello countering your melody
good luck


Jini Jain said

A heart Touching Song
Really awesome
I really love that Mohit


Gowri Gopal said

wow u r really talented… gud singing and very composition…. loved the lyrics… keep posting… 5/5…. :)
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Shampak Chakravorty said

Mohit dude….

Mindblowing…. both singing & composition…. Straight to favs…. Fantastic….


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Vijay Iyer (away...) said

very nicely done Mohit! Amazing how simple composition with a mere guitar can touch your heart !

Keep it up!



Thomas Joseph said

I am really sorry Mohit that I could listen to this song only by now……… but as always say “Late Harvests and Sweet Wines” :) ……… this is awesome nd I am touched……i can easily say that this is your best song till date……the expressions were superb….

All the Best dude……
nd expecting the same magic again…….



Roshan Negi said

Nicely sung. Very good yaar. Can hit music industry as playback singer. Kindly do me one favour. After so many weeks of search I could not find from where I can purchase microphone for recording (compatible with laptop-but without needing any external sound card). I have seen information on Seinnheiser microphone but not getting any supplier in India. Which mic you have used satisfactorily. Can you suggest me please from where can I get these recording microphone. Kindly provide me link or addresses of the supplier.
Best Regards
Roshan Jaipur


Avik Chaudhuri said

This is really awesome!


Shilpi said

hmmm… not expected u in dis way…. Ultimate one… m big fan of yr Guitar now…:) hope to listen it LIVE



Vaibhav said

hi bhaiya………ummmmmmmm……ftr seeing u in class neva thot i wud b seeing u in sch a avatar……m 4m vmc……bt u r AWESOME……
i hv downloaded d song……n nw m a big fan of urs…….music wise also……

U ROCK!!!!!!!!


Pulkit said

awesum 1 bhaiya !!!


Sumit Rai said

mohit …dude … why aren’t you thinking of releasing a classical album…… i think you’ll find a cool audience there.


Neena said

wow nice really enjoyed it! Very professional touch! Loved it! Keep it up! :)

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