Jaaneman Jaaneman (cover)

Lyrics & Chords

I am singing a song with Vidyu after a long time. Vidyu is an amazing singer and one of the first few singers I met in the initial years of music blogging.

Song: Jaaneman Jaaneman
Music: Salil Chowdhary
Original singers: Yesudas, Asha Bhosle
Cover by: Jo & Vidyu



Ramya Harish said

Great rendition by both of u…
My all time fav song… u rocked as always wit ur mellifluous voice… sum places u gave extra feel to plain notes…

Vidyu, ur voice s vry expressive n flows effortlessly…


Sriram Srinivasan said

Jo and Vidyu,

Very good singing by both of you!!

Jo you sounded like the great KJY at some places.

Vidyu I liked your style – unique and very impressive :)



Shailender said

Joseph and Vidya,

I really loved your rendition for its simplicity and versatility……the flow and feel was superb….

Wonderful job…….


Srini S said

nice rendition mr.joseph n vidyu’s style of singing
was gud.Gud flow both of u n u have ehjoyed the son
g with full involvement.All d best n enjoy singing.


Krishnan N v ( nvk ) said

Jo and Vidyu….

Brilliant singing. A perfect song for both of you.

Vidyu was just sounding like Ashaji….with all those touches done so perfectly. Jo, as usual,you were an almost replica of KJY… Just felt Jos voice which has high bass naturally, would have sounded better if treble was increased a little more ……

Great job both of you…

All the best…

ENVEEK-In my “Second Innings”.
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Adwait Ranade Pro user said

Joseph and Vidyu,

Terriffic singing of a superb song! Very soothing, nice vocal, totally enjoyable presentation. Keep it up!!

Adwait Ranade
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Deewane Hoke Hum


Shashank Gokhale said

This is very High QUALITY Cover….And I really mean it….

Nice rendition….I am downloading it to listen in my cell phone….:D

As far as suggestions….I guess JO has to sing little ROUGH….Very PLAIN and SOFT singing can be avoided for all the songs….

Vidyu, Probably need to Embhasize on characters like PA, BHA, FA, SA TA to bring more LIFE to the singing….

Excellent rendition Guys….
Shashank Gokhale
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Harshan Nambiar Pro user said

Great rendition ….Jo and Vidyu. Jo I felt you could improve this rendition by adding a bit energy wise….just put on a smiling face when you sing such songs ….otherwise excellent effort.

Full marks from me.
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Joseph Thomas said

Thank you all for your comments. :-) We appreciate it.


Prem j Hans said

This one has got new style ….Jo man! ur Singing style has given the song a new flavour and Vidyu, very very very nice voice.This one’s very good to be in my Favourite List.5/5 for sure.

PremJ Hans…
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Joseph Thomas said

Thanks a lot Prem! :-)


Radhakrishnan Nair said

Great rendition Jo and Vidyu. Nice expressions, enjoyed it.

Keep it up.


Maruthi said

nice singing joseph your singing style is soft and nice i loved it …… but you can add clarity to your vocal if you get the 200 hz frequency down joseph ……this is the offending frequency for your tonality……try dropping it down slightly in your vocal track equaliser you will see what difference it makes to your tone. Vidyu you are awesome and that minimalistic kind of singing is really difficult when your want to express there is only hand full of singer even in pro level to do that….your nasal tone is superb…absolutely loved your tone and expression.

liked it guys….


Joseph Thomas said

Hi Maruthi, thanks for the comments. But I didn’t understand what you wrote about the 200 hz frequenzy etc. Could you please explain? Thanks!


George Kuruvilla Pro user said

Good job Vidyu and Jo. Very tight performance. I must call out Vidyu for the expressions in her vocals. Brilliant!! Jo… what Maruthi was referring to is using equalization to cut down/reduce the 200hz band. This can be easily done in Cubase and the likes.

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Joseph Thomas said

Thanks George!

About the equalization, I don’t have any of those options available in Cool Edit Pro I guess. :( The only effects I add to rough vocals is a lil bit of echo and reverb.


Anirban said

Jo and Vidyu great job……what a wonderful rendition…. Brilliant expressions by both of you….To my favs!!


Joseph Thomas said

Thank you Anirban! :-)


Sudeip Ghosh said

this as awesome !!! i missed it completely !!!!!
once again is the lady singer on Muziboo ??? i totally loved her voice !!!!!!!
this completely sounded original man !!
loved every bit of it

~ Muziboo…get an audience…BECOME A STAR !!!


Joseph Thomas said

Thanks man! :-) The lady singer is Vidyu, she is not in Muziboo yet.


Pradeep Barre said

Excellent Singing….Joseph & Vidyu……what a voice man!!!So similar to Yesudas Ji!I think…you have perfected his style of singing & exactly bring his feel,emotion,harqats everything from A-Z in your renditions….Perhaps…after NVK Jee, I am listening to a singer who can imitate the legend with so much ease and perfection……CONGRATULATIONS JOSEPH FOR YOUR VOICE WHICH IS TRULY GOD-GIFTED!Joseph, if possbile please listen to my kishore kumar renditions whenever you find time and leave your feedback…I am sure…you will be surprised…Please listen to my “Teri Duniya Se” and comment….
Thanks & Regards,


Joseph Thomas said

Pradeep, thank you so much for your comments. Appreciate it. :-) Will check out your songs.


Joseph Thomas said

Thank you Saikumar. :-)


Vaibhav Ekbote said

wah ji wah…bohothi khoob… Vidyu was outstanding and Jo you did really good… As Shreeharshan suggested you might want to put a more smily face for this song:) Thanks for singing this classic Yesudas ji’s song.


Joseph Thomas said

Thank you Vaibhav.


Angela Paduraru said

beautiful duet, the voices are charming


Joseph Thomas said

Thank you Angela. Glad you like it.


Joseph Thomas said

Thanks for pointing it out Jay. Is it when Jaaneman and Lalala are sung together?


Jeetendra Joshi said

Nicely sung by both of you , keep it up buddy, the song need a bit of thrust by the male female was imaculate. i loved hearing you people

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V.s. Gopalakrishnan said

Hi Jo,
Excellent rendition by you and Vidya.
Close to the original!
vs gopal


Shibasis Dutt said

Hi Joseph & Vidu,
Nice singing, keep it up.
LIsten to my songs here:


Joseph Thomas said

Thank you Shibasis.


Sojan Chacko said

Joseph really this also was superb. Very nicely rendered by both of you. Is there any solo song of Vidu? Liked it very much.


Shaniruh said

Joseph & Vidyu !
Awesome rendition ;)
Brilliant expressions ….very impressive …keep it up ;)
Listen To My Latest :

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Bhool Gaya Sab Kuch
Jab Koi Baat Biger Jai
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Pukarta Chala Hoon Main

Cheers :-)



Joseph Thomas said

Sojan: Plz visit http://vidyus-music.blogspot.com to hear her songs. Thanks for the comments.

Shaniruh: Thank you!

Harry: Thanks a lot!


Joseph Thomas said

Sojan: Plz visit http://vidyus-music.blogspot.com to hear her songs. Thanks for the comments.

Shaniruh: Thank you!

Harry: Thanks a lot!


Dr. priya Rajan said

Oh1 What a beautiful song and KJY:) Love it a loot. Joseph and Vidyu good job. Very expressive. Have listened to Vidyu’s singing , she is an amazing singer.

All my love/5 and goes to my fav’.

Thanks a lot for sharing.

MUSIC is the language of the soul! …Priya


Joseph Thomas said

Thank you Ibolya! :-)


Joseph Thomas said

Thanks a lot Priya :-)


Joydeep Bhattacharyya said

Awesome Joseph!! You have a voice which matches the great Yesudas a lot!! Just a little issues on a few accents like “dekho” etc. Vidyu was also very nice.
Brother, one request, can you send me the karaoke track to 1978bubun@gmail.com? Thanks.


Joseph Thomas said

Thanks Joydeep. Let me look into the collection and see if I still have the karaoke with me. Thanks.


Joseph Thomas said

have sent the karaoke, Joydeep.


Asha R punichathaya said

WOW !!!! absolutely brilliant ,you sound so much like Yesudas , superb !! to my favorites .



Joseph Thomas said

Thank you Asha….

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