It's a new day

Lyrics & Chords

Positive pop/Contemporary Christian

Produced by:Jerremy Williams
Vocalist:Cherell Williams
Background vocals:Jerremy and Cherell
Written and arranged by:Cherell

I Will be re-recording this song soon.

It’s a new day
Verse1: I don’t want to spend my time wasting my time wishing my time away. It’s a new day.
I just want to enjoy, each and every day.
These are the moments that matter.

Hook:It’s a new day. It’s a new day. Yeah

I don’t want to spend my time, wasting my time, thinking bout yesterday.
Cause yesterday is gone. What will it profit me. Only stress it may bring.
I’ll just hold on to the good old memories.

Hook:It’s a new day. It’s a new day. Yeah

Verse 2:I should of , could of, would of,meant to ,but I didn’t. It really doesn’t matter. No .No
I’ve had my share of ups and downs and turn arounds. Why am I wasting my time. It’s a new day.
The past is gone.
The future has enough trouble of it’s own.
Got to live and take it one day at a time.

Repeat Hook:

Bridge 1: I’m not flawless
I’m not perfect
But I’ve got to work it
Got to strive for perfection anyway

Bridge 2: I know it’s hard to see
All you need is the faith of a mustard seed
A better day is coming (3x)

Bridge 3: One day you’ll fly away
From this strange land (2x)

But until then
Hold on, Be strong
Make the best of every day you can

Repeat Hook

Make this a drama free day

It’s a new day.

Written and Arranged by:Cherell Williams

Rell’s Positive Music

Copyright 2011 Cherell Williams, Songwriter. All rights reserved.



Cherell said

Thanks so much Azam!. I appreciate that. My husband and I did all the singing :) We recorded here in our home office/studio. I’ll be uploading my third song tomorrow evening. I only have three recorded so far.

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