Itni Shakti Hame Dena Data

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Firstly, this one is dedicated to “Kripa” foundation, Pune, an organization which works on rehabilating alcoholics….its a prayer they have for their weekly music theraphy. Thanks to Dinesh for the track.

A beautifull composition from the movie “Prahar”,[SORRYANKUSH”…Shank rightly pointed out that] very tough one for an amature harmonica player like me……I would call it an initial try, may be will present a better version after I master this instrument(I hope I’ll be able to do it sometime!!)

I would suggest, just lie back, close your eyes and imagine you are praying for someone who needs it!!!!



Prateek Dayal Muziboo staff said

Its very nice and soothing Abhay … and the description your wrote really sets the stage for such a music.

Have you played it from ‘Kripa’ yet?

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Shashank Gokhale said

I know Kripa foundation as I use to stay beside Kripa Foundation…Offcourse at my home and not for alcohol rehabilitation…. :D

This is really nice work Abhay….You really mastered this instrument nice….I would still say try composing something now….Few Mistakes in Notes where it goes to SHARP……but at 1 or 2 places……other wise very very nice….:D

But you are wrong this composition is not from PRAHAR its from film called ANKUSH which also has NANA PATEKAR….:D


Thinkal govind kumar Pro user said

My Dear Abhay,
You have done it again. Superb & Melodious !
Your rendering is really professional. Please continue doing such nice things.
You deserve only 5/5, which I am happy to give you.
GOD Bless !
Thinkal Govind Kumar.


Sachin Olkar said

I wont get into the technicalities and nuances as the main objective of music is to touch the heart. I felt that you put your heart and soul in this rendition and mate this piece is soul stirring.
A flawless performance which doesn’t reach and touch the listener is not what music is about. We are all learners in this area and are striving hard. Eka vishishta payari paryant chadhne tase sope aste mag tya nantar pratyek payari mhanje kadi tapascharya aste—

I am happy to have heard this from you and by far it touches the heart. Quite frankly, I did not want to spoil my enjoyment trying to dig for mistakes-this rendition is not for that.

Keep it up mate-spill your heart and soul in all your renditions and you will be simply superb—We get too much of the other so called technically perfect superflous music coming-


Steevan Ashok said

Its an ispirational song to start your day. wonderful song to build self confidence – steevan ashok


Rakesh Kumar said


this is the very soulful music to me I want to download this music but download is not enable


Neha ........ said

Very very nice, you dont sound like an amateur atall! loved it!


Krishnkant Sinha said

it has been really a miracle song for me…. thanks to person who has made this great song,,,,,, whenever i got down myself this song works like a miracle……. love this song so much……

krishnkant sinha


Geeta Bali narsee said

This song is of great inspiration to me. Lyrics are so relevant today

Geeta Narsee


Shashi Shekhar singh said

awesomeee.really its hurt toughing tune……….


Raghvendra said

pllllzzz plzz my frnd give me link to download this…its really awesum…i feel vry much energitic. plzzz give me link…!

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