Indu enage Sri Govinda- Kannada bhajan

Lyrics & Chords

Sung by Nagesh Pai at a bhajan ensemble in the presence of his dearest DharmaGuru. H. H. Shrimad Sudhindra Teertha Swamiji at GSB sabha Vashi



Ramesh Pai said

First, kindly corect the spelling of ‘Enage’. It looks as ‘Engage’. Second, I found the Tabla sound overwhelming the others, especially vocal track. Speed was ok, keeping pace with the Tabla and Taal. One cannot compare this piece with Bhimsen Joshi’s version of the same song, of course. Sometimes I felt as if the voice has drowned among the instruments. Surely I donot think it was a studiorecording. But it is really a good treat for ears. Lage Raho, Nagesh Bhai !!


Pavankumar K p said

I’d always heard of it’s movie version. But what a lovable way it’s been sung in. Like said above, treat to ears sirs. :) Kudos.


Radio Idli Pro user said

Dear Pavankumar thanks for your kind comments.

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