I'm Single Remix

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this kush right here, im twistin it up
i need more cash, tho im grippin enough
sit in the truck, and ill show change
without going through a nip and a tuck
i got this blunt, put it up to the flame
i want this now but you fuck with game
shit ill love to take the sunshine
but it always comes with the rain
satisfaction always comes with pain
but distraction comes with fun and play
run and say every word on your mind your thinkin of
when i write these words your the only thing im thinkin of

i just woke up i blink and shrug
i see the sun i wink and tug
i reach out for it, sittin on the clouds
its where i sketch my thoughts, ive writtin on them now
sit and tell me all the secrets that you wanna say
i dont think its stupid if you want to go and run away
you smile like a sunny day
eyes look like when the sky is about to rain

just watch ill fucking call for you
the whips and the cash i flip and i spaz
but you should know its all for you
i know you like it i wont wife it
but ill treat you somethin like it
feelings that you get at night
well you just dont gotta fight it
just take me on the scenic view
to your body let me lay you down
i mean it too
listen to you heartbeat, like im your lifeline
get up in the bed i hit the right spots at the right time
im sorry let me slow it down
your a diamond that i know i found
look i got you, let me hold you down
and you got your heart now but i wanna hold it down


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by Unknownnnnn

uploaded about 4 years ago


Im single remix


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