iLam manjil

Lyrics & Chords

A Malayalam duet from the old days. Sung with Rashmi.



Miracle Man said

aah. yea makes me feel im home. nice song. but the girl makes me feel im away . stop that girl from singing lol. jk



Shashank Gokhale said

Hi Joseph,

I didn’t understand a Word….But Like the Song……Typical Sweet Material Music…… Rashmi is NOT bad at all….little more practise on notes but….She Sung very well…. About you, What can I say…….you sound fantastic…. But one Observation….at some places you sing little faster than Rhythm….if you sing little late and them make a Rhythm….then that could be a Style of Singing….But Singing Faster and then make up sounds little odd to me…. :D

Joseph Thomas said

Thanks a lot both.

Shashank, you are a good observer. :-) I hadn’t really noticed it till the moment and now I shall take a note of that. I think what you said is right about my others songs as well. Thank you for your feedback!


Bharathi Dinesh said

One of my favorite songs Well done both of you!
Gifted voices!!


Bibin said

thanku thanku

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