I seek Sensei

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“I Seek Sensei”
Lyrics by Unknown, Music by Unknown

No more tears, no more doubt, no pretense;
now I will run along the path of happiness
My heart is brimming with courage and joy;
and I will grow with all my might every day
() And this is my life,
I’m gonna give it all to kosen-rufu, my mission endlessly
And this is my song of total victory; and I determine, I determine
(Chorus 1)
No matter what, I’ll surely win
Never give up, never give in
To reaffirm, my youthful vow
In every way, I seek Sensei
No more complaint, no more fear, no regret;
we will be stronger than we were yesterday
Life is a journey, it has ups and downs;
now let us challenge them all boldly
And we shall sail now on the winds of global peace
Come let’s discover the shining world of faith
Can you feel the rhythm of an inner symphony,
I sure can feel it, I can feel it
(Chorus 2)
The sunlight fills, my joyous heart
I sail along, this wondrous path
The darkness in, my life is gone
A brilliant light, from the sun within
Background score
Repeat (
Chorus 1
Pitch change
Chorus 2
Chorus 1
To end, repeat
I seek Sensei
I seek Sensei (slower)



Manu Sharma said

life changing song infact very inspiring….

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