(I Hate) Everything About You (Ugly Kid Joe Cover)

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Alright guys… this must be one of the most fun songs to sing… full of attitude and hilarious lyrics. I thoroughly enjoyed singing it… Hope you guys enjoy it too.

I, hate the rain and sunny weather,
And i, hate the beach and mountains too;
(and) I dont like a thing about the city, no, no
And i, i, i, hate the countryside too!

And i, hate everything about you!
…. everything about you!

I, dont like a thing about your mother,
And i, hate your daddys guts too,
I, dont like a thing about your sister,
cause i, i, i, think sex is overrated too.

And i, get sick when Im around, i, cant stand to be around,
I, hate everything about you!
Everything about you,
Everything about you,
Everything about you!

Some say I got a bad attitude,
But that dont change the way I feel about you,
And if you think this thought might bring me down,
Look again cause I aint wearin no frown!

I dont really care about your sister
Forget the little bitch cause I already kissed her

One thing that I did to your lady
I put her on the bed and she didnt even say maybe
I know you know everybody knows
The way it comes, the way its gonna go
You think its sad,
And thats too bad,
cause Im havin
A ball hatin
Every little thing about you!

Everything about you, everything about…
I, get sick when Im around
I, cant stand to be around
I, hate everything about…………… you! hehe



Sumit Rai said

George!!… you did went crazy singing the song right ?? …… I love these songs with all this attitude…. its so much more fun singing them …. than those romantic numbers…. Ok about how you performed…… 11.99/10…… this song had the punch i was looking for.


Shashank Gokhale said

I loved(not HATE…. :D) EVERYTHING ABOUT you, your way of Singing and the way u were Enjoying the Song….It would have been Fun to see you record this song….

You are putting leg on our stomach man….No Errors at all…. :(


Abhishek Narayan said

this was cool … u indeed were having a ball towards the end of the song as u sing the rap :) and we all here had a ball listening to this track. i remember u guys did it in BIT once … real crowd puller!!


Nithya Muziboo staff said

looks like u had good fun all the way thru!!…amazing singing!…5/5


Miracle Man said

funtime in the house yea?! ;)


fine job!


Deepak Nayak said

I HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU GEORGE!! I mean, there should be a limit to how good you can be!! Good performances over and over and over again just makes me sit back and enjoy the song… Just like the way I would with Ugly Kid Joe or probably more… I mean, this kind of enery and throw in your voice… The punch in the song… The involvement… The recording… Everything is so good man… Damn!! This is ridiculous!! I don’t have anything to write where you could improve… You’ve made me jobless… Just perfect!! So here you go… I ain’t a big damn thang, but for me you are an official “STAR OF MUZIBOO!” from this day!! Yiippeee…

I am happy to see the way you’ve come up with the music you’re makin dude… three cheers!! \m/

“Its all bout music and it always will be!”


Ashish Mehndiratta said

perfect singing….wish i could sing like you


Tanu Duggal said

i…i…i… hehe
great vocals man!


A.k.a Ali said

Well i cld see tht u enjoyed singing this song & it shows awesome 10/10.beauifull with a capital B.
Giive a listen to http://www.muziboo.com/music/3276-Koi-Nahin-Collaboration-with-George
Regards Stay Happy


Prem j Hans said

Damn good …You are the best……Awesome Expression….the energy level was very good and this time its an OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE….5/5

PremJ Hans…
My Latest Upload  Hey Jaana….


Magnum said

Love, this jam can you share

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