Huzur Is Kadar - by Kumar Srinivasan and NV Krishnan

Lyrics & Chords

This is ghazal from the movie Masoom sung originally by Bhupinder and Suresh Wadkar. It is one of those Gulzar-RD Burman hits.

This is a cover version sung by me and NVKji who as we all know is a ghazal specialist. NVKji has sung the Bhupinder portions and I have sung the Suresh Wadkar portions.

Thanks to NVKji for suggesting this song and providing the track.

1 Aaaaaa (Bhupinder)
2.Aaaaaa (Suresh)

Huzur is kadar bhi na itra ke chaliye 2
Khule aam anchal na lehra ke chaliye
Huzur is kadar bhi na itra ke chaliye….
Khule aam anchal na lehra ke chaliye
Huzur is kadar bhi na itra ke chaliye….

Koi manchala gar pakad lega aanchal…aaaaa
Koi manchala gar pakad lega aanchal
Zara sochiye aap kya kijiyega

2. Laga de agar badhke zulfon mein kaliyan
To kya apni zulfein jhatak deejiyega

1 Huzur is kadar bhi na itra ke chaliye….

2 Khule aam anchal na lehra ke chaliye
Huzur is kadar bhi na itra ke chaliye….

2 Bahut khoobsurat hai har baat lekin.2
Agar dil bhi hota to kya baat hoti

1 Likhi jaati phir dastan-e-muhabbat 2
Ik afsane jaise mulaqat hoti
Huzur is kadar bhi na itra ke chaliye….

2 Khule aam anchal na lehra ke chaliye

1Huzur is kadar bhi na itra ke chaliye
Khule aam anchal na lehra ke chaliye

½ Huzur is kadar bhi na itra ke chaliye….



Sudhathee Sriram said

BRILLIANT….i really loved this….
NVK Sir…ur voice is like silk….the sangadhis were so beautiful…:)
Kumar: i am not complaining this time….i must tell u….U SOUND GREAT…:)

Looking forward for more such numbers from you both!!


Soumitra Sarkar said

very nicely done…both of you sound very good in the song :)


Adithi said

Very pleasing to the ears! :)


Sudeip Ghosh said

i will second Sudhatee with this additional comment :

you have just raised the entire benchmark of Indian music on Muziboo to some unknown variable which atleast i in this lifetime cannot fulfill ! this was truly a majestic performance of titanic proportions.

(my english grammar actually improved by listening to this song ! lol )

this used to be my favorite song during my engg days and you guys just blew me away. Kumar could you change the lyrics to point out who sang the actual parts instead of the original ? i got confused as to who sang what

honestly …on a very lighter and “controversial note” i dont think u guys practised this song. This is like how Gibson would probably do a Guns n roses song or Abhishek would do a Classic Rock song or George would do one of his John Mayer numbers …by the back of their hand. Thats what you guys did ! lol

you were just soo comfortable singing it !! if you give any kind of tips for practising vocals it ll be really helpful and i guess lots of singers on Muziboo can use a lesson or two from the both of you !

i totally loved it ! this performance blew me away !

~ Muziboo…get an audience…BECOME A STAR !!!


Sudeip Ghosh said

…and heres introducting the muziboo grammy !! and this goes totally goes to you guys !!!!!!

~ Muziboo…get an audience…BECOME A STAR !!!


Hemant Badya said

Very well done by both of you.
One small thing….both of you could have extended the landing notes a little more (Itraake CHALIYE….)
Also one harkat of “Huzoor is kadar bhi na itraake chaliye” is missing ( i noticed it because I love that harkat).
Apart from those minor things, it is a superb rendition by both of you. Hats off!!


Srini S said

very nice kumar and krishnan sir.Powerful voice.
keep it up n all d best.Des r all my favourites.
keep singing more melodies.


Radhakrishnan Nair said

Excellent rendition NVK Sir and Kumaran.
The harkats came out well .
Keep it up.


Dhiraj Barla said

Ahh beautiful rendition by both of you. Brilliant song selection NVK sir, Kumar you have sung it really well, and no need to mention about your abilities NVK sir, you are at your best. Mixing could have been a bit bitter, there were few highs and lows in your voices. But for the thought and effort of sing such a number is great. Please keep them coming.


Vishal Khaparde said

Excellent rendition by both of you ….Although the track wasn’t up to the mark and at times ruined the beauty of the song ….

Kumar …pronunciation is the essence of ghazal singing and needs to be improved …watch out for words like khoobsurat etc …:-)

NVK Sir …liked your initial alaap …I felt your voice was bit tensed at few places …esp : Koi manchala gar pakad lega line …

Keep up the good work ! :)

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Rashmi Nair said

Excellent singing !!!! Good voice control by both of you. Really liked it. What a lovely song !! Thank you for singing this :)


Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said

Sudhathee, Soumitra, Adithi,

Thanks a lot for the feedback.

Taken aback by your response buddy. Glad you liked it. Thanks a lot.

Hemanta, Shrinesh, RK and Dhiraj

Thanks for the feedback and suggestions. Appreciate it a lot.

Thanks for your comments. Point noted about diction. Yes, I need to improve my hindi diction, I know. Will work on it one song at a time :-).

Thanks for listening and posting your comments.



Krishnan N v ( nvk ) said

Hi Friends…

Glad to see such wonderful feedback. Thanks for all the comments. Noted the various points mentioned by you all. Shall look in to those and correct wherever necessary…

Thanks to Sudeip and Shrinesh for adding this song of ours to their favorites.

Last but not least ….Thanks Kumar for the wonderful support by way singing so beautifully and also in mixing the song……


ENVEEK- In my “Second Innings”. Please listen to My Latest …Tere Liye, Karayunno Puzha


Prem j Hans said

The duo really deserves it. Good one!
PremJ Hans…
My Latest Upload  ChosenOne.


George Kuruvilla Pro user said

Hats off to both of u. Really well rendered. Mixing definitely needs improvement, but its not bad. Great effort!

Do listen to Aankhen Teri from the movie Anwar


Kumaran said



Shashank Gokhale said

Definitely good Rendition….

But as Hemanta said…. I felt problem of Landing the Note and few misses here and there….

also at one or 2 places I felt u were singing faster than the rhythm….its tricky as Tabla was in pattern different than the High Hats….so u need to be careful….

As George said Mixing could have been better….

Good effort but can’t say BEST….
Shashank Gokhale
Check out my Original Compositions


Rakesh Baro Pro user said

One of the famous RDB hits….Great singing …congratulations to both of you….


Panchabaanan said

Great Singing by both of you….Enjoyed it very much….




Mustafa musaji (drifting away...) said

Wonderful renditions by both of you! To untrained ears, this could easily pass off as an original, inspite of the quality of the track. Apart from very few minor flaws, this is a cracking performance! Karaoke at its best!


Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said

Thanks for suggesting the song – great choice.

Thanks Shashank and George,
Yeah, still new at mixing. Lots to learn yet.

Rakesh, PB, Prem, Gautam and Kumaran,
Thanks a lot for your appreciation

Welcome to muziboo. Nice to see you hear – look forward to you Kishore numbers.



Thinkal govind kumar Pro user said

My Dear NVK & KS,
Wow……. What a combination & treat to the ears !
I could really feel a Divine Presence in this great rendition by you both.
You are both blessed by The Almighty.
No words of my humble self can describe the beauty of this song.
Both of you have really done something great.
GOD Bless !
Thinkal Govind Kumar.


Harshan Nambiar Pro user said

Very nice singing ….the emotions were brought out quite nicely. When I listen, I listen like a common man ….any rendition with soul captures my attention :-)

Great going …Kumar and NVK .


Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said

Thanks for your overwhelming response and kind words.


Thanks for listening and your feedback.



Shailender said

Fabulous singing by both of you…….Kumar, ur alaap after “bahut Khoobsoorat hai” was wonderful…….keep it up………

The ending was just perfect……


Nithya Muziboo staff said

I was really compelled to check this song out considering the overwhelming response from the rest of the crowd.

And boy it’s awesome!



Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said

Shailender, Thanks a lot for your appreciation.

Thanks Nithya.


Cacophonix said

This song is one of my personal favorites and I think you were brilliant.

Albeit having a musical ear, I thought that you started off brilliantly but somewhere there were parts where you did not land the note. Also there was a quiver in the voice at times.

The tabla I think really did not cut it and seemed out of pace at times.

A great effort though. Keep it going!


Murali Venkatraman said

Agree with Cacophonix fully.

NVK – subtle brighas were very nice.


Krishnan N v ( nvk ) said

Hi friends….

Thanks a lot for all the feedback. These comments mean a lot ……

Thanks again for your time and the support

ENVEEK-In my “Second Innings”. Please listen to My Latest Nee Madhu Pakaru and "Oho Re Taal Mile ":


Anirban said

This is one of my fav songs, and what an effort by both of you. Hats off!……Mixing could have been a little better given the quality of the rendition…but again…very well done.


Fret 'n' tune said

How did I miss this one????

Really beautiful rendering. Will not get into mixing issues, etc. Just that both Bhupinder and Suresh Wadkar come alive here. With some added NVK and Kumar.



Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said

Anirban and Nandu,

Thank you both for your feedback. Glad you both liked it.



Sunil Koshy said

:) Lovely song!!!
& rendered very well!!! Thanks for posting such a nice song….



Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said

Thanks Sunil. Glad you liked it



Rahul dev Tiwari said

hi n v krishnan and shrinivashan ji this song is touching to original……
both of u sang very softly……


Rahul dev Tiwari said

sir i need this karaoke can u plz send me this karaoke on my enail id ……



Venki said

Kumar, NVK,
wow, this was fantastic. Very pleasant to listen to and sounded quite professional!
I am not technically as discerning as some of the folks on Muziboo but to me it was very soothing and relaxing.

Please check out my latest. Any feedback to improve will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!

Oh Nenje Neethan

Music Maketh the Mood


Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said

Rahul, Thanks a lot.

Venki, appreciate the feedback. Glad you liked it.



Shaniruh said

Great singing by both of you ……. loved it :)

Cheers :-)



Shruti s nayak said

the best duet on muziboo!,,superb rendition of this lovely ghazal by both of you.really enjoyed it a lot.wishes and regards sir!


Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said

Thank you Shruti for listening to this old post of ours and leaving your feedback. Not sure I would rate this as the best duet on muziboo ;-).


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