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This is a lovely song by Kishore Kumarda from the film KUDRAT (1981). Music was by R.D.Burman and lyrics by Majrooh.

Here is my version.
vs gopal
7 July 2010


Hamen Tumse Pyaar Kitnaa How much I love you
Ye Ham Nahin Jaante I don’t know/I can’t tell you
Magar Ji Nahin Sakte But I can’t live
Tumhaare Binaa without you
Hamen Tum Se Pyaar

Sunaa Gam Judaai Kaa It is said that some people
Uthaate Hain Log withstand the pangs of separation
Jaane Zindagii Kaise who knows how they spend their life
Bitaate Hain Log
Din Bhii Yahaan To Lage Even if it be a day (for me)
Baras Ke Samaan it is like a year
Hamen Intazaar Kitanaa

Tumhen Koi Aur Dekhe If someone else sees you
To Jaltaa Hai Dil my heart pains
Badi Mushkilon Se Phir With great difficulty
Sambhaltaa Hai Dil the mind manages things
Kyaa Kyaa Jatan Karten Hain, JATAN=EFFORT (YATNA); what efforts I make
Tumhen Kyaa Pataa what do you know
Ye Dil Beqaraar Kitanaa My heart is so restless
Ye Ham Nahiin Jaanate why I don’t know
Magar Ji Nahiin Sakte
Tumhaare Binaa
Hamen Tum Se Pyaar



Rajani Nair said

nice singing… i always wished if Rafi sahib got his chance to sing this song!! but then he bid goodbye to us a year before!!


V.s. Gopalakrishnan said

Hi Rajani!
Many thanks indeed!
I really wonder if this song would have suited Rafi saheb.
vs gopal
13 July 2010
vs gopal

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