Human Nature (Michael Jackson Cover)

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Human Nature is probably my favorite Michael Jackson song. Love the melody and the guitar work. I am always intimidated when covering MJ songs. When you attempt his songs, you realize his brilliance and sheer genius. His modulations, range, falsettos (not to mention song writing etc) make it very hard to attempt. This is no exception and is definitely one of the most difficult songs I’ve covered. Hope I’ve done a decent job…

Song – Human Nature (Michael Jackson)
Covered by (Vocals and Harmonies) – George Kuruvilla
Mix – George Kuruvilla


Looking out across the night-time
The city winks a sleepless eye
Hear her voice shake my window
Sweet seducing sighs

Get me out into the night-time
Four walls won’t hold me tonight
If this town is just an apple
Then let me take a bite

If they say, why, why? Tell ’em that is human nature
Why, why does he do me that way?
If they say, why, why? Tell ’em that is human nature
Why, why does he do me that way?

Reaching out to touch a stranger
Electric eyes are everywhere
See that girl, she knows I’m watching
She likes the way I stare

If they say, why, why? Tell ‘em that is human nature
Why, why does he do me that way?
If they say, why, why? Tell ’em that is human nature
Why, why does he do me that way?
I like livin’ this way, I like lovin’ this way

Looking out across the morning
The city’s heart begins to beat
Reaching out, I touch her shoulder
I’m dreaming of the street

If they say, why, why? Tell ’em that is human nature
Why, why does he do me that way?
If they say, why, why? Ooh, tell ’em
Why, why does he do me that way?

If they say, why, why? Cha cha cha
Why, why does he do me that way?
If they say why, why, why? Ooh, tell ’em
Why, why does he do me that way?

If they say, why, why? Ooh, tell ‘em
Why, why does he do me that way?
If they say, why, why? Da da da
Why, why does he do me that way?
I like livin’ this way



(( anil Aryanad )) here said

Hi! George,
Nice yaaar.
i like jackson’s songs….
encouraged with Jackson again…
Good Mixing….
God Bless You!

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Hricha Debraj said

Very nice George….u have done full justice to d song ….


Deepesh A k(indefinitely on and off) said

Hey george….This one is always been one of my favs…Thanks for doing this one….I enjoyed this one from you…and yeah nostalgic one….


Shampak Chakravorty said

My My My…. Chhupa Rustam huh Bro :)
No time no time…then u come up with a song like this super fast…. My bad don know the song :P Yup its difficult to cover MJ songs….
But then again its no big deal for our own Rock Star hehe :D
Supreme production….
Thumbs up from me…… :D

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Sai Prasad said

You are a fantastic guy.


Subbu said

It is so difficult to cover his songs George,you are awesome in this….probably your best of MJ covers,enjoyed.
Straight From the heart, Always


Ramya Harish said

Wow. Awesome George! Simply loved this song, ur falsetos, harmonies, Everything sounds so wonderful. You are a wonderful singer man. too much of wondering now how to upload such beautiful songs at this pace:)) TO favs.
My recent covers:
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Sushane Shankar said

Tooooooooooooooooooooooooo gud 2 b true…. sum1 pinch me…. how can sum1 sing soooo effortlessly….!!?

ARR -————————> GOD!


Jenefa (inactive) said

superb singing Geroge, came back to Muziboo after months…it is a good treat for me :)

My latest upload:You belong with me


Adithi said

Brilliant, George! Loved your choice too from MJ’s numerous….

“Why why”s were very enjoyable! :)


Bharathi Dinesh said

Brilliant job George, Welldone!



Radhakrishnan Nair said

Awesome singing George. Loved it… goes to my fav… Keep it up bro!



Sukumar R ( far away ) said

george…i have come across many of your songs but commented very few like the one which u have done with adithi and the another one i guess with nitya…

had some hesitation to touch a star singer like you… because I don’t believe in just saying wah…wah…for all…

but for this number I couldnot stop myself writing here… that is because of only one reason. MJ…
He is the only musician covered and conquered the entire world by his music…may be I am here writing this comment and I have some interest towards western music just because of him… Otherwise, I have zero knowledge about western music and its varieties…

in MJ songs the lyrics are so special. While singing it, he completes one full line just in fractions…with million modulations… also with…numerous…moves on his body when he dance for it… The whole world miss him… he had gone before his time…very sad…

You have done real justice to this song…honestly loved it… Hats off…to you… god bless….



Vijay Krishna (back.... lets make some music) said

Awesome man….too good…i haven’t heard this song :-(….but u have nailed… love the expression…Also, love the “Why” part…:-)…Keep them coming….


George Kuruvilla Pro user said

Thank you folks. Really glad you guys liked it.

Sukumar – Thank you for stopping by and all the kind words.
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Sudha Kumar (back to listen to all of you..) said

George, Brilliant and impressive as always… MJ was indeed a genius…
Why, of course, to favs,
Do listen to my latest uploads
Yeh Honsla Kaise
Phir Chhidi Raat – Duet with Adwait
Baiyan Na Dharo
Suniyo Ji


Roshine Gnanatharshan. said

Awesome Rendition !

  • Roshine *

“ஒரு சிற்றோடையின் சலசலப்பாய்… சிறகாய்…சிலிர்ப்பாய்…எனக்குள் ஒலி எழுப்பும் சங்கீத சப்தஸ்வரமாய்… நீ "


Harry Chops said

Thanks buddy for singing my all time favourite MJ song. I remember my schooling days when western songs were very difficult to get in Delhi. There was a place under Defence Colony flyover and one in Palika who used to have all these pirated stuff. I bought an MJ cassette for INR 250 (a big amount that time) just for this song.
Your rendition brought back those old days memories. Fabulous singing. A big Thumbs up and added to my favs
Please check out my latest uploads -
Tum Bhi Chalo
Bade Achhe lagte hain
Sansar hai ek nadiya
Kuch Khaas hai-duet with Shailja



Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said

Excellent modulations – tough song indeed. I have not heard the original but I listened to it after listening to this. You have done total justice to this. The hall mark being the modulations and expressions. I felt several elements from this song can be brought into your hindi and other regional language songs where you seem to modulate your voice much less. One of your most expressive renditions George. Great stuff.



Usha R said

Very good singing and great vocals as always. Don’t know much to write about English songs. Favorite and Liked it. thank you.


Preety Reddy said

Love to write comments. You are a good singer.


Saqib Javed said

brilliant man dont know this song but like ur effort really awsome
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Deepa kumar said

George….woww….thats the only thing I can say….no words….Hats off….

My uploads:

Karigalan from Vettaikaaran

Dedication to my daughter
Poove Poochooda Vaa
Yeh Ishq Hai


Satish Vammi said

“Why, why does he do me that way?” i liked this line very much….

for those high pitch falsettos little bit of panning from the main vocal would make it more interesting….just a thought


Dr. daniel Paul said

George Your are a fantastic singer. Keep it up.
God Bless.
God Bless!


Dr. priya Rajan said

Georgy dear…. May be because of time constraints will visit your posts last BUT can never leave the site without taking a look at your songs!

Wow! covering MJ is NO JOKES!! Immensely liked it.

U rock my dear in anything U do…….
One of your best uploads and goes straight to my heart. All my love/5.
God Bless U always!

MUSIC is the language of the soul!


*shei* said

Great singing!!
Your skills on mixing is simply mindblowing. I love this MJ number. So lovely to see ur effort and dedication to make it perfect! Kudos!!!


George Kuruvilla Pro user said

Thank you all for the wonderful comments.
Visit my Facebook Music Page Profile


Ahalya * in love with music * said

Wow……absolutely wonderful and a pleasure listening to ur songs!!

“இசைக்கு ஏது எல்லை”


Sujeet Alberque said

Wow! Beautiful song you covered it. Great singing.


Supreeta Williams said

Listening to this song with moist eyes. Michael was a wonderful singer. We lost him.
Glad to hear someone sing this for us.
Stay blessed always.
God Bless!


George Kuruvilla Pro user said

Ahalya, Jared, Sujeet, Supreeta – Thank you very much!
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Archana said

You have made it sound soooo good!!! Very very nice…. :)


Archana Menon said

I call you Micheal Jackson for singing this.


Savolina said

wow you are too good man got me through your songs. simply add to my likes.


Hema said

wow ! well expressed… I like your voice…

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