Hubbaliya Shaharadaga (Kannada) - Cover by Vishnu Mohan & Sarada

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This is an upbeat song composed by multi-talented Hamsalekha known for his versatility in producing wide range of musical hits in Kannada films for the last 20+ years. This song is written by Hamsalekha himself and he has generously used Urdu influenced Kannada phrases of Hubli-Dharwad region. This particular variant of Kannada diction is unique to the northern districts and is much cherished by all.

The song has been picturized on Shivrajkumar (Dr.Rajkumar’s son) and Deepu, both dressed in folksy attires.

I am happy to have Vishnu Mohan join me in singing this song. This is Vishnu’s first Kannada song on Muziboo and has done very well given that he is not familiar with the language and the unique diction. Vishnu also did a tremendous job mixing this. Thank you Vishnu.

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Title: Hubbaliya Shaharadaaga
Film: Anna Thangi (Kannada) (2005)
Music: Hamsalekha (real name: Govindaraju Gangaraju)
Lyrics: Hamsalekha
Original Singers: Kay Kay & Anuradha Sriram
Sung By: Vishnu Mohan & Sarada Bhagavatula
Mixed By: Vishnu Mohan


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