Hoton Se Chu Lo tum

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I’ve not had easy time singing hindi songs, i want to change that :) Here’s an attempt :)

I dedicate this song to the girl who gave me a tip on singing hindi songs :)



Sumit Rai said

Thanks AJ :) I am a starter at hindi songs :) Thanks for giving your feedback . will sure improve :)


Janhavee said


Its a beautiful song. You have a great voice. You are singing this song with some inhibitions, i feel, since this is your 1st hindi number.
You could definitely do better :-) Good Luck !


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Its the Journey itself that I Enjoy "

– Janhavee


Harshan Nambiar Pro user said

Sumit …. very nice try at a Hindi cover :-) Expressions was really wanted in this case ……:-) but its a nice start ….keep singing more hindi covers ….you will be an expert in no time.

Check out
Pukartha chala hoon mai

“Panthi hoon mai”

Dekha na hai re socha na

my duet with smitha Jaane jaa



Mohammed Ashraf said

Nice attempt Sumith. I am sure you will do much better when you attempt next time.

Keep singing yaar. all the best.


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Rashmi Nair said

Good attempt Sumit.
Theres a lot of disturbance in the mix, so your vocals and the karaoke is not merging well.
Sing confidently, coz you do have a good voice.
Noticed some off-pitches (like at 4:35). Be careful about that too.
Do keep singing….


Do listen to"Dola re dola – Duet with Smitha":


George Kuruvilla Pro user said

Good attempt man. I think you had issues with timing which in turn kept you guessing and as a result the vocals are not as expressive or confident as it should be. I think you should give this another shot.

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Sumit Rai said

@Janhavee : Thanks for appreciating my voice :) . I have a lot of problems while singing hindi songs , I’m sure being inhibitive is surely one of them :). Thanks dear for listening and guidance :)

@Harshan : Thanks for appreciating my attempt :) i will surely work on expressions, i know there’s a lot of difference between the original and my version and i’ll work on them :). Thanks again buddy :)

@Ashraf : Thanks Ashraf , i guess you are listening to me for the first time :) i always take advice very seriously :) Trust me i’ll do better next time :) Thanks for listening buddy, I’m adding you as a friend :)

@Vaishali : Hey Vaishali :) Thanks for a listening and telling me what you feel is wrong in my singing :) Muziboo is such a nice place where people help others improve , it happens only in muziboo :) thanks a lot :) i will work on not being too tentative so that should improve the expressions :) thanks :)

@Rashmi : Hey Rashmi :) , You’ve got really great ears, My mixing is quite ordinary , i really need to work on that :). Thanks for appreciating my voice :) Will definitely improve on confidence in due time :). Thanks for listening and keep helping me out :) bbye :)

@George : Trust me buddy , there’s no bigger satisfaction when you say i’ve done good on a song :) i have been speaking hindi since birth and still when it comes to singing in hindi , i’m a really shy guy :) i believe thats taking away the timing and the expressions :) . You know what i guess you are right will attempt this song again :) Thanks for being there :)


Tara Balakrishnan said

hey sumit… nice effort…there were timing issues… do take care of the pointers mentioned above… u will get lot better:) u have a nice voice.


Sumit Rai said

Hey Tara :) Thanks for listening :) i will sure keep the tips given above in mind :) Thanks for appreciating by voice :) n i know i will get a lot better :)


Prem j Hans said

A good try :) I can say …Sumit keep up the good work and one more thing …your vocals were sounding as if chorus effects added or vocals from track comin up with ur voice.

PremJ Hans…
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Sumit Rai said

Thanks Prem :) … Ya thats true , must be the reverb that i tried to put there . will check it up :) Thanks for listening :) n noticing :)


Sanjeeb Sircar said

I liked the mood you sang it in besides the technicalities.


Sumit Rai said

Thanks Sanjeeb :) thats a different comment than any comment i have received :) thanks a lot for this :)


Anirban said

Hi Sumit -

I agree with the others on the mix. Could have been better. You have a nice voice and therefore this sounded very pleasant to me. Keep singing more. Good job!!

Please listen to my recent uploads –
Main Koi Aisa Geet Gaau – Yes Boss
Kal Ho Na Ho
Maa – Taare Zameen Par
Your feedback will be of great help.
~ Anirban


Sumit Rai said

Thanks for appreciating my voice anirban :). i really have no experience in singing hindi songs . With encouraging comments like yours i will surely improve :) Thanks for listening n feedback :)


Sumit Rai said

Thanks Subbu :) You are totally right , i do need to get comfortable with lyrics and tune and then sing. This will definitely improve the expressions . Thanks for liking the attempt :) . Thanks for listening n feedback :)



Sudeip Ghosh said

Sumit…. this can be much better…i have heard better stuff from you ! the mix was bad :( i think you need to practise a little more

but this bad is in comparison with ur last 2 – 3 songs …so its not bad bad…but its relative considering stuff you have been posting

keep at it boy ! i am sure you will do well !

~ Muziboo…get an audience…BECOME A STAR !!!


Sumit Rai said

Hi Sudeip !!…
you are actually right :) this is certainly bad compared to my last 2-3 songs. it totally is not as per any proper standard :). I uploaded it because i wanted to get feedback and suggestions from people here in muziboo. I cant improve unless i keep trying to improve. This was just like the song before i made any improvements :) and soon i shall have a song after improvements :) . ( For hindi songs specially ) . While singing hindi songs …. sometime i dont have a clue … what i can do to improve so i have decided to keep posting here and get help from talented people over here :) Bye buddy and thanks for listening n feedback.

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