Happy Birthday Neha(Chappu)

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This is my Dedication to my Sweet Friend Neha . Today is her Birthday… Happy Birthday Neha. She is my first Muziboo friend who is of my age. We became very close in a short span of time…… I got to know that she is also a fan of Hannah Montana, so I have uploaded one of Hannah’s song. Hope you like it Neha… :D… My X2U connector of my SM58 was not working…so I delayed my recording…. I thought I would get it by today but unfortunately I did not get it…So I recorded with my laptop’s inbuilt mic…. Please excuse if there is any disturbance in my recording…. Dips Mama immediately agreed when I asked him whether he can do the mixing……Thank u so much mama……

Please leave your valuable comments. Thanks for listening.

Neha, Many more happy returns of the day

L et

O ur

V aluable Friendship Never

E nds


Song: Best of Both Worlds

Singer: Hannah Montana

Cover: Annapoorna

Mixing: Dips mama



Deepesh A k(indefinitely on and off) said

wow……An angel wishing B`day to another….Happy Birthday chappu :D…….You guys rock….Annie i kno u have one this on ya laptop without a proper mic with time running against u and hardly anytime to practice…… Very good job done kanna……


Deepa kumar said

Good one darling…. I know how u struggled yesterday to record this without proper mic…. Will try to get ur x2u back soon :-)

Dipsaa….Good Mixing….Thanks for making this happen :-)

Neha: Happy Birthday dear :-) May all ur wishes come true and have a great year ahead!!!

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Ajay kumar said

Musicilious** Rendition!

Mic seri illena ennada kanna, dedication pannura manasu thaanda venum ammu kutti…

**Musically Delicious

p.s: I may not be an expert singer (leave expert, not even a good singer!); but believe that am a reasonably good critic – If you’re hurt by comments which are often raw & unrefined, I’d like to apologize in advance.

Luv & Cheers!
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Vishnu Mohan ( busy mode) said


ammukutty nalla dedication :D annaviku oru mannum puriyalaa :P tune nalla irukku.

muthe mixing okke cheyyanu kalakku pinne track vol alpam kurakkanam aayirunnu ammuvite words onnum vekthamaakunnilla ketto :D

ammukutty pitching nalla paathu paadanum sariya eppavum nan padurathu on pitchila irukkannu mindilaaa gavanichittu irukkanum :D

totaly nice :D

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(( anil Aryanad )) here said

Hi Dear ,
Nice singing……:)
Lovely Dedication to NEHA….!
Happy BDay wishes….Neha

“Someday I will give back what you have given me. Thank You.”


Neha george(back):) said

THANX ALOT U ARE THE BEST and sory you had to srugle for me


Annapoorna kumar said

Thanks All… Happy Birthday Neha :D
Annapoorna Kumar

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ராஜ் குமார் அஞ்சன் said

A Friend represents a world in us; And this blissful world doesn’t wait to get formed until friends arrive. But it is actually formed the moment they meet…. So the world you both(Annapoorna & Neha) formed will surely have many things in common as ur liking for Hannah Montana…. I have heard one of my friends saying that friends in life are kisses blown to us by Angels… But here, the muzibians including myself are blessed to listen to songs rendered by an angel and the music played on piano/keyboard by another…. Happy to see the friendship blossoming between 2 prodigies with charm and colour….

Ammu! You have never failed to stun me with these dedications…. I am really happy and glad to stay in touch with you…. Wish you to excel in all your endeavors as you top ur class in studies…. Expecting some songs played on your guitar to get posted in muziboo soon…. And managing to record this with ur laptop mic is simply amazing showcasing your dedication and commitment towards music and ur friend, Neha…. God bless you….

Neha! Have heard about u from Annapoorna and her mom, Deepa…. I got a chance to listen to your music played on piano which was posted in muziboo…. Nice to know that u play piano… And I wish all your academic and extra-curricular endeavors come true…. Dont know much about u but…. So here is my hand offered seeking your friendship… :-) Shall we be friends??? Pirannal Aasamsakal! Birthday is a special time to celebrate the gift of the birthday baby to the world…. We are really blessed to have u around us Neha!!! Happy Birthday!!!!
Thanks & Regards,

In School, we are taught a lesson and then we take up a test; whereas in life, we are put to a test and we get to learn a lesson…


Pratane said

That was lovely anna. loved it so much. loved your lovely voice…:) keep singing… happy birthday Neha.


Babu Nm said

nice one annapoorna… lovely one hope i will get one also….liked this one… a bit mixing probs.
CHOOKAR MERE MAN KO . SUNG by babu nm | Upload Music
zindagi ke safar mein guzar jatein hein jo makam… cover by babu nm | Music Codes

MEIN SHAYAR TO NAHIN. sng by babu nm | Music Codes

may god bless you and bw with you always


Subhashini Mukund said

Good one Annapoorna. Such a sweet dedication to your lovely friend. Happy B’day Neha.



Meena (on & off from muziboo) said

Wow…Annie kutty…Hugs to u for singing this one dear…Great singing :).
Very Happy B’day to ur dear friend Neha :)…


Adithi said

Very cute dedication, Annie kutty!

Happy Birthday, Neha! :)

Peace if possible, but truth at any rate – Martin Luther


Rekha swaminathan (on and off...) said

Cute dedication Anu kutti… :) happy birthday to your friend!
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Biju Ramachandran Pro user said

hi annakutty,
sorry for being late.wow dedication.
way to go mol.
what more a close friend wants!!!!
have a great bday chappu.
biju ramachandran
A pure heart isn’t one that doesnt have mistakes,it is the one that can correct them.


Thinkal govind kumar Pro user said

Very sweet rendition Annakanna !
LOVED it !
Happy B’Day Neha ! You have been blessed by The Almighty to have such a loving friend !

Cheers !
GOD Bless !
Loving Best Wishes,
Thinkal Govind Kumar.


Roshine Gnanatharshan. said

Lovely dedication kanna….
Belated Birthday wishes Neha !
nalla paadi irukada.

  • Roshine *

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Swati Prasad said

Its so sweet song by you sweetheart
My fav song :D
me too hanna montana fan ….he he…… I get too much scoldings for watching dysney channel for hanna but what to do I just love her
you rocked
belated happy birthday to neha :)
my latest upload
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Is Mod Se Jate Hain Duet with Babu Nm
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Babu Nm said

this is so sweet of ou anna. froman angel to another. lovely dear…

nothing is permanent in this wicked world, not even our troubles…….
may god bless you and be with you. ALWAYS……

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