Hai Rama - Rangeela (Hindi Cover)

Lyrics & Chords

Pheww…. After a long time of waiting, I am so happy to present this song to Muzibians…
Adithi Devarajan is one singer I am so fan of. She have this amazing skill of detailing any song she does. We both been waiting for this song to get finished for almost a month now. First song I am doing with her.I was glad to know that she was also a big time Rahman Freak.

Rangeela was officially ARR’s First hindi film. Even though it was released almost 15 years ago, The songs are too classy. And I am a hard core fan of that album too. When we both thought of doing a song together, i readily suggested HaiRama.

Adithi, have done awesome with the song. I think she have brought everything what this song requires. I was truely lil afraid to sing after listening her part. :)

I couldn’t get the lyrics of first hindustani based intro. So I thought of doing a cartatic based alaap in that position. After Panthuvarali is also my fav. .:)

Thank you so much Adithi akka.

Special thanks to Nithin Dubey for his help. You been always there for support. Thanks bro.

Movie :Rangeela
Music :A R Rahman
Original Singers : Hariharan, Swarnalatha
Cover : KB, Adithi
Mix : KB



Srinivas Panda said

too good man !!
both of u have sung nicely.
Adithi, what a feelings !!

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Srinivas Panda,
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Vishnu Mohan ( busy mode) said

Seat reserved
Nalla kettittu ;) commenturen


Shaniruh said

Awesome rendition…:)Beautiful singing by both of you.

Cheers :-)



Ajeesh Kumar said

Hey guys, excellent singing. You could pay more attention to the mixing part though. Like the initial humming which is very subtle in the original song.

Unni, your rendition is very nice, just would have preferred some more emotion to it. This song was a craze back when I was a teenager, and one which got me closer to Hari ji.

Adithi is spot on!
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Smitha Passanha said

Very well sung guys! This is definitely one of ARR’s best compositions. You both did complete justice to it!

- Smitha

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Rekha swaminathan (on and off...) said

Hey, nice pick…:)
And good job, both of you….
your initial carnatic alaap was also nice…


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Shampak Chakravorty said

Very good work….
Two exotic voices togather… :)
Though i found few things….
1stly Pitching issues from both you strangely….
2ndly Adidhiti’s throw was strange…. there’s diction probs aswell…. Throw was like too flattering for the liking…. Also the ’*Jao* was strange hamko to sharm hai…. pitchn & the murki didnot come well…. Few places murkis were outstanding though…. Its strange from on of my favorite Singers….but thought should write this….

I am happy with Unni’s performance…. Very effortless…. & the voice & the smoothness takes over…. The alaap was wonderful :D

Overall Thumbs up from me…. But I wish to hear a revised version if possible…. With more feel & connection……

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Ahalya * in love with music * said

Adhikka- once again unga voice-la irundhu theen surakkudhu…this particular one suits ur voice…never thought swarnalatha’s voice would suit u very well…avanga high notes elam chuma asalt ah varudhu ungaluku!! enjoyed ur expressions….wow…beautiful.

Unni- wow….nicely sung!! unga expression and voice simply superb!! I pray that the whole world should recognize you both and of course all the other talented singers here in muziboo……no words….

“இசைக்கு ஏது எல்லை”


Adithi said

Thank you all, for your wonderful comments! :)I was very hesitant to do a Hindi song after all the rotten ones I got in my previous renditions. I wouldn’t have done it if Unni hadn’t coaxed me and encouraged me to. A very special thanks to Nitin Dubey who was a patient listener and critic and helped iron out a few creases throughout the song.

You were awesome, especially in the initial aalaap….very good twist, I thought!

Shampak Da
You are gifted with a pair of very sharp ears and nothing escapes them. Will certainly take on board your pointers and try to work on them in the coming days :)


Ashwini Iyer said

Unni & Adithi both of you are unbeleivable!! too good singing… keep it up guys!
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Harshan Nambiar Pro user said

Very nice attempt Unni and Adithi ….could have been better by your standards :-) still LIKED it ….

Unni …….could improve on more voice modulations and voice dynamics.

Adithi ….nice expressions ….
Check out

Bhool gaya sab kuch

Aye dil hai Mushkil

Pukarta chala hoon mai

dil ke jharonke mein


Vishak Subramoney said

Unni — amazing voice quality and good rendition. but emotion was lacking a little. the initial alaap was nice but it did not blend very well with the song in general. overall excellent. plz do take care about some of the emotions of the song……u will sound awesome. Good Luck

Adithi — very nice indeed.
maybe my first non-positive comment for any of ur songs. I have heard so many of ur renditions now and the one similarity is that most of the emotion that u impart to a song is very similar across songs/languages/genres. ur songs have a very nice smile to it always….but somehow now i feel that the smile is pretty much the same for every song. maybe something to think about….subtle variations do make a huge difference.


N.gopinath said

Adithi & Unnikrishnan- Both of you have sung well….
Adithi-Liked your voice & nice expressive singing…

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Harish Ram said

Kb-terrific singing!alaap was fantastic at the first!loved ur voice texture and feel in this song!
adithi aka-hearing ur first hindi version!onnu sollatuma neenga paata start pannum bothe asanthu poiten!prononciation pirichitinga ka!last charanathula oru chinna siripu sooper ka!
sollikittae polaam!aparam essay maathiri aaidum.athaan niruthiten.
enjoyed a lot!of course into my favs!
Thanks for posting!




Sudha Kumar (back to listen to all of you..) said

Very nicely done, Unni and Adithi! Your voices blended so well too…
Small thoughts which I may talk about offline but I really liked it a lot!
Huge Thumbs up,
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Pratane said

Well done Unni and Adithi akka. Happy to listen to 2 of my favorite voices in muziboo….


Unnikrishnan Kb said

Thanks a ton for the overwhelming responses. I am so glad that I could finally do one song with akka. Thanks a lot akka, for allowing me to push you in to this. :)

Pratheepan, Sai, Sudha, Harish, Anju, Gopi sir, Ashmini, Ahalya, DR. Rekha, Smitha, Shani, Harry, Srinivas, Vichu… Thanks a ton guys…

Thanks for all the comments and pointers. We accept all of those.

As Vishak, Harshan sir, Shampak, Ajeesh have mentioned. I have also noticed that I lack some emotions in the song. I think, I couldn’t actually understand the emotion of the song.

Pointers for akka, i am sure she will take good care of it.

I would say I will keep the song as such. let all the comments come and so that we can turn back and see what were the mistakes and we can improve in future.

Thanks again. for all lovely people in Muziboo.
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Rekha Jk said

Both of you ha done a wonderfull job

@Unni,carnatic alaap was fine,but in pallavi,“saamne,,,,,,,,,rahe”,lil more perfection needed.too good indeed but not up to your standard.expect more :D
@Adithi,wow,u brought the exact feeling needed 4 d song


(( anil Aryanad )) here said

Dear Unni and Adhithi chechi,
Nice singing.
i like it.
God Bless You!
graphic designer/photographer
GSM:00968 95665786



Biju Ramachandran Pro user said

hi adithi and unni,
very bold attempt.one of my fav songs.
tough song to emote.but yu both have done a classy job.most imp thing is the voice clarity.
yu both have amazing voice.
only draw back that i noted ,was the extra effort(to get the right feel) that yu both put in, back fired.
liked it lots.
biju ramachandran


Srividya Kasturi said

Beautiful pick and a tough one!! Very nicely done….Adithi and Unni! Liked it:)
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Adithi said

Thanks to all of you that took time and listened to our song. Glad that some of you liked it very much.

All pointers are noted and most welcome because they all help us in improving. I perceived the song differently and hence rendered it in a style which may have been appealing to some and not so to the rest. Perceptions of a song differ from person to person and is perhaps the reason why all reviews are never the same :)

Will definitely work on all your suggestions and make the next song a better one for you. :)


Radhika Nair (away) said

Unni – the tamburu and the opening alaap was nice on its own but didnt think it fit the theme of what follows. Voice clarity in the mix is v good – a few spots could have been better in terms of perfection (bec its you!).

Adithi – lovely throw in your voice. Some of those high notes were mind blowing

The seductive feel of this song could have been brought out better, IMO. But both of you, need to give it to you for taking on this toughie.

Pl do listen to my latest
Is Mod Se Jaathe Hain – Aandhi


Meena Menon (visit my blog : http://meenamenon.blogspot.com/) said

well done by both of you ……
but i felt it was very strange to have some slight pitching issues here and there….since both of you are such good singers………
anyway….as a whole…. good job…

arikil nee undayirunnenkil
Ennu varum nee


Vignan Sampara said

Excellent performance from both of you. Aditi has a lot of control over her voice.

Unni, you are the one who usually experiments and makes the song lively. Try to open your voice a little and a little loud. If you notice, there was slight hint of a flute tune of the song. Your voice should have been loud enough to cover that. And if possible, try to get another Karaoke. Ill search and send if I send any…… The alaap was superb !!!

But overall, GREAT performance. I already downloaded it and will listen to this song repeatedly while going to office……!!!


Saroj Nair said

very good rendition. Unni specially your first aalap was really good. very well sung both of you. sweet voice Adithi. well done.


Sukumar R ( far away ) said

soooperb attempt…i guess both of you put ur best…of coarse cannot compare with the original for sure…:)technically guess both voices not blunded or merged with the track… may be becasue of the sound levels?



Srividhya Kannan said

*Dream to Achieve**


Rinu Srinivasan said



Bharathi Dinesh said

Brilliant performance unni and adithi!
Great song to cover! The initial alaapanai in carnatic style was superb!
Unni, When u started the pallavi the weight in the voice and the azhutham was slightly less than required, compared to your awesome humming at the start. I am a fan of your voice unni….cheers.
Awesome expressions, alaap, brigas!
Welldone both of you



Sojan Chacko said

Superb rendition by both of you.


Sonu Kanna said

Super adithi and unni kutta just fall for your talent with the art.

good both rocked out well


“No Prejudice comparisons
Perfection from Imperfection”


Dwarak S said

KB- The aalaap was brilliant in 2 terms -one that it was stupendous and the other being the application of innovative bent of mind. I loved the way u sang ‘pyaaaaar se’ at 3:41.
Unni u’ve outperformed Adithi akka with your cool attitude that maintained the tempo throughout (Don’t tell this to Adithi akka).

Adithi- Wowww akka, the ‘sharm’ did add beauty through out the song. Idhu thaan naaNam enbathaa??? I too feel you did good job with your expressive singing and handling of higher
notes at ease. Akka, the way you carried yourself with smile throughout(eeeeeee)made this a brilliant rendition and in that manner, u’ve indeed outperformed Unni (Don’t tell this
to Unni).

Amazing efforts by both of u, never look back but keep going with such attempts, duly considering the pointers upstairs.
To Me, Mom & Music Mean An Invaluable Asset In My Life


Srini S said

Adithi and unni,great attempt guys.
Appreciate your effort on this tough song.

Nice singing,nice voice and loved the begining
alaap,but the emotions didn’t come out well,you
were hurrying and little more throw could have
made your rendition much much better.Nevertheless
enjoyed it,all the best.

Entirely different from your other posts,iam
talking about your voice.You have imitated
swarnalatha throughout the song,i didn’t find
that adithi style.You have your own style na?
But was a good attempt with beautiful
expressions,all the best.

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SheNbagame SheNbagame (Tamil cover by srini)
Tere mere beech mein (hindi cover)
ILayanila (tamil cover)
Kya nazaare (hindi cover)
Har ghadi badal rahi hai(hindi cover)
Udhithadhange oLiviLakkaaga (Iyyappan song in tamil)
KaN pona pokkile (Tamil cover by srini)
Sach Mere Yaar Hai(hindi cover)


Adithi said

Thanks a million to you all for your kind suggestions and pointers! :)

@Dwarak- Beginning to become a fan of your comments :)

@Srini- Sure ma….will try and incorporate my own style more hereafter. :)


Seetha Lakshmi said

chetta….excellent…….no words……really m jealous of u man……luv u …….
akka also done a gud job……


Roshine Gnanatharshan. said

Kb That different way of aalap was awesome at the beginning which was in karnatic touch.
then that aalap by adithi akka wow. beautiful.
was listening to that part only few times again and again.

beautiful smiles in some of the expressions akka. Kb well done by you too.
I think also the diction was very good in both of you.

Well done by both of you.
We are lucky to listen to your rendition.
Loved it.

  • Roshine *

“ஒரு சிற்றோடையின் சலசலப்பாய்… சிறகாய்…சிலிர்ப்பாய்…எனக்குள் ஒலி எழுப்பும் சங்கீத சப்தஸ்வரமாய்… நீ "


Sudhakar said

really guys u both done a great job, unni
nice singing, and adithi ur too good.i am a new member of muziboo.com so plz listen my songs and comment and i would like take singing tips from you,so plz keep in touch with me.if u have any yahoo chat id
plz add me on this id raj_aryan36@yahoo.in


Harry Chops said

Amazing rendition guys with great mixing matching the professional. Initial alaap was too good. A big thumbs up and my fav too.

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Tum Bhi Chalo
Bade Achhe lagte hain
Sansar hai ek nadiya
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Your feedback is requested.


Rupesh Kumar said

HI Unni and Adithi, wonderful. Feels like original except few places as you made slight changes. Your voice is perfect for this song.
One of my fav song from Rangeela….5/5 goes to my fav list…
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Deblina M (away) said

Very nicely done Adithi and Unni :)


Satish Vammi said

Very well executed both of you….liked the alap….Excellent


Ravi Kichcha said

Awesome contribution for this song from both of u guys…… keep singing :-)



Thinkal govind kumar Pro user said

My Dear Unni,
Well-done both of you ! Real treat to the ears !
Awesome rendition with lots of expressions doing full justice to the original !
LOVED it !
Keep it up !
Cheers !
GOD Bless !
Loving Best Wishes,
Thinkal Govind Kumar.


Saqib Javed said

very nice composing by AR Rehman ……
U both were fantastic…diction issues but its a lovely song n great singing not an easy i know that ……rocking performance….Adithi i like ur way to sing that song…. kia harkatey le hai adithi tum ne maza agaya yar…

Uni nice voice dude Feel pakar ne main kamiyab tu ho gaye boss…i agree Adithi k sath gana thoda mushkil hai but u done it fantasticly
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Summit Gupta said

wonderful singing….really nice


Uthra said

Unni and Adithi: Enjoyed your rendition of a tough song.

Unni: Nice voice. playback singer Unnikrishnan Sir’s songs would suit your voice very well. A different alaap was a nice idea. I felt that rahe of Kaise rahe… was off. Also, some places like teri…., kaboo etc sounds better when it is plain.

Adithi: Post more hindi songs. Well done. The initial alaap reminded me of ezhu swarangalukkuL… There was an extra hai rama when the interlude music began… :)

Reg, the track, the tabla or electronic drum bit (after the alaap ended) was off in the beginning. The flute bits at the start of both the charanams… were off – It sounded very feeble was still distracting.


Rajeev Onv(away on a long break) said

Unni and Adithi-Superb singing, both of you! Congrats!
keep singing!


Sushanth Shankar said

Hi Unni and Adithiji!

First of all really sorry for being so late here… :)

This is a real tough song to sing flawlessly… Both of you have done a commendable job in covering this song! HATS OFF!

Unni… Bro ur singing was spot on as always! Lovely voice and awesome singing! I never noticed any flaws, as I was lost in the song! :) The initial aalap was just mindblowing! Loved it!

Adithiji – You are always superb! Really excellent feel and awesome rendition! Loved the way you sang this song!

Ofcourse off you go to my favs! All the very best!

- Sushanth


Adithi said

Thank you all for your kind comments and pointers. Will keep them all in mind going forward :)


Harry Narain said

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh My God!!!!!!!!!

I have no words Guys…….

Unni. Aalaaap – Mind Blowing, Fantastic, Fantabulous, History…… Singing also superb. Superb pitching as always…

Adithi – Very nice expressive singing.

Unni – Am in Bangalore too. Should meet up buddy.

Humble request :)))) – Please listen to my Reupload of Anisutide Yaako Indu



Anup said

excellent effort adithi and unni….very nice rendition…


Pooja Mehta said

excellent singing by both of you….my fav song:) too good

“MuSiCaLlY YoUrS”


Badre Dariz said

Superb SinGing…Unni….
Really enjoyed…Both of u sung wonerfully…
I flet Adit was little more energetic !
God Bless You…!


Badre Dariz


Meera Krishnan said

Unni and Adithi,
first of all kudos for attempting this very very DIFFICULT song…the opening aalap was really good…loved it…both of u hv sung well….all d best….


Deepa kumar said

Thanks for chosing this wonderful song….Had a chance of hearing this awesome piece after many years….Inda paatula unga perfrmance kekkum bodum mei silirkkudu……nijamaa….looooveeed it…….Goes to my favourites……

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Dedication to my daughter
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Yeh Ishq Hai


Mathew Joseph said

Awesome.DOnt have word for the feelings yo guys put in this song.5/5>keep singing.


Adithi said

Thanks a lot, everybody, for your kind comments and suggestions! :)


Neha ........ said

oh i really like this song…! very tuff one to cover… expressions play a very imp role… very well done you both…
Esp Adithi i loved your expressions, spot on, jussst the way its supposed to sound…

Unni well done you too… :)

Like’d! Cheers!


Vineet Bedi said

Terrific!! Fabulous Singing! 10/10
Vineet Bedi


Pritam Das said

awesome stuff….such a pleasant singing.
This is one my favourite songs…thanks for sharing

Please listen to my latest upload – Tujhse naraz nahi zindagi


Babu Nm said

lovely duet unni and adhiti… enjoyed a lot …beautiful congrats
may god bless you and bw with you always


Lavanya Raghuraman said

nice attempt.
i thot the strength was missing a little in both the voices…
the starting alaap was greatt… it rasied the expectations sooooo high…

arey chodo na aisi baathon ko by adithi was grrrrrrrrrrrrreat.

tere aisi adaape was excellent from u

Music heals


Vidya V said

Unni and Adithi,

I’m blown away – really enjoyed the variation in the alaap at the beginning!

Unni – slight diction issues in a couple of places, for e.g. it should be “fida” as opposed to “f-ee-da” – minor issue! Your ease and comfort with the notes and trills clearly shows, and makes listening absolutely magical.

Adithi – your vocal quality is perfect for this song, a little more huskiness would really seal this rendition!

Wonderful job – goes to my favs!


Latest Renditions….

Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai

Melle Melle


Chalo Tumko Lekar


Ravi Shankar said

WOOOW this was just AMAZING !!!

@unni:Nice singing bro :) in pallavi thr is this one line which goes as “kaise rahe” which I think u deviated from the original,But good start and othewise it was perfect :)
@adithi:WOOW just AMAZING !! it was almost like I was listening to the original track !! it was truly a mark of a crystal clear singing !! just one minute observation :) the way u pronounced the word “sataane lage” felt a bit different……great going.

Do listen to my other works and post ur valuable feedbacks :)

Ravi shankar


Adithi said

Sorry for the late acknowledgement, folks!

Thanks a lot for all your comments and suggestions! Will keep all your pointers in mind for future renditions :)
Peace if possible, but truth at any rate – Martin Luther


Gautam Ramesh honavar said

I m new to muziboo but after listening to unni i m addicted to MUZIBOO.

But Adithi was too good in this song.

UNNI: try singing more of sonu nigam songs, its suits u
flawless singing….


Neetu (away) said

beautifully sung……:)


Lavanya S ishwaran said

tooooo gooood!!!…… :)


Adithi said

Thanks a lot for your f/b, friends! :) Glad you liked it.
Peace if possible, but truth at any rate – Martin Luther


Shri said

wow… such a mind blowing singing by both …. am just speechless…. i cant believe am seeing so many pointers above and i guess i shudnt be in muziboo as a singer posting songs anymore ;)
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Kadhal oviyam – http://www.muziboo.com/shrijs/music/kadhal-oviyam-paadum-kaaviyam/
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en vaanile — http://www.muziboo.com/shrijs/music/en-vaanile-ore-vennila-johny/


Shri said

Brings me here … whenever i login muziboo :)
Cheers :)


Pritam said

superb ….awesome …both of u ….
Please suggest me any music teacher in Mumbai…I want to learn classical music…whoever is reading this comment please reply me here else please reply via my mobile no(09920953340)

Facebook: Sthitapragnya Routray

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