Guncha Koi (A raw try)

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This is a song from the movie “Mein, Meri Patni aur Woh” by Mohit Chauhan. This is a raw try to sing the song. My Hindi pronunciations are not so good. The recording is not good as well. I used windows recorder in my laptop. Thats why missed the rythm quite often. Anyway, I would like to know your comment on this. I will keep posting new songs once I will get a good recorder.



Gazal said

Hi Basanta ,this is one of my favourite gazals .
You have got a nice voice , and well tried. Guitaring is gud but, i felt at places you were out of tune during singing, may be you need to practice a bit more.In all its a gud attempt , keep up the gud work


Prateek Dayal Muziboo staff said

Hi Basanta

I felt you have a great voice and also your pronunciation is quite good … however I felt that you have not exactly followed the tune of the music …. was this intentional ?

I feel the fun of the song is in the casual flow of it …

You strum pretty neatly …. keep uploading more :)


Basanta Arondhara said

Hey Guys thanks for your comments. I will keep on trying to imporve.
Yes Prateek. I didn’t followed the song exactly. You can say it intentional or unintenional both. I didn’t hear the song very closely. Fot the same reason, I can say, as Gazal said, I missed the tune during singing. Lack of practice. :-)


Cacophonix said

Well tried. But really a long way to go. You have not paid attention to the song at all.

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