Gudgudee(Just Married)-Cover by Priyanka Krishnan

Lyrics & Chords

A cover of the a very good song from the movie ‘Just Married’ originally sung by Sunidhi Chauhan. Though this song somehow did not get too popular, this is one of my favourite songs of Sunidhi.

This song is dedicated to my best friend Deepika who had requested me to sing this quite sometime back……Hi Deepika…here it is at last…Sorry for the delay.

A special thanks to Azam bhai who promptly arranged the track for me….

Friends please listen and let me know what you feel about my attempt….



Smitha Passanha said


Love this song! I have been looking for this track for a long time and its not to be found because its not popular as u said. Great pick!

U have sung it beautifully and with great feel. Like the softness in your voice. Very well sung! 5/5

- Smitha

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αнмε∂ Khan said

Woww! Happy to hear after long:)
Your singing excellent as always….One of my sister and u sung with great feel and cute expression…She also liked it very much:)

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Srividya Kasturi said

Excellent singing, Priyanka….Loved ur voice in this:) Gr8 feel and modulations:) 5/5 from me!
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Prasad Np said


excellent rendition !

Good sound control and nice flow of feelings.

Keep it up.


Harry Chops said

Very well sung Priyanka. You’ve got a great voice. Try “Mar Jaawaan” next
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Shampak Chakravorty said

Hi Priyanka!!!!
This has to be your Best till date…. Fab. work…… I liked the softness & innocence you have captured here…. I have found that before in your songs…. Perfect singing…… Just Great…. Guess this genre suited you very much…… Carry on with a few more…… The mixing was also fab……. Keep it up….


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Neha ........ said

Loved your voice Priyanka… nice song choice too… I enjoyed it very much!
5/5 frm me!


Sitarah Anjum said

Hi Priya,
Beautiful soft singing. I heard some noise during the song. Try to apply some noise filter to your vocal during mixing. This will improve the quality dramatically. Nonetheless you put good expressions. Good work girl!

Best wishes,


Saroj Nair said

Beautiful voice Priyanka. As usual you have sung very well. I really enjoyed it.


Harshan Nambiar Pro user said

Priyanka ….beautiful singing ….and very nice expressions ….I will say that this is your best in terms of expressions . I am sure your dad is really proud about this rendition too…

5/5 from me….keep it up !!
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Priyanka Krishnan said

Smitha chechi, Ahmed, Vidya, Prasad sir, Harry, Shampak, Neha, Sitarah, Saroj Aunty and Harshan sir….

So happy that you all liked my song. I am really thrilled at the response…

Thanks to you all for the compliments and encouragement.

Shampak…thanks for adding to your favourites…
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N.gopinath said

Hi Priyanka,
Beautiful song. Great pick!

U have sung it beautifully very well , with with great feel. Enjoyed the song in your nice soft voice. 5/5

Good luck
keep singing…
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Indu said

Priyanka, this was always one of my favourites too:-)
I think I can replace the original now with your voice:-))



Radhika Nair (away) said

Priyanka – though i have heard this when i watched the movie , not very familiar with the song to point out nuances, if at all. You sounded LOVELY in this one – from the few i have heard of you so far- definitely your best. Good going, Priyanka…5 from me!

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Kumaran said

Hi Priya:

Never heard this song before, but sounds really awesome in your rendition. As said above, this should be your best till date. You have showed tremendous maturity in rendering this song. Keep it up!!!!


Dhiraj Barla said


Never heard this before, you are right its not that popular it seems. You have sung this really well, modulations/expressions/feel was absolutely wonderful. Mixing could have been a bit better, some of your lines were not that audible. Keep up the good work


Vamsi Nadella said


A beautiful song. Great pick. This is one of the unconventional songs of Sunidhi which she rendered rather beautifully.

You have sung it very nicely. Loved it. Gr8 feel, good voice control……Sweet voice….beautiful modulations….overall excellent. 5/5….Keep singing.

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Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said

One of my favorite songs. Beautifully rendered Priyanka. Modulations were awesome. Do sing and post more often.



Tara Balakrishnan said

lovely voice and beautifully rendered priyanka!
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Bodhisattva Dasgupta said

WOW, Priyanka…!!! This song is a b’ful song… and you have rendered it excellently…. The voice, the expression, the feel…. all were top notch…. a perfect 5 and also my favorite… :)


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Adithi said

Beautiful, Priyanka! Enjoyed it much. Keep it up!


Thinkal govind kumar Pro user said

Priya Mol,
Really Fantastic ! So after a gap, you’ve come back with a BANG! Well-rendered with full of expressions!
“Jaise Baap, Vaisi Beti !”
You deserve all the stars !
GOD Bless !
Loving Best Wishes,
Thinkal Govind Kumar.


Priyanka Krishnan said

Hi friends…

Sorry for not responding tom your commentsa so long….

Thanks a lot for the appreciation and encouraging words…


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Amaani said

Lovely singing Priyanka. A lovely choice of song too.


Anju Bennie said

Excellent cover Priyanka ….you are highly talented.

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