God of Heaven (acoustic feel)

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Nehemiah 1:5 from The Message Bible
I said, “God, God of Heaven, the great and awesome God, loyal to his covenant and faithful to those who love him and obey his commands….”

Capo fret 4

verse 1
G (B)
To You I lift my voice
C (E)
Higher are Your ways
G (B) C (E)
Everything within me gives You praise
G (B)
My life is in Your hands
C (E)
Would You guide me each day?
G (B) C (E)
To be more like You is what I pray

Em(G#m) D (F#)
Cuz You give me hope
G (B)
and a love that’s never ending
Em (G#m) D (F#) C (E)
My life is Yours, I live for You Lord!

G (B) D (F#)
You’re the God of Heaven, great and awesome
Em (G#m) C (E)
Loyal and faithful, You live in me
G (B) D (F#)
You reign in power, give strength to the weak
Em (G#m) C (E)
Hope to the hopeless, You are my King

Em (G#m)
You’re the God of Heaven
C2 (E) G (B) D (F#)
Great and awesome, You are. My King
Em (G#m)
You’re the God of Heaven
C2 (E) G (B) D (F#)
Great and awesome, You are. My everything

tag 2
Em (G#m) C2 (E) G (B) D (F#)
Hallelujah (repeat)
Your Name is higher, Your Name is higher
Hallelujah, Hallelujah

verse 2
Your ways are holy Lord, there’s no one like You
I’m telling the world of Your great truth
You’ve wiped my sin away, I will thank You always
You’ve given me life, I’m saved by grace

ending Em (G#m) D (F#) G (B)
You, Lord
I live for You


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