Ghar Se Nikalate Hii - HINDI

Lyrics & Chords

Movie Name: Papa Kahte Hain (1996)
Music Director: Rajesh Roshan
Sung : Udit Narayan
Year: 1996
Director: Mahesh Bhatt
Actors: Anupam Kher, Jugal Hansraj, Mayuri Kango, Soni Razdan, Tiku Talsania

PC: Normal Intel desktop
Soundcard : NO
Mixing : Audacity
Mic : Normal internet mic

My first try with a hindi song.

Appreciate your reviews and comments.Thank you!



N.gopinath said


Very good selection of song.
Very good attempt. Start was very nice…first charanam was little bit shaky… Overall very nice rendition…
Good luck

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Sindhu Murthy said

Rajiv great singing keep it up


Rajiv Nair said

THanks Gopi, Sindhu.



Harshan Nambiar Pro user said

Rajiv …very good attempt….I liked the expressive singing ….there is room for improvement goes for many of us here …:-) concentrate more on pitching ….I loved the expressions …keep it up.

My 5/5 for me ….keep it coming.

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Supratim Das said

Nice singing and found it really expressive man….way to go! Keep the good stuff coming!

5/5 on this attempt!


Krishnan N v ( nvk ) said

First of all you skipped the first humming before the “Ghar se…”…I am sure you would have done quite well there…

Overall good rendition with good expressions…Slight problems in diction …mainly in the accent…like in ‘Nazar’, ‘subah’, “BAAL banaati”…etc.,

All the best…


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Rajiv Nair said

Sree ,Supratim thanks for the review. Yes, i will practice for more perfection.
NVK Sir,Yes the humming was not coming well for me the reason i skippd.I will take care in my nxt recordings.also diction .Thanks for your time in reviewing my song.Thank yu.

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Mohan Lal said

Good attempt without any pro setup. Some of the dictions can be improved.

All the best for good numbers.




Rashmi Nair said

You have a good voice Rajiv! A little voice control and modulation is required. It will surely come with learning Carnatic music; its a good idea that you are planning to learn. Hope you find your guru soon. Till then keep singing and posting more songs :)

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Priya B said

Nice attempt of a very good song!
All the very best…


Prateek Dayal Muziboo staff said

Good one Rajiv … I feel you are stressing too much on some words … like Chalte etc …

I am sure all these issues will be fixed as you try out more songs

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Rajiv Nair said

Thanks Rashmi :) Yes,i am after Nithya to get a guru :).
Thanks Priya
THanks Prateek ,Yes my hindi is not that time i get help from my friends.thank you.
My latest => ghar-se-nikalate-hii


Ajeesh Kumar said

Good one Rajiv. Great voice. You can definitely improve on recording quality. Why are you not uploading songs anymore?


Rajiv Nair said

Thanks Ajeesh.i would definitely want to learn few tips in recording.May be from my next try.

I would soon start upload songs.Frequent travel back to kerala/work keep me bsy these days.i wish i hav another source of income so that i can resign and sing full time :D

My latest => ghar-se-nikalate-hii


Rajiv Nair said

Thanks Soumya for that point. today i realiz about those landings.its always crash lands :D I wil listen more to original and work on it. Thanks a lot.
My latest => ghar-se-nikalate-hii


Badre Dariz said

Rajiv Ji……
Hats off u …….Superb rendition….!
Really enjoyed each bit of it….
wishing u all d best !!


Badre Dariz


Rajiv Nair said

means it was pleasin to ears .Good news :) Thanks Buddy.
My latest => ghar-se-nikalate-hii


Rajiv Nair said

Thanks buddy
God bless you,

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Reagan Benjamin said

It was reasonably good. Overall you missed out few notes in few places. In layman’s language you are going high at certain places where it is irrelevant, and its very obvious.
Anyway good work and keep it going !!!


Nithya Muziboo staff said

Nice pick. Nice voice too



Rahul Soman said


I also use the same setup you use to record songs. Except that I have no desktop or laptop at home so stay back in office till midnight for everyone to leave to sing. Your voice is good. But your singing was shaking at places, pitching also was not consistent. But I feel you can sing a lot well, you have a lot in you. I also hunted for a music teacher a long time. So I understand your need. If you don’t mind I can introduce you to my music sir, Shri AnanthaPadmanabha Rao. He stays near Koramangal BDA complex, most of the software engineers go there and he takes evening classes. Total 8 classes a month. My number is 9886751748 if you need to discuss about the class more. I have been going there from April, and It has been really good for me :-)

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Ramya Harish said

What a song! Nice attempt. More practice can make it better.
My recent covers:
Adi Aathadi with Srini
Kadhal kavidhaigal with Joseph
Thendral dhaan with Kumaran


Rajiv Nair said

@Rahul -one thing i observd ,and what i liked the way you write long notes :) .About the pitching ,yes i need to work more on it,and i feel i need to open my throat more.i am workin on it.
and what a Surprise !!!i was searching for same guy “Shri AnanthaPadmanabha Rao” , but didnt get any details from google. iwill ring you tday :) seems to be a good day for me . Thanks for everything.

@Ramya -Thank you
God bless you,
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Dr. priya Rajan said

Rajiv… good voice and good expressions.

Think you did not post since a long time.

Sweet songs…. did like the feel you carried wih your song.

Rajiv dear… would love to listen to more of your songs…. please upload more…… 5/5 from me.
Good luck!
MUSIC is the language of the soul!


Rajiv Nair said

Hi Priya,Welcom to my space.You are someone who is very special to all muziboons :)
Thanks for all encouraging words.I received very good suggestion to improve my i am working that improvement part.soon i will record another one.

God bless you,
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Shonnie Madan said

very beautiful and truly young! loved it


Zaina N said

hey Rajiv, great attempt !!u have a wonderful voice.but , pls take care of the diction, yaar.
i really apreciate ur interest in music. do learn classical music , which can definitely make u a better singer.
Do keep singing , best wishes!!



Rajiv Nair said

Shonnie,Thank you . Zaina i will work on diction part.Thanks for you feedback .
God bless you,
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Venkat S said

One of my favorite songs of Udit Narayan. Nicely done. You could have recorded line by line, and could have managed better. Very good attempt. I love the innocence in your voice and its freshness.

Keep it up.



Arun Marapally said

Hi Rajeev,

Great song yaar.Good to know that you have the great talent very few have.

Awesome Man.



Niteesh Kg said

thnks dear for this


Roshan Negi said

Nicely sung. Melodious voice. Kindly do me one favour. After so many weeks of search I could not find from where I can purchase microphone for recording (compatible with laptop-but without needing any external sound card). I have seen information on Seinnheiser microphone but not getting any supplier in India. Which mic you have used satisfactorily. Can you suggest me please from where can I get these recording microphone. Kindly provide me link or addresses of the supplier.
Best Regards
Roshan Jaipur


Arun Venkatesan said

hey dude…congos for yr effort on a brilliant composition…u had yr style…tats the best…u can improve lot on yr shruthi control…i am tellin this cos i had tat…oderwise it was supercool…do hear even my songs…i am gonna record this rightaway….


Sindhu K said

Good song selection, I enjoyed it.


Niky said

Gr8 yaar, i never knew u sing so gud :)
good my boy keep it up :)


Shajinarayanan said

Very nice voice rajiv…

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