Gentle Woman - Instrumental Relaxation

Lyrics & Chords

This piece is dedicated to you, mom! May you rest in peace!
This is a re-make of a Catholic Hymn.
Having only the sheet music that showed the lyrics, main melody notes and what chords to strum on the guitar, and no other sheet music for anything else, my brother and I developed our own classical style guitar and and harmonies. I then composed and pre-recorded with my synth an entire back-up band so that we could do this for my mom in our music shows when we played at her nursing home. We quickly realized the potential of this piece and re-composed it to an acoustic classical guitar intrumental, (no singing), with a spanish flavor so that we could play it in our accoustic set at all our shows. Not being able to shake all the other sounds I could hear in my head everytime we played it, I was compelled to re-work it again and compose an sntire orchestral intrumental which I did, once again, without having any sheet music for any of the intruments to go by.
It features two different Sweet Flutes, my Yamaha Classical 12-String, and a Tine & FM EP Blend. For back-up accompanyment and accents are a Standard Drum Kit, Fretless Bass, Orchestral Strings, Trombones, Trumpets, Crystals, Tinkling Bells, Synth Chimes and Windchimes!


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