Gems of Ilayaraaja- Ooradangum Saamathilae ( cover version ) - female duet with Sindhuja Bhakthavatsalam

Lyrics & Chords

Of late, have not had much time to record anything new. But one of the bright spots last week was a mini-Muziboo meet here in the bay area. A handful of muzibians and families had a fun time, with George Kuruvilla visiting for the weekend. You can catch a few pictures of that here

This was done more than a year ago and posted on both our audioblogs. Murali Venkatraman did the k-track, and Sindhuja- you are really enviable in this song, period!

Personally, not the perfect song in terms of pitching, mixing and the likes :P, but still thought will post it on the eve of Murali getting married this coming Friday. Here’s wishing him all the very best, as he transitions to the next wonderful phase in his life!

Movie: Pudhupatti Ponnuthaayee
Original music by: Ilayaraaja
Originally rendered by: Uma Ramanan & Swarnalatha
Sung by: Sindhuja Bhakthavatsalam & Meera Manohar
K-track by: Murali Venkatraman



Krishna Tangirala said

Coming back to Muziboo after a long time. Very nice song, Meera. K-track was very well. My wishes to Murali on entering a new phase in his life. And yea, the Muziboo get-tog pics were cool.


Ramya Harish said

Have loved this cover ever-since. Enjoyed listening to the most beautiful voices in the blog world. Kudos Meera n Sindhu. Best wishes to Murali.
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Roshine Gnanatharshan. said

Awesome duet Loved it. Beautiful singing meera and sindhuja !

I wish that your joys will always be greater than your sorrows, your laughter greater than your tears, and more love than you can possibly even imagine as you embark upon your life together with your better half. Best Wishes And God Bless you Both !!!

5/5 from me.

  • Roshine *

Meera Manohar said

Thanks Neil, appreciate your enthusiasm to listen to a cover in a language that is not familiar to you. Shows your love for music :)

Krishna- welcome back :) and thank you!

Ramya & Roshine- thanks for listening. Doubt if Murali will be active in blogging for a while :), so will definitely pass on both your wishes!

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Vishnu Mohan ( busy mode) said

first time kekkuren intha song Soothing, superb singing loved it.

Murali anna Wish a very happy married life


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Hamsapriya Pro user said

Meera & sindhuja

Absolutely superb singing.
What beautiful soothing sweet voices you two have!!

Never heard the song.
Now, i want to learn it, thx to you both.



Unnikrishnan Kb said

Very beautiful rendition… New to the song… happy to know this song. Thanks for uploading.
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Kumaran said

Heard this long back in your block, Meera. Amazing voices and fantastic output!!!!!


Khawer Khilji Pro user said

Hi Meera,

Nice rendition with nice soothing voices and feel.
Good job. Thanks for sharing.

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Adithi said

I remember this beautiful number by the two of you! :) Excellent coordination! So nice listening this after a long time!

All the best Murali! :)


Srini S said

Awesome performance by both of you.Enjoyed it a
lot.keep it up.


Harry Chops said

Nice song and well rendered in your silken voice.
This sounded like a pro stuff. 5/5
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Pratane said

Wow… Nice song. Rare one. Wonderful rendition. Nice feel.

~Chitra K.S and I share the same birthday. But she isn’t sharing the Shruti Perfection.~


Sharad Setlur said

Amazing stuff …. I can only imagine what your idea of perfect could be if you are saying you re not happy with this. Loved it!!


Uthra said

Haven’t heard this one before. Nice one by you and Sindhuja. Did you do the Uma Ramanan part? This reminded me of “Kadhal neram idhu dhaan idhu dhaan vaa. vaa…” – don’t know the movie but has beautiful harmonies :) consider it a request :))
Bay area get-together pics were nice. Hope you all had a great time.


Meera Manohar said

Thank you all for your comments on this one! Infact, I am out of town attending Muralis wedding and hence couldn’t get to it sooner. Sindhuja is here as well!!

Uthra- Uma’s parts were done by Sindhuja.

Your time is much appreciated :)

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Saqib Javed said

good singing cannot much more cuz don know this song n language ….but meera i love ur sound quality ur voice n all n sindhuja lovely singing
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Sindhuja Bhakthavatsalam (no longer active on muziboo- pl visit me at said

Thanks all for f/b!

The wedding was good fun, more so with Meera’s son Ayush around :D



Biju Ramachandran Pro user said

v good clarity in voice.nice rendition too.
both r high class singers.nice combo
biju ramachandran


George Kuruvilla Pro user said

Another IR song that I recognize. Very well rendered by the pair of you. I likey!
Do listen to my uploads


Vishak Subramoney said

lovely sweet voices both of u (needless to mention i guess)
never heard this song before, but liked this rendition very much.


Priya Rudradas said

Love your voice Meera. You are wonderful singer. An inspiration.


Dwarak S said

I’m hearing this song for the first time. Hmmm its surprising to know tat I’ve missed to hear one of Ilayaraja’s great numbers however it’s destiny that brought me here to enjoy a song thats beautifully co-ordinated by sweet voices of Sindhuja n Meera…. Gr8 going!!!
To Me, Mom & Music Mean An Invaluable Asset In My Life


Bharathi Dinesh said

Great singing both of you….Beautiful composition ….lighter version of hindholam!
The voices blended sooooooo well!!
Sindhuja and Meera , You are in my envy list for your voices and the range you have in singing, in Muziboo :D :D
The others in my Envy list (female singers)…….your favourite Rashmi for melodies, Adithi for Carnatic based songs, Sowmya for the versatility, Shanmugi Ravi for the expressions and gamakams, of course, Kuhoo Gupta….mm……let me recollect more :)) getting old these days……


Ashok Kumar said

Superb…. liked it….

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