Gagan Sadan Tejomaya - Marathi Classic

Lyrics & Chords

Movie: Umbartha
Singer: Lata Mangeshakar
Music: Pan. Hridayanath Mangeshkar
Lyrics: Suresh Bhat, Vasant Bapat

Here is a gem of a song from the Marathi film UmbarthA, sung by the living legend Lata Mangeshkar with an enthralling tune, based on Rag Tilak Kamod created by Pan. Hridayanath Mangeshkar.

I humbly present this song as a prayer to bring hope and sunshine into the lives of children with special needs.
I hope you all can listen to this – look forward to your kind feedback.

Thanks a LOT to Radhika Nair to be the first one to preview and review my song before I uploaded it here.


गगन सदन तेजोमय,
तिमिर हरुन करुणाकर,
दे प्रकाश, देई अभय

छाया तव, माया तव, हेच परम पुण्य धाम
वार्‍यातून, तार्‍यातून, वाचले तुझेच नाम
जग, जीवन, जनन, मरण, हे तुझेच रुप सदय

वासंतिक कुसुमातून तूच मधूर हासतोस
मेघांच्या धारांतून प्रेमरुप भासतोस
कधी येशील चपल चरण, वाहीले तुलाच हृदय

भवमोचन, हे लोचन, तुजसाठी दोन दिवे
कंठातील स्वर मंजुळ, भावमधुर गीत नवे
सकल शरण, मनमोहन, सृजन तूच, तूच विलय



N.gopinath said

Sudha Kumar,
Though I hear this song first time, enjoyed the song in your nice voice. Very well sung… nice expressions & feel…

Keep singing…
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Harshan Nambiar Pro user said

Wah Sudha ….what a way to kick off my saturday morning ….sublime bliss……beautiful singing in your beautiful voice….
HAVE always been a big fan of Hrdynath Mangeskar’s compostion ….ne majhsi re….is my top favourites.

5/5 from me ……and to my favourites.
Check out

Aye dil hai Mushkil


Nandita said

Like this song a lot. Khoop chaan singing :). Felt a slight strain on your voice at some parts. Not a big deal though. 5/5 from me
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Zara Zara

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Sudha Kumar said

Thanks Sowmya, Gopinath, Sai, Harshan and Nandita for listening to this and giving all your quick positive f/bs, also for the ratings. This song was a toughie to attempt – and for lack of time, I couldn’t make more attempts to perfect it… I did sing it to the best of my limited ability though…
Appreciate your pointers – will strive to get better!


Tara Balakrishnan said

beautiful rendition Sudha! liked it.
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thumbi vaa

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Swati Kanitkar said

Sudha, amazing singing. You have a voice and ability to carry this difficult song.
Another aspect that always makes me happy when people do not just copy the singer or the song, and they have their input in ’harkat, murki, or even just singing solid. You have done that. I do agree with Sowmya.Perfection in sur is divine and it takes the singer as well as the listener on a different plane. Keep it up.


Sudha Kumar said

Thanks a lot Tara and Swati for stopping by and giving your valuable fbs.
Sowmya and Swati, yes, I tried to do my own little nuances – will definitely work on perfecting this song…. Do feel free to point out offline where the slips are – it helps me from the rag perspective too…
appreciate your time,


Shampak Chakravorty said

Wah Di…… Wonderful wonderful singing & song selection…. Super 5 from me….


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Sudha Kumar said

Thanks Shampak for your encouraging f/b! btw, Shreya has sung this too in her Majhi Gaani album…. :-)


Srividya Kasturi said

Sudha, for some reason, I get a garbled version of the song…Maybe i should download to listen to it…will do so soon:)
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Sudha Kumar said

Hey Vidya, I’m not having the problem from my browser – its a 128K upload… hopefully, the download shd sound alright? Lemme know if you still have problems listening…


Rashmi Nair said

Beautiful rendition, Sudha. You have a lovely crystal clear voice. Enjoyed it very much

Please listen to Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam


Sudha Kumar said

VG – Thanks Ga… Tumcha response paahoon aananda jhale!
Rashmi – Glad you liked it, Thanks much for listening!
Will listen to both of your uploads too,


Uthra said

Lovely voice. I really enjoyed listening to the song. Many places like chhaya thava, man mohan…. were beautifully rendered. Is this desh?


Srini S said

gud one sudha,enjoyed it thoroughly.Improvement are
as already mentioned above,so dont want to repeat i
t.loved the expressions.keep them coming and 5/5 fo
r the effort.

चांगला आहे!


Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said

Not familiar with the original rendition by Lataji, but really enjoyed your rendition – excellent work. Recording and mixing sounds really good too.



Sudha Kumar said

Thanks Uthra, Srini and Kumar for stopping by – glad it was enjoyable!
Uthra – good q- this is based on Tilak Kamod but Desh has some patterns – RMPNS which match with Tilak Kamod – can discuss more offline…
Srini – Thanks a lot for rating it a 5 :-)
Kumar – glad you thought the recording/mixing was good – that made my day!


Adithi said

Awestruck after listening to your voice, Sudha!

I can see how much involvement you are singing this song with! The harkats are all very beautiful although “Kusuma”, “Helochana”, “Vinaya” could have been better!

Goes to my favs! :)


Gowri Gopal said

wow… im speechless…. lovely voice… above all awesome singing…. too gud…. i cudnt find any faults… i completely enjoyed listening…. thanks for such a lovely song… 5/5 for sure… keep posting….:)
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Harry Chops said

Wow Sudha. After listening to this kind of perfect renditions, I really get nervous as well as excited that I am sharing the same platform with singers like you. Great work…. surely 5/5.
You may listen to the revised mix of
Saamne tum yun Baithe ho-original composition



Sudha Kumar said

Thanks a lot Bala, Adithi, Gowri and Harry for stopping by and giving your kind and valuable comments!
Bala – Glad you could enjoy this genre… Thanks for taking the time to listen to this…
Adithi – Thank you!
Gowri – Thank you too!
Harry – Don’t be nervous yaar – we are all peers here – with one common interest – to listen and be listened to! I’m excited too…


Adwait Ranade Pro user said

Hi Sudha,
Very nice, sweet singing and presentation. You deserve a standing ovation for this performance. It’s never easy to sing Lataji’s songs and also most of Pt. Hridaynathji’s compositions. In addition the poetry is bit difficult from singer’s point of view.
You have done a fabulous job with ease!
Let more come….
Adwait Ranade
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Sudha Kumar said

Meera – Thanks a lot for visiting my space and so glad you liked it…
Adwait – Welcome back friend! Khoop aananda jhala tumcha comment paahoon…
Thanks so much all of you, It is only with all your constant pointers, appreciation and valuable feedback that I can keep improving.


Murali Ramanathan said

Very involved singing…liked it all the way…Agree with some others that the nauenses could have been better at certain places.
Warm Regards,
Murali Ram

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Dr. daniel Paul said

Thanks and nice to hear a Marathi classic too.
Wonderful and relaxing.

God Bless You.


Radhakrishnan Nair said

Lovely rendition Sudha. It is a tough song and you have done a commendable job. Keep up the good work.


Srividya Kasturi said

Finally got here:) Seems like a beautiful song…Lovely rendition, Sudha… Some nuances could be better and some murkhis and variations were awesome…Loved the gagan sadan towards the end! this deserves a 5/5:)
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O Saathi Re

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Sudha Kumar said

Thanks Murali, Dr. Daniel Paul, RK and Vidya for stopping by and giving your valuable f/bs. Greatly appreciate your time listening to this lovely classic composition! :-)


Angela Paduraru said

I like much music Marathi but in my country is not running Marathi films. Only the net I heard marathi songs. Is delightful


Angela Paduraru said

Your voice is very nice.I find it a very difficult song but you, you manage to sing beautiful.You are very talented and God has given you a wonderful voice


Sudha Kumar said

Thanks so much Angela dear for your warm words! I’m amazed that you are able to enjoy this song even if you’re from a different country – Hats off to you!


Rajeev Onv(away on a long break) said

Sudha, A beautiful song sung excellently well! What a composition!Thanks for introducing this rare gem of Lataji here.
A full five for you!
Keep singing!


Thinkal govind kumar Pro user said

Wah Re Wah ! Something fresh & totally different from the usual songs ! Sounded divine & soothing !
Music has no barriers !
You’re a versatile singer !
Hats off to you ! 5/5 for this one !
Please continue to share such rare ones !
Cheers !
GOD Bless !
Loving Best Wishes,
Thinkal Govind Kumar.


Sudha Kumar said

Thanks so much Ibolya, Rajeev and Govindji for listening and all your warm words!
Yes, Music just transcends all barriers and unites one and all – so correctly said… :-)


Ranjit Salian said

Hi divine soul Sudha,

Due apologies for being late.


Loved every aspect of this song. You are one of the best singers on Muziboo with respect to classically trained singers.

I love Marathi Bhakti Sangeet and have performed lot of Marathi songs in my yester years even though I was an untrained singer.

Truly a high class and high quality performance.

Keep it up Sudha. I am truly proud of you that you sing in multiple languages and specifically with so much of ease and divinity in your voice.

Truly and divine voice which comes through a pure heart and soul.


Yesssss it goes into my favorites as it touched my heart and soul indeed.

God Bless You….

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Take Care divine soul,
Keep the faith always,
Live in surrender faith every moment in time,
Peace be with you,
God Bless You and your loved ones….



Sudha Kumar said

Thanks a million Ranjit dear for stopping by and your profusely warm feedback. I am truly humbled by your kind words – and I will strive to improve my singing and keep learning from all of you.
Will listen to your new uploads too – have a lot of catching up to do! ;-)


Kenneth Hasty said

Wonderful!! crisp sound, very pleasant and upbeat and the voice range is amazing! the instuments are very pleasant without overshadowing your beautiful voice.


Sudha Kumar said

Thanks Ken! Welcome to Muziboo. I’m glad you could appreciate this semi-classical Indian music piece.


Angela Paduraru said

Dear Sudha, I listened again tonight….you are wonderful, very talented .Thanks you for the joy that gives me!


Swamy Kitcha said

I’ve to admit that Hindi itself is a bit tough for me and Marathi will be too much for me. But not when I’m hearing songs coz I love songs from any destination/source. I throughly loved your singing Sudha. Hi 5 from me :)
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Musically Yours,


Sudha Kumar said

Thanks again Kitcha. I sincerely appreciate you stopping by to listen to a Marathi song :-)
Just got back from a trip – will tune in later today to all the wonderful stuff I missed.


Ajay m nair said

hooo very difficult song…… u have sung very well……. keep it up


Sudha Kumar said

Thanks a lot Ajay. :-)


Babu Nm said

really nice sudha… each time when i listen to you wow you are a fantastic singer.
may god bless you and bw with you always


Sudha Kumar said

Thanks a lot Babu. God bless you too.

Sing from your heart…


Sudha Kumar said

Thanks so much Adina. You shd try singing something in Marathi too – will be beautiful!

Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard are sweeter.
John Keats


Nkdno1 said

Very Good Sudha…
Its nice to here the same song in your voice.
I wake up with this song(one which was sung by LataDi) every morning.
Your voice is very soft…it is nice feel to here the same song with different voice mode.
You are very honest…Keep it up


Sudha Kumar said

Thanks a lot Nkdno1.
“A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination. "
- Nelson Mandela


Raghu Kedar said

Sudha, superb singing! You have brought out all the serenity associated with this prayer song. Am glad I listened to this one! Shall explore your page at leisure, nahi tar apachan hoil!

~ MUSIC is the most effective stress-buster! ~


Sudha Kumar said

I love this song. Thanks so much Raghu!
“A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination. "
- Nelson Mandela

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