Flower of my flowerpot (گل گلدون من)

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Flower of my flowerpot is broken in wind
Come to me before my heart shouts
Wallflower (fragrant flower) doesn’t give out scent at night any more
Who picked up wallflower from its brance?
In ther corner of the sky, full of rainbows
I’m like darkness, you are like moonlight.
If wind not passes your head by
I will be lost into jungle of sleep (dream)
Flower of my flowerpot, moon of my veranda
I got alone without you like a fish without water
You (flower) is desire of everyone have lost (missed) your color and scent
I got a river, my heart got a lagoon
Sky would be blue (clearing up), but flower of the sun
(flower of the sun) would got gloomy on the branches of willow
It’s getting moonlight, but flower of moonlight
(instead of flower of moonlight) Buttercup passes on ponds of sleep (dream)
When you wave(shake) your hand, you revive the star
(and) the flower of wind gets joyful (delighted)
When you close your eyes, (indeed) two stars are decreased from the sky*
(and) Poppy feels pain so much from stigma**


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