Etho Varmukilin

Lyrics & Chords

I guess the recording has been improved in this one >>

From the Movie- Pookkalam Varavayi. Originally Sung by – G Venugopal



Krishnan N v ( nvk ) said


Excellent voice and good singing . As you claimed the recording was much better. Felt the echo could have been little lesser…

I have not heard the original though felt you must have done very good job. There was probably a slight timing issue in the Mukhda…

Keep singing and sharing

All the best.

ENVEEK-In my “Second Innings”.
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Santosh george wilson said

Thank you so much NVK! Vhappy to have your comments and corrections!! – a blog of true stories!


Rashmi Nair said

You have a wonderful voice – nalla base voice!
Expressions are great.
You have missed the taalam (eg: 0:50) in some areas , and a few off-pitches (1:19, 1:33, 1:46, 2:53, ending of the song).
Concentrate and practice well. You can do a much better job. Keep the songs coming.

Please listen to Gopika Vasantham


Santosh george wilson said

Thank you Rashmi! Taalam was lost mainly due to the editing thing i have done post recording… actually i had recorded this at various times… and when miixed, all messed up!! :) off pitches, thts something to do with the practice as you suggests n i’ll do tht from nw! thnks again!! – a blog of true stories!


Divya Pankaj said

Dear Santosh,

Your voice is excellent…As ths is a lullaby and a soft song, u shudve put some more bhaavam like muthaay, etho, janmapunyam pol….

U have missed the tempo also in the beginning…But never mind.I was struck hearin ur voice, very rare voice uve got,take care and practice well…

Keep postin more.


Santosh george wilson said

thanks a trillion to u Divya…. will practice more and post the same again!! ter is a funny story behind this song… last week, i was talking to my cousin in bagalore. her friend then wanted me to sing this song for her… bt i did not knw this one and they wernt happy… thus i went on and learned this one in a haste! – a blog of true stories!


Mohammed Ashraf said

santhosh….one of fav venugopal songs and you sang it very well. u might be doing it better after our fellow muzibians tips. the positives are your voice and feeling. certain timing issues are there, but u have justified it.

keep entertaining us yaar.

try “kai niraye venna tharam” if you havn’t done it.



Santosh george wilson said

so nice of you to say these!! will surely try Kai Niraye… have to find its karaoke first!! :) – a blog of true stories!


Bindiya Nair said

Hi Santosh ,

You have nice voice. But i felt your were little bit out of pitch.Any how good going.

Practice well

Thanks & Regards
Bindiya Nair, A & N islands


Sriram Narayanan said

Excellent voice Santosh….I cannot comment on the off pitches as I am not a singer…from a listeners point of view it was a delight….I would love to hear parayathe ariyathe nee poyathalle in your voice….all the very best



Santosh george wilson said

Hello Bindiya and Sriram!! Thank you for sharing your opinions on this song of mine!! im really feeling happy that you have come from nowhere to my songs… :) thanks again and pls do encourage again!! humbly, santosh… – a blog of true stories!


Rahul Soman said


Great voice. Beginning was good. But maanhu poyoru and after that lots of strain and i felt it was off track. May be you can make it better. But great feel for the song….nice singing……"Etho vaarmukilin " line you sang in a very touching way.


“The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do!!!”


Santosh george wilson said

Thank you Rahul!!! it is great guidance and inspiration!! – a blog of true stories!


Santosh george wilson said

Thank you Rahul!!! it is great guidance and inspiration!! – a blog of true stories!


Jenefa (inactive) said


Superb song!! Your voice is awesome in this one!! Keep practising :)


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