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The First Song that Comes to my Mind by A R Rahman is “Enge enathu kavithai”.Its my all time favourite ,rendered by none other than Chitra. She has a enthralling voice…!!

On the music front ARR changes midstream from western drums to Mirudangam in this song.I tried my best to perform this song.No chance….no one can compete chitra’s voice.I can say, her voice is something extraordinary.

Once again an old recording ! a bit muffled and i made this minus one track by voice cut and somehow managed to do the mixing too.Couldn’t stop myself to find out a better track. just had the mood of singing this mesmerizing song. Listen to this song at yr convenience and give me your feedback!

Song: Enge enathu kavithai
Movie: Kandu konden kandukonden
Music: A.R.Rahman
Original singer: K.S.Chitra & Srinivas
Cover :Sowmya



Tara Balakrishnan said

very good rendition Sowmya. Enjoyed it! Pallavi was too good. too much reverb? ‘kEtkudhe’ kud have been better…

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Tara Balakrishnan said

I have a good k-track… scribble me know if u need…

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“Randakka with Karthik”:

“Ye tumhari meri baatein – Rock on! "

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Arvind R said

Sowmya … that was great … singing wise it was a great effort on this tough song. Of course voice recording could have been better, but I know this was in your previous (muziboo) life ;-) The other comment I would make is that, your singing was a bit cut-style in rendering the melody … could have been more smoother flowing in tackling the melody. Other than that it was awesome … that high part in the last charanam could have also been better I thought.

So when are you going to do your next recording Sowmya!?. :-) Same goes for me … so don’t worry!.

You are great at attacking tough songs … love that zest in your voice. That was amazing!.


Theagaraj Dhanapalan Pro user said

Very tough song you have choosen and did very well.

great energy and efforts. I liked your pronouncing style of few words like “myyal kondu malar vaduthey”. Great job. I liked and full marks.



Surajit Chatterjee said

Tough the mix is not of high standards, anything in your sweet voice is very pleasant to the ears. Very well sung, Sowmya. Keep up the good work.


Srividya Kasturi said

Good attempt, Sowmya….love the song and u sang with grt involvement…some parts like ketkude could be smoother…but it is such a tough song…u pulled it through quite well:)

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Thinkal govind kumar Pro user said

Perfect rendition in your unique style with lot of expressions ! The K-track is the only minus point.I may humbly suggest that you may please resort to the below-mentioned course of action….
1. Please get the good K-Track from Taraji as offered by her.
2. Just add your vocal track.
3. Please re-do your vocals of the pallavi in the last stanza since there’s some pitch variation in this present rendition of yours which can be corrected very easily by you with the new K-Track.
I assure your good self that if you follow the above three steps, this rendition of yours would be as perfect as your other renditions.
Of course, you get full marks.
GOD Bless !
Loving Best Wishes,
Thinkal Govind Kumar.


Harshan Nambiar (away for a month india vacation) Pro user said

Versatile Sowmya ….you are a complete singer :-) What a powerful voice you have, the recording as you said could have been better, your vocals were clipping. I really liked this rendition for the expressiveness ……listening to this rendition after shrini’s ….both were just awesome.

My full stars for this rendition …

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Radhika Nair (away) said

Sowmya – Beautiful song. Undoubtedly, one of ARR-Chitra’s best. The ketkudhe notes were not reached correctly and from there onwards felt that you slipped a bit on the pitch. But then its a tough song and kudos for attempting this.

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Jenefa (inactive) said

Sowmya akka,

Very good attempt….Every time you sing “Engae enadhu kavithai”, it’s beautiful. Few places might have been even better :)

Excellent song pick and i agree about Chitra, OMG she is great….my all time fav.



Fret 'n' tune said

Very, very nice.

I don’t know this song, but it just sounded correct. Will listen to the original in a few days.



Fret 'n' tune said


Is this Sindhu Bhairavi by any chance? Has shades, and strong shades of it.



Krishnan N v ( nvk ) said


Lovely singing .Liked it very much.,…As you yourself have said the recording could have been better…

All the best…


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Mohan Lal said

Great Attempt sowmyaji. Nallairundathu. About mixing, as you already took the anticipatory bail, nothing to comment.
The ketkudhe (in the charanam) high pitch is not impressive. try to redo that.



Thiru said

very nice , but you can do still better


Dr. nitin Acharya said

hi sowmya…
this is one of my all-time favorites too and i agree with u tat its a verrrry tough song to sing… and god wat a voice chithra has got!!
i admire ur guts for doing this song and appreciate the sincere attempt tat went behind it… hats off!!


Ramesh Agoram said

Lovely rendition Sowmya, The feel in the song is very good and you have done it well. Good job keep it up, God bless
Ramesh A


Biju Ramachandran Pro user said

nice to hear yu sing this.yu have a powerful and soulful voice.keep it up.all the best
dr biju


Ganesh said

hi gr8 singing. can u post a link to the karaoke here. my sister likes to sing this song


Kalyanaram Ramachandran said

Nice singing.
Please listen to my uploads .
with love
“Whenever you have Problem, Please sing, your Problem will vanish.

Ramachandran alias MKR

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