Elankaathu Veesudhe by Sethu (solo - reuploaded)

Lyrics & Chords

Dear Friends,
I was always wondering how recording was very poor in my previous uploads. I wasn’t getting the depth I always wanted with just a USB mic & now the difference is just day & night.

Thanks to my wonderful friends Parasu & Arun to guide me through to buy good equipment & software for home studio recording.

Thankz once again! Pls drop a comment if you like the song or spots for improvements!

This is my single take recording of this song!

I hope to re-record my songs that I had put earlier!

Kindly drop your comments!



Gopu. k said

dear sethuraman,
ur singing has been very good. only some places ur voice volume gets reduced. BTW I have uploaded my instrumental version. I am not a vocalist so I upload only my instrumental rendition. U can listen to it and pass on ur opinion.

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