Dont Say Alvida

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Have been pretty busy for a while now with a variety of things on my plate. Was not planning on recording anything but heard this one on MTV and couldnt resist myself ! Beautiful song,beautiful lyrics,beautiful tune, beautiful voices – what more do you need ! Melody still rules !! The song is from the movie ‘Main Aur Mrs.Khanna’. Sajid-Wajid has composed this chartbuster which has already topped the Bollywood top 10 list in most websites. Sonu Niigam and Shreya Ghoshal have rendered this in their own sweet way. Must say they are the Kishore-Lata of this age. What amazes me with these two singers is how easy it sounds when you hear the song and yet when you try to sing it you understand how difficult it is to get the small things right. Amazing duo ! I hope they live a 100 years to give us more of such music pleasure.

Vidyu has been kind enough to lend me her vocals to complete this one. She sounds absolutely amazing. I bet Shreya would be very happy to hear her version :-) I am a little bit rusty but i hope you will still lend your ear to listen to our humble attempt.

The movie just released on the occassion of Diwali. Here’s wishing you all a very happy and prosperous Diwali. Khub mithai khao aur khilao :-) God Bless and thanx for listening :-)

Song : Dont Say Alvida
Movie : Main Aur Mrs. Khanna
Original Singers: Sonu Niigam and Shreya Ghoshal
Cover By : Soumitra Sarkar and Vidyu Appaiah
Music By : Sajid-Wajid



Sudha Kumar (back to listen to all of you..) said

Lovely one, Soumitra and Vidyu! Very expressive vocals both of you – just saw the Youtube video. I loved how both of you said “do…d say alvida” with that silent n ;-)
5/5 indeed,
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Gagan Sadan Tejomaya


Harry Chops said

Welcome back Soumitra.
What a song to pick. Incidentally, we heard this live last Saturday from none other than Sonu Nigam himself. This was the first time I was hearing this and liked it very much.
Both of You sang it with great feel and expressions. New songs are difficult to cover but that’s not the case here. It was a fab effort.
5/5 and my fav. Don’t be surprised to se no. of plays increasing as I will be listening to it back to back.

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Harshan Nambiar Pro user said

Very well done …Soumitra and Vidya….never heard this song before.

5/5 from me
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Aye dil hai Mushkil


George Kuruvilla Pro user said

Soumitra and Vidyu,
Long time no hear!! Great job guys. All your duets rock and this is no exception. You guys have a chemistry!
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Soumitra Sarkar said

@Sudha- thanks for the first up lovely comment.
@Harry- thanks . Glad to be back. Thanks for appreciating our effort. That’s awesome that you heard Sonu sing this one on stage !
@Sreeharshan- it’s Vidyu and not Vidya! Thanx for listening.
@George – thanks mate for lending your ear:)
- Soumitra
Pls listen to my Don’t Say Alvida attempt.


Ramya Harish said

Soumitra ji n Vidyu – Listening this song first time! Superb singing by both! Thoroughly enjoyed it! Great mixing too!
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Harshan Nambiar Pro user said

Sorry Soumitra ….I meant vidyu but typed in vidya ….maybe because Vidya is more active on this site :-)
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Aye dil hai Mushkil


Radhakrishnan Nair said

Soumitra and Vidyu,
Very well sung, good expressions.Enjoyed it…
Keep it up!


Tara Balakrishnan said

very nicely done Soumitra and Vidyu!
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thumbi vaa

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Srividya Kasturi said

Long time, Soumitra:) Very good singing by both!
Did Vidyu sing the English lines in the second interlude?? 5/5 obviously:)
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Soumitra Sarkar said

@Sree-no worries . Hota hain !
@Ramya – glad you liked the mixing too ! Takes soo much time !!
@Radhakrishnan- thanks .
@Tara – thanks .
@Srividya – thanks much . Chorus was in the track !
- Soumitra
Pls listen to my Don’t Say Alvida attempt.


Dheeraj Govind said

very nice singing both of you… good quality recording too… nice expressive and open singing… good job…

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Rashmi Nair said

Very nice rendition, Soumitra & Vidyu. Sounded original! Both of you have sung perfectly capturing all expressions. Loved it.

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Vijay Krishna (back.... lets make some music) said

Very original and fresh voice.Both of you were very very good I must say. I love the expression.Good going…

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Adwait Ranade Pro user said

Dear Soumitra and Vidyu,
Wonderful Singing in your own style!
Keep sharing!!

Adwait Ranade
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Soumitra Sarkar said

@Dheeraj – thanks for favoriting it:)
@Meera- thanks for appreciating our effort.
@Rashmi – thanks for listening.
@Vijay – thanks for your kind words.
@Adwait – thanks buddy !
- Soumitra
Pls listen to my Don’t Say Alvida attempt.


Vijay Iyer (away...) said

Great voice and expression by both. Enjoyed this vibrant cover !



Saqib Javed said

very good singing But honnestly sonu bhot piyare se Dont say keh raha hai song main but i felt in the male singing “Dod say” aur ye feel kia meney k song gatey howe moo bhot dabaya hai donu ne khola nahi hai sahe se maybe i wrong Ajeeb Itefaaq check dis out what a feel in da orgnl
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Pooja Mehta said

both of you r superb ….excellent rendition…

“MuSiCaLlY YoUrS”


Soumitra Sarkar said

@Sai – thanks. Glad you liked my voice in this one :)
@Vijay – thanks .
@Vaushali – thanks.
@Saqib- – Thanks for the pointers :) will try to improve :)
@Pooja-Thanks for favoriting :)
- Soumitra
Pls listen to my Don’t Say Alvida attempt.


Thinkal govind kumar Pro user said

Soumitra & Vidyu……….
Nice pick beautifully rendered by both of you with total perfection ! Loved it !
5/5 for this !
Keep up the good work !
Cheers !
GOD Bless !
Loving Best Wishes,
Thinkal Govind Kumar.


Deblina M (away) said

Vidyu & Soumitra,

Wonderful singing ! So good to hear you both after a long time :)


Soumitra Sarkar said

@Smitha- thanks.
@Thinkal – Thanx .
@Balamurali – Thanx for listening .
@Deblina – Thanx.
- Soumitra
Pls listen to my Don’t Say Alvida attempt.


Shampak Chakravorty said

Soumitra da…… very sorry to be so late…. Jantam na je gaan upload korechho…. Bhishon bhishon bhalo geyechho…. Haven’t heard the original….so it sounds like an original to me…. Did you say you are Rusty…. ha ha ha….ha if this is rusty then what will happen if you feel as ease…. :D Vidyu’s voice sounded very fresh in this one…. Hearing one of her songs after a long time…. Very precise singing as always…. Overall very very very good professional presentation…. the track could have a tad lounder & basier…. felt that only the singers are taking all the credits for the song with lesser existances of other artifacts of backing…. Never the less a damn 5 for sure for fab singing by both of you….:D


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Soumitra Sarkar said

@Kuhoo – Thanx. A ‘smile’ is sooooo worth the effort. Thanx again :-)
@Shampak – No worries for being late…this is not an obligation that you have to keep ! So no worries if you miss some entries. Thanx for listening.
@Ajitha – Thanx for listening.
- Soumitra
Pls listen to my Don’t Say Alvida attempt.


Murali Venkatraman said

Very well rendered Soumitra. This song is topping the charts ? That is kind of surprising. You were not rusty at all Soumitra – very nicely done u guys. Soumitra : You dont have any marginal offs in recent songs at all. This shows your tremendous dedication to details. Great job.

This goes to my favs list for your singing. the tune hardly has any stuff.


Soumitra Sarkar said

@Murali – Thanx for listening and your kind words. Good to know you did not find many offs :) Thanx for favoriting :)
- Soumitra
Pls listen to my Don’t Say Alvida attempt.


Dr. priya Rajan said

Soumitra – Happen to listen to some of your renditions. You are an Excellent singer.
Perfect diction in your songs and always admire.
Vidyu …. She excels in anything she does….
Amazing talent, love her voice a lot.
Always enjoyed your duets a lot. Don’t even know that you have posted a song and came here following Husain’s comment.
Happy to hear to your voices again and take a 5/5 and fav’. too.
Thanks a lot for sharing.
MUSIC is the language of the soul!


Soumitra Sarkar said

@Dr Priya – thanks for listening and your good words :)
- Soumitra
Pls listen to my Don’t Say Alvida attempt.


Mohammed zaheer Hussain said

Hats off to you for attempting a rank new song. New songs are very difficult to sing in my opinion. Liked the control you have in your voice and the modulations you made. Vidyu was good too. Will listen to your other renditions too.


Khawer Khilji Pro user said

Hi Soumitra,

Very nicely rendered this beautiful duet song. I liked the rendition completely.You both have nice vocals.

My tribute to Great Hemant Daa.




Soumitra Sarkar said

@Zaheer , Khawer – Thanx :)
- Soumitra
Pls listen to my Shukran Allah attempt.


Faisal Kp said

Hi Guys,

Excellent rendition. Enjoyed!

Music is love!!!!!!!


Some one from romania said


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