Do Lafzon Ki Hai

Lyrics & Chords

Tried to sing this beautiful number from the movie ’The Great Gambler" starring Amitabh Bachchan and (my fave) Zeenat Aman
(OK I googled this, have no idea abt the movie, like the song though)

Honestly speaking, being surrounded by such perfect singers on muziboo got me a bit scared to upload anything new… But I finally massed up the courage to do this when one of my colleagues (and a dear friend) Sheetal asked me to try singing this one… So this goes out to Sheetal……… :)

Your comments are welcome :)



The rabbit in the hat said

I don’t know how you do that. You’r cool singer :)


Harshan Nambiar Pro user said

Neha ….very well sung ….very expressive rendition ….very nice voice you have. Just one observation …you could have stretched some of the ending notes ….also felt a little strain on the high notes….but nothing major ….

5/5 from me ….keep singing desi songs :-) On a lighter note …dont be afraid to post ….at least these comments dont hurt us physically , its much better than people pelting stones and eggs from the stands ….LOL

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George Kuruvilla Pro user said

Like the choice of song. I thought the singing was good, but a lack of confidence clearly shows as your were a little iffy when delivering the lines. Next time you should just go for it! There was some strain on the higher notes, but the only way to get past that is to put your inhibitions aside and keep singing!! Muziboo is full of amateurs just like you and you dont need to feel intimidated one bit!

Now I thought this mix was a lot better than your previous ones (still a long way to go, but definitely better). Did you mix this?

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Srividya Kasturi said

One of Asha’s Gems:) Soothing rendition, Neha…Liked ur variations…Keep singing more desi songs:)

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Radhika Nair (away) said

Neha – as i have said before, you have a beautiful and diff voice. I thought this to be very well sung by you – You have abs no reason to feel diffident, Neha – Let go and enjoy singing :). Lovely voice and lovely singing. 5 from me too!

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Krishnan N v ( nvk ) said


Good singing. Nothing more to say than what is said above… Sheer lack of confidence is felt or was it an attempt to be more (over) expressive . Just open up and you will sound excellent…You have great talents and lovely voice… All other slight issues will get right over a period of time, along with practice……

Keep them coming…

All the best…


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Gaurav Sahni said

Breeelliantly sung boss! After Mar Jaawan this once has suited you the best. Btw, why dont you try Kabhie kabhie with a karaoke or mix it like you do now, you had sung that so very nicely.


Tara Balakrishnan said

Haven’t heard the original still the tune sounds familiar:) very nice rendition Neha. From first anthara ur energy was very good. Keep singing!!

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Neha ........ said

Rabbit, Sree, GK, Srividya, Radhika, NVK,Sai, Gaurav & Tara… Thanks a million for dropping by and for the constructive comments, appreciation and pointers… I totally agree abt the lack of confidence… as I said, I’m a little skeptical abt singing hindi numbers, (long way to go with english ones too though lol) well you guys are the ones who keep me going :) Thanks loads again!!

GK… Yes I mixed this… just a simple 0.2 delay 0.2 decay tip that Soumitra gave me :D :D tried a bit of overlapping too… does that sound fine???

Gaurav… will surely try Kabhi Kabhi with a ktrack
Thanks again guys!!


Shailender Pro user said


Cool singing……good feel, though you need to look at the pitch……well attempted….

…… listen to Jaane Kahan Gaye Woh Din


Ramya Harish said

Hey Neha, Good rendition. A lil more confidence n practice can do wonders I feel. I enjoyed it.



Keshav Kulkarni said

one of my asha’s favorites. 3/5


Shampak Chakravorty said

Hello Neha!!!
Wow wonderful choice of song & wonderful voice……just practice on the higher notes which will make you a complete package coz on lower notes your voice came so well….n your voice has a natural depth which sounds so soothing…. Great effort….keep it up….




Ranjit Salian said

Good attempt my divine sister Neha. Voice divine as always. More practice would have made this song eternal for sure. We all are learning my divine sister and learning never stops. The only one who is perfect in everything is God. So the only exception to the Learning Curve is God. So to get confidence just take his name and dive into the song because when you will sing with confidence the world will listen to you. I am in the same league as you so gain confidence from that :)

I go by God’s WORD when once he said “Conquer your FEAR and you will conquer death” which means when you conquer your fear you become an immortal
going closer to perfection being a close reflection of God.

Beyond that fear lies immortality….Take it my divine sister it’s all yours….

Just keep the faith and believe in your inner self and your own faith and belief will heal all the doubts and fears, and let me tell you one thing, we all fear the inevitable but to conquer it every moment in time and rise from the frog bottom to surface and create that one moment in time that is all yours is victory of good over evil. This means victory of God’s power over the evil forces.

When you disconnect the mind you connect to the actual SELF (the spirit soul) which is the IMMORTAL YOU. Realize the IMMORTAL GOD in you. Let his qualities surface by disconnecting the mind, along side or parallel to this is our EFFORT which becomes a PRE-REQUISITE to everything in life :)

When the mind is disconnected the ILLUSION dissappears and when the ILLUSION is gone your intent/thought doesn’t pass through the mind and is implemented in the most purest of forms without any fear or inhibitions (which George told you to keep aside….well said George)

Other things that are important are GRACE which is by default being passed on by God, Faith which you need to reinstate every moment, Belief that it surely will happen, Focussed Prayers to get the yoke of God in what you do.

Lot of shortcuts that our Lord has given us in life for our good divine sister. Hope these things are no more a philosophy for you and hope this Knowledge of God helps you to Realize the SELF and the power of God within you.

I would prefer you doing some sort of Yoga and breathing exercises. If you are interested on these things and if you have any questions mail me on and this brother will wholeheartedly answer every question being a Servitor of God as the ownership of knowledge lies with God and I am just an instrument or channel passing on the knowledge from the Source.

Take Care divine soul,
Keep the faith,
Peace be with you,
God Bless you….


Neha ........ said

Shailender, Ramya, Keshav, Shampak & Ranjit, so glad u cud take time to listen & comment… :)
Ranjit thanks as always for those encouraging words :)


Smitha Passanha said

Neha….this song is actually a perfect fit for u :-)

As others have already said, u just need to sing more openly. Ur singing is very good….just believe that and sing. The high notes will get better as u sing more. I also agree with Harshan, the landing notes can be more smooth. Overall this was very good. Expecting more Hindi songs from u!!!

- Smitha

Do listen to O Mere Sona Re and Dum Maro Dum


Neha ........ said

Glad you found it nice overall Smitha, and yes thnkx for the pointers/tips :) :)


Surajit Chatterjee said

There’s nothing new left for me to say than what others have said above. True, you have a great voice and should have sung it a notch lower. Results would have been even better. No reason to feel sulky though, anything you sing with your pleasant voice would be a welcome change to the ears. Keep it up.


Rakesh Baro Pro user said

hey Neha,
I love your voice……even if u didnt sing the song the way it should have been sung , your voice says it all….
I tell you if u practise and sing with confidence everything would fall into place….and I am sure your one of the best singers on Muziboo Neha…I love ur voice quality….Jab hindi gana gaate ho bhool jaao ghalat hone ke dar ko….Ur an Awesome singer and U would get better I know…

Ab Riyaaz karooooooooo :)….5/5 for your voice



Harry Chops said

You’ve got a good voice however, felt bit strain on high notes. Very noce expressions and feel. Overall 5/5. Keep singing desi songs

O sathi re



Neha ........ said

Surajit, Rakesh, Harry… thanks for taking a listen and the encouragement…


Soumitra Sarkar said

so audacity does work ;) 5/5 for mixing :-) finally could hear your voice clearly through the mix….must say you have an impressive voice and an equally impressive ‘even’ tone….you maintained the mood throughout the song which was excellent….high notes need some more work ….a few slight off pitches that you can take care of easily……:)
u did reflect my views about not posting coz of the perfect singers around ! i always think of the same too ! Keep singing :)

- Soumitra
Pls listen to my Deewana Leke Aaya Hai attempt.


Rashmi Nair said

Hi Neha:
Good singing, it’s such a melodious song. I like your voice and your style of singing. All you need to concentrate on is the pitch. Listening to the original song closely, helps a lot….
I too have the same problem with pitching- what I do is make some of my friends listen to the songs first before uploading,so that I can correct the errors as much as possible. When I record, I sometimes don’t notice the off pitches because of fatigue from listen to the recording over and over again, that’s where my friends come in handy :)
keep practising and post more songs!



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George Kuruvilla Pro user said

Neha – Regarding the mix, when I started on muziboo, thats exactly what I used to do. Its ok for starters, but as you grow you will realize that you will need to start using something else. For the time being, keep doing what you are doing…

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Shonnie Madan said

mazaa ayaa lovely song n great singing


Neha ........ said

-Soumitra… I owe u one for that tip… really works :) btw YOU dont need to think even a bit before posting anything…! but yea thnx for the (modest-ly) encouraging words… :D :D
-Rashmi, thanks so very much for that constructive feedback… so glad it came from you, you being one of my fave female vocalists around… will keep it all in mind before posting my next… :)
-GK… yea guess this does it for now… know wot u mean though :) dun worry am going to keep bothering you time and again for your valuable gyaan(despite ur busy schedule) :P :P
-Shonnie thnkx tonnnesss!!!! :D :D


Amit Kumar said

awesome singing


Neha ........ said

Really…! Thanks Amit :)


Vivek Chauhan said

Good voice and you have sung with feel. Just a bit of practice will make you star……………

Life may not be the party we had hoped for, but if we are here we should dance.


Bodhisattva Dasgupta said

Woah! Is that you ? Sure? Don’t lie! Cumon…!
You sound so comfortable with this song and it sounds that you sung this very very effortlessly…. and the honey-laced texture of your voice does wonders on each and every word…. Though a bit more of practice will sure get out the best in you (i say this from a standpoint of 3 months ago, which I am sure has changed by now), i still feel that very very few people can actually bring life to the words like you can do….

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Srividhya Kannan said

great singing!!!pls listen to my uploads and giv ur comments!!


Sojan Chacko said

Hi Neha,
Well sung. Keep it up


Shaniruh said

Hi Neha ! Very nicely sung…. This is one of my favorite songs. Well done :) keep posting
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Pukarta Chala Hoon Main

Cheers :-)



Priya B said

Wow Neha….owner of a honey dipped voice!!
Very sweet voice and singing Neha…great!
Loved it immensely!


Pritam Das said

Neha, lovely singing. The way you sung without blindly following Asha is highly commendable.
But to be honest I felt for some reason you were not completely free while singing. I think you will do even better if you try this once again.
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Somebody said

Excellent voice and nice song I really like it


Pratik Sawant said

sweet voice you have editing is cool.but you r struglling with high notes. keep it up. 9.5/10


Gudihal Srinath said

Too good yaar….you have a very beautiful voice……really loved this song.
i did not hear the original version of this song but hope that is also as good as yours.


Mat said

Gud choice and well tried and nicely sung……keep going


S Raj balan Pro user said

good singing. keep it up.

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