DJ Deepak - Pichle Saat Dino Mein (Cover)

Lyrics & Chords

I found this song to be different from all the hindi songs released in the recent past… Also, this song and the movie refreshed a lot of memories with my band back in the past… I just thought I would give it a try and sing this song!!

I would like to thank Sunny who mixed and mastered this track to make it sound like the way it does right now!!

Your comments are and suggestions are welcome…


Movie: Rock On
Music: Shankar Ehsan Loy
Originally sung by: Farhan Akhtar

Covered By: DJ Deepak
Mixed and Mastered By: Sunny



Anuradha Vasudeva said

Hey Deepak ….Great singing…!!
It sounds so v professional…(except for the few higher notes)It has come out really well….Sunny has done a good job. Can we do some project together?


Sanour mohammad "sunny" said

Pichele saat dino mein maine bahut hai khoya :P

Nice rendition Deepak. I think u should concentrate more on singing. These days u have been too busy in finding girlfriend(s) for u. That doesnt means that u leave ur wife (music). …. :P

Jokes apart. Nice rendering. Couple of places could have been better. I would say that it sounds way much better than Farhan. As I heard this song in Farhan’s voice and becoz of his out of pitch singing I dint like it that much. Now in your voice and better pitching it sounds good.

Sunny – Lets make some music!!!


Deepak Nayak said

Hey, thanks a lot Anuradha… We can certainly work together… Thanks a lot for taking time out to listen to the song…

I did realize that I sung a few flat notes… Specially on higher notes… Couldn’t re-record it as my neighbors would get me busted for singing so loud at nights… LoL… I will make a note of that comment though and work on it!! Thank you…

Thanks a lot bhai… I guess I have heard your comments on the phones… LoL… I liked them better… “Flat mein nahin rehta hai, to flat kyon gaata hai??” :-P

“Its all bout music and it always will be!”


Prem j Hans said

Good! For a Change……. Nice singing bro….Like Others I too have this RockOn Fever(Jus Awesome)…. so presently Farhaan’s Voice is taking a round in my mind…So I wont Compare… but i’ll encourage you….you really took that effort to get it to the right notes…Some Places I can Say Almost.To Conclude it I’ll say you were really Good ….4/5
PremJ Hans…
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Dhiraj Barla said

Kewl job Deepak, it was very close to the original, I mean both the mixing and singing. Nice singing man, keep up the good work. I think you should sing more often.


Ronak R. said

WOW!!!! If there were no details, one would think its sort of remix with original vocals and music. And I still cant figure out whats original and whats covered portion!

Great singing Deepak… Sunny what have you done in this? Really difficult to pick… :/

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~ Ronak R. / RokZRooM

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Krawdeejay™ - d@ ev0luti0n said

I totttallyy agree with Ronak!

Man, I simply can’t make out whether it’s Farhan or you!

Mixing was also superb Sunny!
Just like the original!

Loved it!

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Krishnan N v ( nvk ) said

For me this is as good as an original number. I have not heard the original (Thank god I did not :)) Not my type any way. Your singing was too good and no need to talk about the technical aspects handled by Sunny…Awesome…

Deepak…You are a very good singer, as one can make out after this. You should be singing more often. Just loved your energy.

All the best…

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Adithi said

Hey DJ
Didn’t know you could sing so well, dude! Thoroughly enjoyed it! Full of life! Please do sing more often, never mind the flat notes here and there!

About the mixing….
You rock, Sunny! Cheering for you big time! :)


Prithvi said

the sound is very professional….u got the feel jus right….:D


Joseph Thomas said

I agree with Sunny when he said you sound better than Farhan. :) Good job Deepak! You should sing more.


Vikram Js said

great track. difficult to pick whats not from the original track on this. nice singing.

now, i will go ahead and be a prick :D

though i havent heard the original song on earphones, there are places on this track where some layer seems to get suddenly clipped. @ 00:19, between 01:12 and 01:25 etc. by clipping, i mean, like somebody chopped a layer. i do NOT mean sound getting clipped. :D

Sunny… sooper work! i mean… ppl should not even be allowed to comment on it. :D


Sanour mohammad "sunny" said

Hey thanks everyone.
Vikram, u r absolutely right. That layer cut is because of the original track being phased to make a minus one. So suddenly it converts from stereo to 90 deg. phase and thus it sounds a little bit different… To confusing eh? :P


Sunny – Lets make some music!!!


Harshan Nambiar Pro user said

Fantastic !!! just like the original ….Keep it rolling man !!


Deepak Nayak said

Hey thanks a ton everyone for taking time to listen and comment on the track…

Prem: I agree at some places the notes ain’t too tight… My bad… Couldn’t spend the time to re-record and fix’em

Dhiraj: Thanks a lot for your comment… You will keep listening to more of my singing!!

Ronak: I cut the vocals part from the original and sang along with it… Sunny did a great job of mixing my voice with the so called “minus one” track and made me sound really close to the way Farhan does…

Krodeejay: Thanks a lot for the comment… Sunny always does his job to perfection…

NVK: Thanks a lot for the thought provoking comment… That gives me a lot of encouragement… I am sure to come back with another track soon…

Aditi: Thanks a lot for the comment… I am sure it was a pleasant surprise for you!! I did sing Ecstasy though!! I am sure to sing more often, now that I have so many friends encouraging me… I will also make sure I don’t finalize the recording before getting all the notes tight… Trust me, Muziboo standards have increased to a great extent with all the great artists around…

Prithvi: Thanks a lot for your comment mate…

Joseph: Thanks a lot for the comment… I hope Farhan doesn’t read this post… :-P

Vikram: Your comments are really welcome… I am a critique and I enjoy critiques too… The reason being, it helps me a lot to learn and get better…

Sunny: Thanks for explaining the technical aspect… To aap kya bol rahe the?? :-P Kidding…

Gaurav: Thanks a lot for your comments… I just tried singing as I could relate a lot to this movie and its songs… The rest was handled by Sunny… He mixed my voice in such a way, it sounded more like Farhan…

Sreeharshan: Thanks a lot for your comments dude… The ball just started rolling!! :D

Its been a great pleasure to find all your comments and to know that you guys liked my effort… I hope to give you something like this and better, more often… Cheers… \m/

“Its all bout music and it always will be!”


Shashank Gokhale said


I could definitily heard few flats….:D but I think its the STYLE for this song as Farhan sang flat notes in the ORGINAL….:D So its just BALANCED man…. :D

I agree that you sould sing more….:) I appreciate your enthusiasim….as I also wanted to sing something like that….But thinking and doing is different…. :D

Keep it up….waiting for some Original Stuff from you….
Shashank Gokhale
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George Kuruvilla Pro user said

well sung DJ D :-) This is probably my least fav song from the movie. However I like ur version. Your voice fits this style of music. Sunny has done a fab job mixing.

Do listen to Aankhen Teri from the movie Anwar


Deepak Nayak said

Shashank: Thanks a lot for your comments… I will certainly work on singing more…

George: Hey bro, thanks a lot for your comments… Appreciate it…

“Its all bout music and it always will be!”


Shiva prakash said

Awesome stuff man ……. loved the attitude and the vocals.

Sunny, great job as always.


Sudeip Ghosh said

OMIGOD !!!!!!!
that was great stufffffff
i always knew you are a good singer*
remember that testimonial
loved it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
perfect !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~ Muziboo…get an audience…BECOME A STAR !!!


Deepak Nayak said

Heya Yogic, thanks a lot for your comment…

Sudeip: I liked this song right from the day it was released and the day I watched the movie, it got on to me man… I would say the only key is practice… I still need more though… Hoping to come up with more stuff soon… Thanks a lot for your comment!! Cheers… \m/

“Its all bout music and it always will be!”


Satyajit Sahu said

Nice rendition Deepak! Now, try Zehrilley from Rock On :-)
BTW, the Karaoke track is pretty close to the original. Are these actually released by SEL? I doubt if someone played the solo and everything note-per-note. Or did you/Sunny do some tricks just to replace FAkhtar’s vocals?
Anyways, good job man…
Life’s a lot like jazz…. its best when you improvise!


Deepak Nayak said

Hey, thanks a lot for your comment Satyajit… I like the song zehriley, but it has a lot of fx used on vocals… Mainly on the lines “baithe kundli maarke, saanp phankaare, saanp hai phunkaarte”

As far as this song is concerned, its not a karaoke track released by SEL… It was just made by me… LoL… I cut the vocals and luckily with the kind of reverbs used, it didn’t sound that obvious… Of course the credit also goes to Sunny, as he EQ’ed, mixed and mastered it again for my voice to rightly fit in the same spot… Cheers…\m/

“Its all bout music and it always will be!”


Rashmi Nair said

Hey Deepak: Got here late, sorry abt that. I am glad I didn’t miss it. What a song, and what a cover. Amazing ! Loved it, its even better than the original. 5/5 for me.

Listen to Yaaro Manathile


Roshini said

i watched this movie recently and been hooked to this one song ever since. awesome rendition. loved it!!
Best Regards,


Deepak Nayak said

— Rashmi: Thanks a lot dear… I’m glad you liked it…

— Subramanian: Thanks a lot for listening mate…

— Roshni: Thanks a lot for your comments… It was the same with me when I watched the movie too…

“Its all bout music and it always will be!”


Mansoor Anees said

Hey Deepak… Awesome work! Can you please help me with finding a Karaoke track for “Pichhle Saat dino”. I wanted to record and sing this one for an upcoming event. Thanks.


Anirban said

nice one DJ. This song suits your voice or vice versa :-) I think terrific mixing by Sunny. Great team work!!


Rakesh Baro Pro user said

Hi deepak,
After I saw the movie I was looking for the cd for the tracks….and my friends started telling me if I was swtching loyalties since I sing only kishoreji songs…
and this is one of the songs I loved in the movie….Bro I couldnt stop smiling when I was listening to your version….Loved it, loved the energy……………as good as the original may be better….
5/5 for the song….



Deepak Nayak said

- AJ: Thanks a lot mate… I’m honored…

- Mansoor: I have the track made by myself… If you wish I could send it to you…

- Anirban: Thanks a lot for listening and your appreciation

- Rakesh: Thanks a lot bro… It was really nice to see a comment like this!!

“Its all bout music and it always will be!”


Supratim Das said

This is just fantastic….! Your voice actualy fits this song just like a piece in a jigsaw puzzle!



Deepak Nayak said

- Supratim: Thanks a lot man… Really appreciate your comment

- Farhan: Better late than never… :-P Thanks for taking a listen dude… I’m glad you liked it…

“Its all bout music and it always will be!”


Neha ........ said

Great Job DEEJAY……! :D Sorry it took me a while to reach here…… anyhow, loved it :)


Deepak Nayak said

Thanks a lot Neha… “Der aaye, durust aaye!” :-P

“Its all bout music and it always will be!”


Jane Mathew said

Whoa!! dude…i dint know u were a singer too…gr8 singign…u ve sung it with a lottta attitude…yes, couple of places it did go a lil off the note…but pretty much negligible.


Deepak Nayak said

Hey Jane, thanks a lot for the comments!! Haven’t sung enough yet… he he he… Lots to do…

Its all bout music and it always will be!


Deepak Agrawal said

Hi Deepak Dis is Deepak 2…Nice 2 Hear your Singing….U sing it very well….i loved it…Keep The Current In your Voice…Keep it up……U rocked On….


Shaniruh said

Superb!!! just like the original …Keep Rocking
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Cheers :-)



Ravi Kichcha said

Awesome singing dude…… keep going …. :-)


Few of my recent renditions :

Nenedu Nenedu Nonde
Kan Kanna Salige


Indranil Mutsuddy said

hey Deepak great work….U know I am goin to perform this song at an event this wednesday but I dont have a guitarist or a drummer etc etc. So could you suggest how can I make, I searched for karaoke bt couldnt find any n its my final year here ….my last performance n infact the first one here(MIT, Manipal) ….Looking eagerly for a sound reply ASAP….Thanks keep on.


Rajat Pawar said

too good Deepak.a rocking singing.Enjjoyed it.
Kaho na kaho- the Satyam Idol quarter final performance

Kya aap closeup karte hai…manjan karte hain….ya fir datun pe vishwas karte hain??Well even if u use none of this, can i in anyway stop u from smiling?


Rehan Jafery said

Awsome cover…
Nice dude… Superb mixing and voice

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Rinu Srinivasan said

You Rocked!
Na na na….Loved it!!


Krish Nair said

It sounded like almost original
Mixing has been superb…

well done!
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