Dil bole Boom Boom

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Hi friends! Have been away from Muziboo since a long, long time.

Here’s another fabulous song by the iconic pop singer from Pakistan – Nazia Hassan. Boom-Boom is one of those few songs that oozed out even more pep and flavor when remixed! The song was remixed in 1995 by Biddu. Original or remix – both sound awesome!

Remembering one of my favorite singers…. Hope you like my rendition.

Recorded and mixed by me (for the first time) :)



Prashant said

Superb rendition Aarti! Liked & enjoyed a lot……Wish you had added a bit of reverb to your vocals….Keep it up! :-)


Dj Wazif said

Arati…. thanks for msg…. listening to this song of Nazia after quite a long time…. looks great in its whole here…. and you sang it beautifully…. just a suggestion to add a little more echo and bass may make it more better. Anyhow keep sharing like that though Arati.

Wish you Gr8 Luck!

Please listen to my original here: Dekho Mausam

DJ WaziF


Neil swanson.. Still not doing well but keeping the faith .surgery looking re october thanks for the prayers and well wishes ! Pro user said

HI Arati wonderful song enjoyed sort of
a reggie beat . jus tloved ur singing
glad to see u back god bless NEIL
My Newest originals


Rakesh Baro Pro user said

Thanks for the invite Arati, nice rendition.Keep it up. Mixing could be better !!!

Liked it !!!



Gopu. k said

dear Arati
I am into ur page for the first time. Listening to this song for the first time. Quite a peppy rendition. Very nicely composed on western style.
Probably u could have increased the volume level of ur voice after recording.


Arati H said

Thanks a lot, friends! @(Prashant, Wazif, Neil,Rakesh) :)

@Gopu – Welcome to my space! I’m glad you liked my song and thanks for the feedback….will surely work on it! :)



Adwait Ranade Pro user said

Welcome back, Arati! Thanks for wonderfully singing this disco hit of my school days. Loved it in your sweet voice.
It requires wisdom to understand wisdom. Music is nothing if audience is deaf – Walter Lippmann


Harshan Nambiar Pro user said

Arati…thanks for the scribble….used to love this song….during my teen years……Very nice singing….didnt sound as if you were out of touch….even without the effects….this was pretty good……loved it. Hope to listen to your next song after 2 years :)
“Music is the universal language of mankind.”
― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Arati H said

@(Adwait & Harshan): Thanks a lot for the comments and also for fav’ing my song! :)

@Harshan: Soon, but definitely not after 2 years! :)



>>mushy<<- said

nazia was one of our fav in 80s she has given nice disco numbers…
u have sung very nicely…liked it…
take care
Music has no country, no religion , Its Universal


Sudha Kumar (back to listen to all of you..) said

Nice rendition, Arati. Recall this song now. You sound completely at ease, and have sung well… just that we are not able to hear you too well… ;-) Welcome back, hope we will get to hear more from you.
“A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination. "
- Nelson Mandela


Arati H said

@Mushy: Thanks for the f/b! :)

@Sudha: Thanks Sudha! After listening to pros on muziboo I already feel motivated! Hope to be more regular :)


Saroj Nair said

First time on your page….
not familiar with the song….
very nice sweet controlled voice….
well sung Arati….


Shaniruh said

Very nice singing Arati…… Loved it in your sweet voice :)


Arati H said

Thanks a lot for the nice f/b Saroji-ji and Shaniruh sir! :)


Jivan Kohli (will be away for long--other commitment's..--busy on a learning mode---) said

Sweet Singing Arati—-Do Remember the popularity of this Song those Day’s….when Disco & Fast wetern Song’s were on the Pick ….& this particular Song was a Craze too…….Superbly Sung Here……Lovely voice you have…Suited you a lot………Keep sharing…


Hema Shamal Pro user said

Wonderful Nazia Hassan song,from movie “Srar” I think,Beautifully sung Arati ji,with lots of energy and lovely expressions.Enjoyed it a lot.


Arati H said

Thank you Jivan and Hema ji for the nice comments! Keep visiting :) @ Hema ji: Yes, this is from the movie Star….glad you liked my cover :)



Khawer Khilji Pro user said

Lovely tribute Arati. Liked your rendition much.


Neil swanson.. Still not doing well but keeping the faith .surgery looking re october thanks for the prayers and well wishes ! Pro user said

hi Arati back for a 2nd listen really wonderful
beat and synthesizer on the track. u have
an exceptional vocal…u say u r a novice singer’
NOT IN MY BOOK. this is pro singing . well
executed. if we can one day this year would
love to do a collaboration with u god bless
My Newest originals


Arati H said

Thank you Khawer-ji and Neil!

Khawer-ji: I’m yet to visit your space and listen to your uploads….have been slightly busy lately and am unable to spend time and listen to some superb uploads by my friends here.

Neil: I’m really happy you liked my cover. Thanks a lot! Would definitely love to collaborate with a talented person like you someday…. :)


Ramesh Tadi Pro user said


first time in your space… followed Hema di…

lovely pick and wonderful expressive rendition… keep them coming… liked it
Ramesh Tadi


Mythili( listening mode............) said

Artiji…….wonderful ……….
very clear voice ………nice singig…………
wish U all the best


Arati H said

Ramesh: Thanks a lot for visiting my space and your comments! :)

Vishal – Welcome to my space….glad you liked my song! Thank you! :)

Mythilli – Thanks a ton for the generous comments! :)


Seema & lk - ♫ fuzzy...!!!.......♥ said

Hi Arathi ji
Lovely rendition with apt feel
liked your voice….
Lk ♪♪♫….
“Music is the only thing you can love without it breaking your heart"


Anjusarageorge said

Rem hearing you eons back and glad you are back with a BOOM:)"


Arati H said

Seema ji – Thanks a lot for adding my song to your faves! Happy you liked my song! :)

Anju – Ha ha….yes….had to….I didn’t want to go ‘poof’! Thanks for visiting my space and fav’ing my song! :)


Nalli said

Very nice singing Arati! like it.


Harish said

i remember this film – Star starring Kumar Gaurav, Rati Agnihotri and Raj Kiran(?)

i know this song and like it too! Arati, you have sung this quite close to the original! throw caution to the wind, let your hair down and rock! and i’ll not know which is the original!
Din Dhal Jaaye


Arati H said

Thank you Nalli and Harish! Harish – Yes, the movie was Star starring Kumar Gaurav, Rati Agnihotri, Raj Kiran, Padmini Kolhapure, etc. Agree with the pointers. Thanks for the f/b! :)


Shruti s nayak said

From boom boom the song takes off.good choice and apt singing of this pop song.wishes .


Theagaraj Dhanapalan Pro user said

You Have superb voice and great delivering skills…. Wow. Great rendering…Loved it.


Best wishes…


Arati H said

Thank you for your comments Shruti & Theagaraj ji! :)


Arati H said

Thanks Vijay! :)


Priya Sukumaran said

Arati-Nazia Hassan was one of my idols growing up.Love this song along with tons of others. Loved your rendition, you have a beautiful voice, If I havent already mentioned. May I please request you to share the track with me?


Arati H said

Thanks for the sweet comments, Priya! :) I’m a huge fan of Nazia Hassan too! :) Sending you the track right away…. Good luck! :)


(( anil Aryanad )) here said

very nice singing……:)
lovely voice tooo……
keep it up….
*anil aryanad
GSM: 0091 9633235130

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