Dheivam Thandha Veedu - Aval Oru Thodarkathai Cover by Raja

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What a lyrics by the great lyricist Kaviyarasar Kannadhasan!!! MSV gave life to Kannadhasan’s lyrics with his melodious tunes, KJY gave life to this lyrics with his voice and KB has given life to the music and singing with his direction. A very situational and meaningful song in the movie “Aval oru Thodar Kathai”!!!

With due respect to the legend KJY, some of his early day tamil songs were marred by minor pronunciation mistakes. E.g., piLLai as pillai and Na as na. I love his early day songs like “Unnidam mayangugiren” and other songs like “Kanji pattuduthi”, “Poovizhi vaasalil” etc.



Tn Arunagiri said

Love the timbre of your voice, Raja. I don’t somehow naturally gravitate towards MSV genre of songs. But I do enjoy when I listen to them. Same with this song also. Enjoyed it a lot.

Keep singing.


- Arun.


Raja Mani said

Arun, I’m glad you enjoyed this rendition. MSV vs IR vs ARR is a never ending debate and I know for sure your intention is not to start one :)) I agree with you that everyone of us should have the freedom to like/dislike any genre of songs. It took me about an hour to even get closer to the akaram that KJY sang in the 1st charaNam right after the line “nAn kEttu thAi thandhai padaithAnA” :))
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Sukumar R ( far away ) said



Saroj Nair said

First time listening to your song Raja
you have a nice voice and very well sung
first time i heard the malayalam version of this song, sung by my nephew and i always liked it from then on.
was passing by and saw the song title, so decided to listen and am glad i did :)


Anbu Mohamed (listening mode) said

Nallaa ….enjoy panni ….paadi irukkeenga RajaMani….I too thoroughly enjoyed your cover…

Anbu J. Mohamed


Raja Mani said

@Sukumar, thank for your comments.
@Saroj, I didn’t know that there is a malayalam version. I’m glad you visited my space and liked this cover.
@Anbu, mikka naNRi anbu. enna mAdhir padangaL pattukkaL ivai ellAm!!! maRakka mudiyumA?
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Raisudeen ( little busy ) said

HI Raja Nanba,
Adada…super song pa….nice…really superbbbb…
ketkave romba santhosama erukku…nice ….
nalla enjoy panni paadi erukeenga…nice job…



S. Geethu said

Hi Raj…….
Nice voice & well singing, keep practicing very nice job dear, all the best…… and my sister also nice singer

Great Fan of u….
S. Geethu


Raja Mani said

@Rais, @Geethu, Thanks for listening to my rendition and for the nice comments.

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