Devotional Bhajan on Lord Krishna recorded at Parekh Studio, Bangalore.

Lyrics & Chords

I have sung the Lead. The music has been played by instrumentalists who are famous in the Kannada Industry. They are the instrumentalists who accompany S.P. Balasubramanium in some of the TV Music Programmes, especially the ones in Karnataka.

Music has been composed by famous Guitarist and composer. Sri. Srinivas. Hats off to him.



Harry Narain said

Thanks a lot Ibolya and L.k.

Do u see any improvement required in me or am I good?


Varghese Skaria said

grt one man!!!!!!


Adithi said

I can’t understand what you are doing there, yaar, with so much talent! So surprised that you are not doing PB singing yet…. Would like to hear more frequent uploads from you with proper recording in Muziboo, atleast till you are spotted and taken away to join the elites! :D

Your brigas are just amazing and your voice is so sweet. Only improvement IMHO could be adherence to shruthi in the sustained ending notes.

Thanks for this delectable treat! :)


Vishak Subramoney said

good rendition. well done


Rekha swaminathan (on and off...) said

Very nicely sung Harry….soulful…
And your voice was so clear and bright. Like Adithi pointed out, just a couple of places where it went off pitch in sustained notes…
I liked it a lot…


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Bharathi Dinesh said

Beautifulllllllllll Harry
Thanks for sharing this devotional song.


Harry Narain said

Ohhhhhhh Aditi!!!! I am floating now somewhere in the clouds……

It’s been my dream since childhood that I should make it big in music. Have started singing film songs quite recently and seriously. Need to take part in some shows by which I can get some recognition.


Lavanya Raghuraman said

i have tears now…and i am stunned by this coincidence…

i just posted a comment to you a minute ago for your purandara dasar song that it reminded me of my sai bhajans and i listen to this song and its :)….

wat a voice harry…
best wishes to you

Music heals


Lavanya Raghuraman said

i feel like i am virtually sittin in shirdi sai’s sannidhi and you are singing this song with all other devotees repeating your song…
great to hear this song on a thursday which i think, again is a coincidence.
Music heals


Harry Narain said

So glad that it made u happy and blissful….



Harry Jassal (inactive) said

Wonderful Harry, Great Job!!
—Harry Jas

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Jas @muziboo


Sarada Pro user said

Absolutely delightful and soulful singing. Enjoyed it very much.

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