Dariye acho tumi amar ganer opare by my mom - Krishna Nath

Lyrics & Chords

I get all my singing inspiration from her and few of my friends. My mom is a great singer and very famous as local singer. This is a Rabindrasangeet and I think those who understand Bengali or love Rabindrasangeet will like it. Great voice she had,some small poblems because of her sickness. But I think she is the ultimate.

Lets do listen and comment on your choice,bt if u like please inform. She will be happy.



Babu Nm said

good one sowvhick . enjoyed
may bless you and be with you always


Saroj Nair said

very nice voice your mum has Showvhick
beautiful song and well sung


A said

Really khub bhalo hoyeche….


Barnali said

Wow!!!!! Wonderful Voice…Really LOL


Debasmita said

its awsum……ami ei gan ta kokhon thike search korchilam n frankly speakin, your mom is the ultimate……its simply too good….


Priyanka Das said

wowwwwwwwwwwwww,,,,,,,,,,,very nice voice,,,clapsssss


Dr.eenakshi Mukherjee said

ami amar mobile te bhalo ring tone save korar jonno eai gan khuj chilam.ami aonek voice te eai gan ta sunlam kintu temon ta ami pai ni jeta ami tomar maa er voice te pelam.soti tomar maa er ganer gola khub sundor.ami eai gan ta amar mobile er ring tone korlam.ar ami bhogobanr kache parthona kori tomar maa tara tari thik hoye jabe…

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