Cynic Rebel - "Memories"

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Just to think I was little but now I’m growing up,
Everything I used to do is now a memory but love,
So called dreams keep ‘em locked inside a box,
Cause if I let them fly or live it out they always seem to crush,
I feel the need to leave and plus,
Things don’t go the way I want and even when I put my all into it I end up giving up,
This world what to expect from it, criticism individuals that wannah see me be the runner up,
But you beside me is like a gift from the one above,
Even when we argued what I felt inside was truly love,
Seeing you was special so I ran to you for hugs,
When the days were cold I knew you’d make me warm unconditional,
There’s always gonnah be days, either good or bad,
To be honest with you whenever I’m feeling sad,
I stop and think about the memories we have.


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by Abraham Javier

uploaded almost 4 years ago


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