Colouring Clouds

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There are no walls where you walk
There are no walls where you walk
And I’ve been saying things I didn’t mean
And now they’re out there for everyone to see

There are no shades of gray where you stand
There is just black and white in your head
And you’ve been playing games that you shouldn’t play
In every moment, through every single day

Close your eyes
And look around
Close your eyes
See all the colours
That you missed so much

There is no place for me in your heart
There is no place for me in your heart
And we’ve been doing things we shouldn’t do
And they’re demanding a strict and dear undo



Lloyd Shakespeare said

I really like this track lofi does not do it justice. I think the vocals needs to be cleaned up a bit there’s nothing wrong with how it’s sung just the quality of the recording apart from that this is potentialy very good.

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