Chinna Chinna Aasai

Lyrics & Chords

Tried out this song with the Karoke music…from the movie Roja….



Prateek Dayal Muziboo staff said

This is just wow !

You should try more of this. Where did you get the music file for this karoke. You can post a link here so that other people can feel encouraged too :)

I had only heard the hindi version before this. Pretty nice this one :)


Bargie Aravind said

I do not have the Karoke music….i happened to went to a complex here, where they have a recording studio(juz they have opened) with karoke music for some songs…we can sing our voice and they shall record…write up in CD and give us…So this was a first


Nithya Muziboo staff said


There are lots of midi files available on the interet. You can try on google for it. Here is one such link

Midi for hindi songs


Jeskarthik J said

Bhaar …… Good one … Superb.

I have no knowledge on Music, personally would like you to post tamil film songs.

I am thinking of circulating this post link to my college groups and friends network.

Hip Hip Hurray :) :)


Gowrishankar Shankar said

Excellent one. You might have to work a bit on your high pitch…best ofluck



Clear Waters said

Truly an amazing budding potential. with continued practice, I’m sure you can be second to none. Great work. Pop would be more suitable for your voice, I think.

A True Fan

Goli Goli said

Hey, You do have a lovely voice…… I dont have much knowledge about the pitch and all but your voice sounds great….Hope to hear few more from you.


Vartika Dutta said

u hv got a grt voice…did u tk any kind of training in music…well if u haven’t then u shud…coz tht wud enhance ur voice a lot more…keep up d good work….:-)


Malarvannan S said

Super-ba padi erukkingaaaa……Keep singing….Also in which area you are put up?. I’m asking this for knowing where you got the karoke….or i’ll make my question this way,where you got the karoke(address)?.


Gaurav Bhatnagar said

Excellent voice ……

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