Chinna Chinna Aasai

Lyrics & Chords

A Tamil song (more popularly known as Chhoti Si Aasha in Hindi) from Roja sung by me and mixed with the help of Goldwave and Audacity. Hope all of you like it.



Gaurav Arora said

Hey…. this is the original… where is your song???
:D :D …. hehehe… i am just flattened…. rhomba nella irkkka…. :) :)


Kaushik K said

Hey, this is so cool. I enjoyed listening and humming along with ya …. kalakki podu!


Prajna Shetty said

this is one i liked better…. sound very sweet….
almost perfect but for the volume problem i guess…. but that is not so prominent in this case….


Maurya Priyadarshi said

Rambu jaasti Good!!! ;) This one is flawless I shud say…. Well Done Keep it up and singing!! :)


Srividya Kasturi said

Very nice Rendition, Roopa!


Seeshil Kar said

OMG nice singing almost like the original one….I didn’t understand anything but i heard this song many times……Perfect singing….

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