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This is one of the most fascinating songs ever rendered by Kishoreda.

This song was from the film AMAR PREM (1971) and the scene was filmed on a charming Rajesh Khanna and a beautiful Sharmila Tagore. Music was by maestro R.D.Burman and the particularly wonderful lyrics were by Anand Bakshi.

Here is my version of the song!

vs gopalakrishnan
10 Mar 2010


chingaaree koee bhadake, to saawan use buzaaye (CHINGARI=SPARK OF FIRE)
saawan jo agan lagaaye, use kaun buzaaye? (SAAWAN=RAINS; AGAN=AAG, FIRE)
pataJad jo baag ujaade, wo baag bahaar khilaaye (PATHJAD=AUTUMN)
jo baag bahaar mein ujade, use kaun khilaaye? (BAHAAR=SPRING)

hum se mat poochho kaise, mandir tootaa sapanon kaa
logon kee baat naheen hai, ye kissaa hain apanon kaa
koee dushman thhens lagaaye, to meet jiyaa bahalaaye (MEET=FRIEND)
manameet jo ghaanw lagaaye, use kaun mitaye?(MANMEET=SWEETHEART)

naa jaane kyaa ho jaataa, jaane hum kyaa kar jaate
peete hain to jindaa hai, naa pite to mar jaate
duniyaa jo pyaasaa rakhe, to madiraa pyaas buzaaye (MADHIRA=WINE)
madiraa jo pyaas lagaaye, use kaun buJaaye?

maanaa toofaan ke aage, naheen chalataa jor kisee kaa
maujon kaa dosh naheen hai, ye dosh hain aaur kisee kaa (MAUJON=WAVES)
mazadhaar mein naiyyaa dole, to maanzee paar lagaaye (MAZADHAR=MIDSTREAM)
maanzee jo naaw dooboye use kaun bachaaye? (MAAZEE=BOATMAN)

meanings: (

chingaari koi bharke to saavan use bujhaaye

If a spark flares up, then the rains might extinguish it;

saawan jo agan lagaaye use kaun bujhaaye

but if the rains light a fire, who can put it out?

patjhar jo baag ujaare voh baag bahaar khilaaye

If the autumn lays waste to a garden, the spring will bring that garden into flower;

jo baag bahaar mein ujare use kaun khilaaye

but if that garden is destroyed in the springtime, who can make it bloom?

ham se mat puuchho kaise mandir tuuta sapnon ka

Don’t ask me how the temple of dreams shattered;

logon ki baat nahin hai yeh qissa hai apnon ka

it is not a matter for the people, this is a story for intimates.

koi dushman THes lagaaye to mit jiya bahalaaye

If some enemy strikes you a blow, your friend will cheer your heart;

manmit jo ghaav lagaaye use kaun mitaaye

but if a loved one inflicts the wound, who will erase it?

na jaane kya ho jaata jaane ham kya kar jaate

Who knows what would happen, who knows what we would do.

pite hain to zinda hain na pite no mar jaate

If we drink then we live; not drinking, we die.

duniya jo pyaasa rakhe to madiraa pyaas bujhaaye

If the world thirsts, then wine will quench it.

madiraa jo pyaas lagaaye use kaun bujhaaye

But if the wine thirsts, who can satisfy its need?

maana tuufaan ke aage nahin chalta zor kisi ka

I understand that in the face of a storm, no one’s force will work.

maujon ka dosh nahin hai yeh dosh hai aur kisi ka

But this isn’t the fault of the waves; someone else is to blame.

manjhdhaar mein naiya dole to maanjhi paar lagaaye

If in midstream a boat rocks, then the sailor can cast it ashore.

maanjhi jo naav Duboye use kaun bachaaye

But if the sailor sinks it midstream, who can save it?




Shaniruh said

V.S.G ! You sang nicely with good feel….excellent ;) Keep it up

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V.s. Gopalakrishnan said

Hi Shaniruh!
Many thanks indeed!
I am redoing a number of songs, now that I have acquired proper recording equipment/software,and am deleting the old ones rather badly recorded!

vs gopal


V.s. Gopalakrishnan said

Many thanks, Rahulji!
vs gopal


Raja said


nice and beautiful song…………

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