Cheera Poovukal (Cover)

Lyrics & Chords

Movie: Dhanam (1991-Malayalam)
Music Director: Raveendran Maash
Lyricist: PK Gopi
Singer: KS Chitra
Cover by Rashmi Nair

This a beautiful song sung by Chitra. This song takes me back to my childhood. It narrates a typical scene of a Tharavadu (traditional kerala house) which is surrounded by greenery.
Hope you all enjoy this song.



Smitha Passanha said

I still remember the picturization of this song……u r right……makes me nostalgic! This song suits ur voice a lot….and u have sung it beautifully! Enjoyed it very much. 5/5.

- Smitha

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Harshan Nambiar Pro user said

Rashmi ….beautiful song and beautifully sung ….will make anyone living outside the gods own ….home sick :-) The recording and mixing is also fantastic ….your vocals are crystal clear.

Full stars from me as well.

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Radhakrishnan Nair said

Excellent song selection and very well sung.
5/5 for the singing and mixing. It was brilliant!
Keep it coming!


George Kuruvilla Pro user said

As you would have guessed, not the kind of music I listen to…. but Roshan loves it!!!! Shes wondering how you keep picking her favorites :-) Very well sung!



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Satish Murti said

brilliant! Wow! Loved the innocence that is there in your voice! Remember this movie too where it was used…

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Krishnan N v ( nvk ) said

Very nice rendition of my very favourite song…You did good justice to the song… Enjoyed…

Thanks for sharing…


ENVEEK-In my “Second Innings”.
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Radhika Nair (away) said

Rashmi, beautifully sung and what a pick!!! close to many hearts – am sure. 5/5 from me. do give us more!


Rashmi Nair said

Thank you all for the wonderful feedback. Glad you all liked it. It sure is a nostalgic song; one of my favorites too.
George: Roshan and I have the same taste when it comes to malayalam songs :)


Do listen to Cheera poovukal


Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said

Rashmi, not familiar with the original, but your rendition was very nicely done.


Pradeep vs said

Very well done Rashmi…. liked this one a lot….
beautifully sung!



Tara Balakrishnan said

hey rashmi… loved the clarity in ur voice. Beautiful singing!!!

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Jane Mathew said

Hi Rashmi…
One of ma favorites….u sang it really well…was planning to sing this one myself :)u got the perfect expression for this song…


Arvind R said

Hi Rashmi,

Nice song … and you have sung well, albeit comments below.

This is Kalyani ragam I am pretty sure … and the composer has basically ‘exercised’ the notes within this scale without any major raaga bhavam … nothing mind blowing here and the nature of the scale carries the song in sort of ‘exercise’ style!.

I downloaded the original and listened to Chitra … the tempo is tighter and ‘gamakams’ are sharper than your version.

Your singing is a bit ‘laid back’ and you can certainly improve on your ‘gamakams’ for more colour and punch.

It was pleasing on the whole and you have rendered without any major flaws … but this type of song needs a bit more ‘colour’ in rendering.

You can do more with your voice … be more adventurous is what I would say.

Best wishes and well presented.


Santosh george wilson said

this is great inspiration Rashmi!! f a n t a s t i c is not just enough a word!! – a blog of true stories!


Solu said

HI Rashmi
honestly i didnt heard this song before but i enjoyed it . your voice it too pretty
plz record some hindi songs


Srini S said

very nice song of a brilliant composer.well sung wi
th perfect expressions.Enjoyed it.keep it up.



Ramya Harish said

Rashmi, I love your semi classical melodies. You handle the words beautifully. Initially ofcoz kalyani reminded me of kaatril varum geethame, later the song is lighter. Beautiful expressions, loved it. I wish I could malayalam more, cud follow vaguely.



Arvind R said

Hi Rashmi,

Just wanted to say that I do not understand Malayalam lyrics so may be I did not fully appreciate this song in that context. I think it seems to have a beautiful meaning from what I have read above, so my apologies if my previous comment was not appropriate as such.

Of course one has to appreciate the lyrics too when hearing a song … all I have commented on is the technicality of singing … your expressions may be fully justifying the lyrics and I am not able to comment on that.

In any case you have a very nice voice and have given the muziboo community many songs. Keep up the great work!.


Rashmi Nair said

Thanks a lot for the wonderful feedback. Really happy that all of you loved this rendition.
Arvind: I really appreciate your helpful tips. Thanks a lot for listening to the original version and pointing out where I can improve my rendition. Please keep doing the same, as all constructive feedback is very valuable.


Do listen to Cheera poovukal


Murali Venkatraman said

Rashmi – I do sense instability in some of the intricate note transitions which have been rightly pointed out by Aravind. But unlike him I appreciate the lyrics also since I know malayalam.

However, I do not subscribe to the composition ‘lacking’ kalyaNi raaga bhaavam. It was never the intention of Raveendran to make a song sound “heavy” by adhering to the strict grammar of the raga. His was a more subtle approach. He skimmed the surface of the raga for creating melodies and when he had to create semi-classicals he juiced the cane of raga. If this song had been loaded with all the character of kalyaaNi, it would not reach every listener.

Rashmi – the song and tone are all very nice. A little more grip is essential in the transition. example – “cheera” at 0:34 – the sangathis goes off for a fraction of a second. I see your old problem of occasional off notes creeping in which I thought u had wiped out in your recent renditions.


Kumaran said

Never heard this song before, sounded very much original to me :-) Beautiful song and equally beautifully rendered by you!!!!!! superb yaar!!!!


Rashmi Nair said

Thanks a lot Kumaran. Glad you liked it.
Murali: Thanks a lot for the feedback and pointing out the improvement opportunities. In Chitra’s renditions every word will have a slight nuance which if not captured right, can turn off-pitch. Thank you for listening and helping me improve.


Do listen to Cheera poovukal


Surajit Chatterjee said

Hi Rashmi, Though I don’t understand one word of what you are singing here, but my God, you sound so very nice, totally in sur and sync. Your voice is God’s gift to you, please take good care of it. Would love to hear almost anything from you. Take care and God bless.


Dhiraj Barla said


Beautiful song and wonderfully sung, loved the mixing and your voice. Keep it up.


Meena (on & off from muziboo) said

Hey Rashmi,I loved ur version very much:-).About the improvement areas it is all told above.Keep singing:-).


Meera Manohar said


Agree with Murali about 0.34 for instance. Brigas I thought at 4.08 could have been done better.

Very nice voice, and a nice cover but thought your other renditions, for instance Malare or the one from classmates a lot better than this.


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Rashmi Nair said

Thanks a lor Surajit, Dhiraj, Meena & Meera. Glad you all loved the rendition.
Meera, thanks a lot for pointing out the improvement areas. Yep, you are right, the 0.34 & 4.08 could have been made crisper. Will concentrate to get these nuances much better in my future renditions.


Do listen to Cheera poovukal


Murali Ramanathan said

Nice selection of the great Ravindran master. Overall good. few comments.

1. In the pallavi, there is a pitch out in the line kanneroppamo, and oonjalattiyukkamao….towards the end of the pallavi.

2. thekke muttathe second time, the sangathi has not come out properly.

3. Vettila nombu – there is a pitchout. and towards the end of the anupallavi also, there is pitch problem.

4. Kuttikurmbukari….on repeat…the sangathi is again not perfect.

Rashmi…I think you can practice more….that will help you to bring out the sangathis more perfectly. Sing many times….before you record them.

Warm Regards,
Murali Ram


Mohammed Ashraf said

Rashmi….apologies for being late. No words to exrpress rashmi. This one didnt go to my ears, but to heart directly. U r gifted, no doubt abt that!

10/10 from me….goest to my fav.

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Janhavee said


Its always a treat to listen to your voice.
Soothing melody and beautiful rendition.


" There is no Destination to my Musical Journey……
Its the Journey itself that I Enjoy "

- Janhavee


Rashmi Nair said

Thanks a lot Sowmya, Ashraf & Janhavee. Glad you all loved this rendition.
Murali: Thanks a lot for listening to the song and pointing out areas where I can improve.



Shishir Parkhie said

You have a fantastic voice Rashmi!

Singer & Music Composer


Kuldeep kumar Dubey said

Hi Rashmi,

Your voice is mind-blowing and you’ve done fair justice with the song as well.
Nice mixing, nice voice and after all a very justifying attempt.


as per your comments, i’ve tried again:


Shruti S said

Hi Rashmi!!! AWESOME SINGING…my mom says that ur voice is exactly like Chithra’s….and also, thanks a lot for commenting on Ajab Si…ya u r right there was a slight off- pitch in the line u mentioned.

Do listen to oru venal puzha


Reny Jameel said

i love u
i dont really no what r u singing but it sounds very beautiful:D

~ Reny Jameel ~


Rashmi Nair said

Thanks a lot Shishir, Kuldeep, Sherlock, Shruti & Reny. Glad you all liked this rendition.



Satheesh Menon said

Excellent work Rasmi… You did this almost like the original one. Thank you very much.

One small suggestion…. could have removed those unwanted starting beats in the karaoke track.


Alice said

hi rashmi,

wonderfully sung with a smile… loved it……:-)


Saneesh Joseph said

Well sung…. nice voice….


Varun Nair said

This song painted things grey around me. It really made me sit back and see things which are pretty grey now. Really nostalgic. Brilliant! Make sure you keep singing!

Music makes it going!


Rashmi Nair said

Thank you all! Very glad to hear you liked it :)

Please listen to Anbendra Mazhayile
Jalten Hai- Unplugged version


Surendran Menon said

One of my favourite numbers in Kalyaani. Very well sung.You have a wonderful voice and can try your luck at play back singing. There is a lot of confidence and feel in your singing that can take you places. The choice is yours. All the best!!


Dr. daniel Paul said

Rashmi Exceptional singer with a pleasing voice.
God Bless!


Rashmi Nair said

Thank u all for ur kind words…. :)

Please listen to Gopaangane
Ovvoru Pookalume


Mirash Hasee said

very good singing,tried well to catch the notes.also little difficult to sing as well.

Do listen my new track ente swapnathin


Nazir said

Rashmi, Thouh too late, I enjoyed this song sung by you and it was so nice to listen to your sweet voice, you are definitely gifted, keep it up.

Dr. Nazir , Abu Dhabi

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