Celebrating ShankarabharaNam - 3- Brochevarevarura

Lyrics & Chords

Song : Brochevarevarura and Dialogues preceding the song
Composer/Lyricist : Mysore Vasudevacharya
Original by: Vani Jeyaram, S. P. Balasubramaniyam
Originally Arranged By : K. V. Mahadevan
Movie : shankaraBharaNam

Dramatization and Dialogue Delivery: Narayanan Raju (Dasu) and Vamsikrishna Nadella (Shastri)

Singers: Srividya Kasturi, Murali Venkatraman
Mixing : Meera Manohar

(The song starts at 3:43)

Write-up by : Murali Venkatraman

Remix – these days has become synonymous with making a cacophony of older compositions of high musical standing. The disturbing trend has started eroding the minds of newer listeners who may, if ignorant about the classics, start hating them baselessly simply because the only version of the classic they heard was a bad inharmonious effort from a wastrel of an arranger.

Lyrics form another domain where the value seems to be getting lost especially in tamil and telugu. Meaningless words with some stupid rhyme like:

“kaNNum kaNNum nOkia
cappuccino cofee ya
sofia "

are flooding the music scene. Songs like “arigori bonsaai samba nellaalE” which feature gibberish are better only than the vulgar songs like “aakalesthe” (nee rent kodutha tent pOdalaam)". In the movie Shankarabharanam there is a scene where ‘Dasu’ tries to ‘teach’ the kid a new variant of Brochevarevarura. His insistence on remixing the song in a speedy trendy (we are talking about late 70s here) way, incurs the attention and wrath of Shankara Shastri (Somayajulu). Shastri explains how each and every syllable of St. Thyagaraja’s compositions brims with life. He explains how every aksharam has a distinct swaram and naadam and how one must not ruin the original in the name of remixing it.

I was of the opinion that this movie stressed only on the “holier-than-thou attitude” about Indian classical music until I saw this clip:


The director K. Vishwanath through the character of Shankara Shastri explains how one should approach and perform music with dedication be it western or Indian. That, I thought was a great piece of advice. What do we do with the musical giant that is S.P.B ? See how he effortlessly sings the ‘pop’ portions ? I don’t know anything about western singing, but I can certainly recognize a voice which can effortlessly transition through octaves with ease and utmost clarity. It may be that he won the National award for Shankara Naada Shareera Para. But I think the movie has many bits like these which never got popular but featured some excellent singing (Remember – punjai uNdu nanjai uNdu humming of SPB in unnaal mudiyum thambi?).

As a tribute to the situation in the movie which featured the comical Dasu and serious Shastri, my friends and I here present you with both the dialogue and the song. For this, I requested Narayanan and Vamsi – two good singers in their own right – to recreate the situation. And that they did beautifully with Vidya who also joined me in rendering the song. And I need to acknowledge their guidance in pronunciation. The original had a few minor mistakes done by the lead singers and Vidya and I have tried to sing the song with the right words (with help from vamsi).

With Meera’s help we seem to sound better than we actually do. And for the rest of the series too Meera has graciously accepted to mix. Thank you Meera.

Over to you all for all the bouquets and brickbats !


निनु विना रघुवरा
नी चरणाम्बुजमुलनॆ
विडज़ाल करुणालवाल

ऒ चतुरा ननादि वन्दित
नीकु पराकॆलनैय्या
नी चरितमु पोगडलॆनि ना
चिन्त तीर्च्चि वरमुलीच्चि वॆगमॆ

सीतापतॆ नापै नीकभिमानमु लॆदा ?
वातात्मजार्चित पादा ना मोरलनु विनरादा ?
भासुरमुग करिराज़ुनु ब्रोचिन वासुदॆवुडवु नीवुकदा ?
ना पतकमेल्ल पॊगोट्टि गट्टिग ना चेय्यि पट्टि विडुवक

Sa;;Sanida pada niSanini dada pama ||

pa;dama;; ga;; ma;pa; da;ni ||

Sa,ni,dapama ni,da,pama gamapada ma ||

garisa; sama;gama padama; padani ||

SaSaRi ni; niniSa da; dadani pa;da ||

mapadani Sanidapa magama nidani pada||

ma; padaniSa Ma;GaRiSa Ri;Sa;ni ||

dapa Sa;ni;dapama ga;ma;padani ||

Lyrical meaning:

Oh, Raghuvara ! Would anyone other than you come to my rescue ? Oh, Treasure of Compassion ! How can I afford to leave your lotus-like feet ? Why are you now so secluded, Oh Lord, worshipped by great souls including Brahma ? I would become helpless, if you now decide to elude from me. My imperfect power of expression becomes my disadvantage in praising and singing the stories about you. Please be good enough to remove my anxieties and protect me. If you have some affection for me, save me as you have saved Gajendra, Oh, Lord of Sitha, worshipped by Vathathmaja Hanuman, the great devotee of Sree Rama



Meera Manohar said

Let me take the privilege of being the first one to comment :D

Murali & Vidya— very nice choice to show your vocal abilities.

Murali, think you have done this quite non-chalantly and for me that was the thing that really impressed me. Good show!!

Vidya, honestly I have heard better from you. Felt your sangathis were very light given the classical nature of the song, and there were noticeable tempo issues. Nonetheless, I would definitely give you a 5 for this really awesome effort, and hoping that you might redo this someday since I know another day, another time— you will crack it! Hope you take my comment in the right spirit though.

Narayanan— you made me LOL everytime I sat down to mix this. Vamsi— you made me laugh even more since Dasu was reveling in his own greatness while you were trying to make him understand acc to the movie scene that I r’ber. Awesome guys… just awesome :)


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Kumaran said

Wow, mindblowing guyz!!!! I am a big fan of this movie and all the songs. You both did a terrific job. Vidya, swarams at the end were mindblowing!!!!!!!!!!


Subbu said

wow wow Astounding attention details folks.The highlight is actually the initial ‘dialogu’ by Vamsi and Narayan….

Murali you sound superb……SriVidya……I kinda second Meera……I also found it a tad melancholic ,where as it required a very brighter tone……VJ kinda excels here…….But thanks guys,I travelled deep down the memory lane……
Straight From the heart, Always


Nandita said

Very very nice. The dialogues in the beginning were awesome.Just wish my comprehension of Telugu was slightly better. Murali and Vidya: Singing was really really nice. Not at all an easy song to sing. Felt Vidya’s portions were slightly faster than the mridangam at some places.
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Tara Balakrishnan said

though i cudnt understand the dialog… loved it:) excellent package!! murali and vidya loved ur voices and rendition!!!
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thumbi vaa

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Meera Krishnan said

first of all kudos to all d muzibooians who have worked behind this project ‘Celebrating Sankarabaranam (CS)’….I was a teenager when this movie ‘Sankarabaranam’ got released and I still remember the hype it created throughout Kerala …nd now u people are doing a wonderful job….hats off to you all… really Muziboo has wonderful singers to be proud of…as is evident from songs like these…

Srividhya nd Murali

superb singing….I liked it and enjoyed every bit of it…….thanx a lot for the effort you both have put……


N.gopinath said

Very well presented by Meera & Murali.
Very good singing by both of you. congrat….
Please listen to my latest upload & comment

Karimukil kattile: Cover by Gopinath


Saroj Nair said

enjoyed the dialogue in the beginning. well sung Meera and Murali.


Angela Paduraru said

This is one of the most beautiful songs i have ever
heard , i am astounded by the beauty of these incredible voices and of the perfection of the technique


Srividya Kasturi said

Friends, I am glad some of you liked the over all package very much…I agree with ur pointers regarding my singing portions… Hopefully will get better with practice:)
Thanks Murali for singing the kriti with me:) U have done a great job with this one:)

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αнмε∂ Khan said

Murali Sir and Vidya Ji! Awesome singing liked your harqats very much and sargams as well!

Vidya Ji! Your starting and 4:15 could have been more expresive.Over all enjoyed:)

5/5 for this creative work(dialoges) and singing what a great talent:)…


Adithi said

I absolutely used to love this song when I was a child- only until I heard GNB’s rendition in pure classical style. I found some of SPB’s sangathis unrelishable and lacking depth(with all due respects to him for handling a song as this, thanks to Pugazhendi and KVM!) but the King of Bhava did not fail to enthrall us with his performance in a genre he rarely ventured into. However Vani was in her very own usual self, making every part of her rendition enjoyable.

Murali and Vidya- Kudos for taking up this challenge so bravely and putting in a lot of work!
Murali, your classical training seems to have paid off massively.

Vidya,you have done a major portion of the song well although you could have attended to the sangathis more scrupulously.

The swarams did not make an impact. Perhaps a little more practice and confidence in rendering the same may have helped.

A beautiful tribute to a movie from the forgotten years!


Adithi said

Oops! Totally forgot to mention about the dialogues!

Very nicely done, Narayan and Vamsi! :) Especially “Ninuvina tatatata”….


Shampak Chakravorty said

Wonderful work guys…. Narayan & Vamsi very colourful dialogues…. Wondering that Vamsi herself is a good singer….

Sri & Murali…… fantastic singing…. As most of the members know that Sri is one of my fav singer here but I must say Murali’s singing is growing big in me…. Wonderful work…. Keep it up….
5/5 from me….


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Ravi Kichcha said

ShankarabharaNamu is rocking nw a days @ Muziboo…… thanx very much guys for sharing such a wonderful songs…… Awesome singing by u guys…. goes to my favs and 5/5 from me …… :-)



Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said

LOL. Excellent idea to include the dialogue and dramatization in the beginning. Totally enjoyed it. Great work Narayanan and Vamshi. Vidya, was that you speaking Telugu too? Good entertainment !!

Very well sung Murali and Vidya. I especially liked the Baasuramukha line by both of you. Great tribute to this all time classic movie and the messages it conveyed. Commendable performance by both of you.



Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said

Also, very good mix Meera :-).


Sindhuja Bhakthavatsalam (no longer active on muziboo- pl visit me at http://octaves.blogspot.com) said

Copy pasting from Murali’s blog:

While I enjoyed the whole presentation as a package (the dramatization was indeed a breath of fresh air in blog uploads! Very innovative!) I do have reservations about the rendition of the keerthanam. Let me go on with the positives before I start picking :P
One thing that was noteworthy was Srividya’s “podi brighas”- like at 4:19 and 4:28; and Murali, as usual, good feel and clarity of words.

On the flipside, sorry, but this did not bring out the true flavor of Khamas at all IMHO. Not sure if the intention was to reproduce the film version (which I’m not familiar with) or recreate it. Even if this is how the original film version sounds, I would not be able to enjoy it. And in any case, a recreation of the song with improvs over the filmi version to bring in the feel of the raga would have done a lot of good.

Khamas has trademark usages and every note has a unique stamp- like ma goes oscillating like gmgmgm…. and ni2 most usually goes from dha (in fact like dsdsds) and from ma while going from below. These notes are NEVER flat. However, in this rendition, the “ra” of brocheva…revarura is sung as a flat ma which sounds odd. Similarly, in the swaram, in the line Sa ni…. dha pa ma, ni dhaa… pa ma ga, the first ni usually is sung as going from dha and the second from ma. But here, they seem to be flat as well.
Many more instances like this throughout.
And the second speed swaram seems to be faster and ahead of the beat.
Sorry guys if I seem to be nitpicking, but Khamas is dear as life to me and I’m very fond of this song, so couldn’t help!
Murali, once again, great idea of doing this series and looking forward to the upcoming ones.

Hope my comments reach out in the right sense….



Radhika Nair (away) said

Vidya – sorry am late here. Still grinning though the song has started :). Wonderful idea and packaging, guys – though i cant understand Telugu i have seen the Telugu version of the movie(after seeing the Mal and Tamil dubbed versions of course) and this reminded me of the experience.

Narayanan and Vamsi – you guys will do an excellent job as dubbing artists too – sounded very natural :).

Vidya – The song stopped abrupt at the anupallavi. Tried to replay too, still the same problem. Is it just me ?

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Sindhuja Bhakthavatsalam (no longer active on muziboo- pl visit me at http://octaves.blogspot.com) said

Ok guys- I just heard the original (movie version). Your version has done a fair justice to it. Its just that the original itself is not to my taste. While I still think that you could have improvised to adhere to Carnatic stds, apologies for the rather hasty comment before I heard the original.




Srividya Kasturi said

Friends, thanks for all ur time taken to listen and comment on our efforts:)
Since our effort was purely influenced and inspired by the cinema version, I can sense disappointment in some of ur comments that the sangathis could have more classical nature to it:)Hope to come up with a non-filmy version of the kriti sometime soon:)
Thanks to all those who fav’ted the song :)

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Roshini said

wonderful team effort guyz, kudos to everyone involved in recreating this all time classic.
Adding the dialogues was a nice touch, way to go Narayanan & Vamsi! 5/5 and goes to my fav’s!
i’m becoming a fan of this ’CS" series…looking fw to listen the rest.

Best Regards,


Murali Venkatraman said

@ Meera : Thank you for mixing and also registering your impressions !

@ Gautam : Thank you very much. The situation does add the spice to the song 

@Kumaran : Thank you !

@ Subbu : Thanks for the constant support !

@ Nandita : Thanks ! Not all of the dialogues could be understood by me too. I understood probably like 80% of it.

@ Tara : Thanks !

@ Sowmya : Thank you for dropping in !

@ Meera Krishnan : I was probably 2 or 3 at the time this movie was released . But the songs were played so many times in my childhood years that they are now imprinted on memory.

@ Kuhoo : Thanks.

@ Gopi : Thanks for listening and rating !

@ Saroj Nair : Thanks !

@ Angela : Thank you !

@ ahmed : Thanks a lot for listening attentively !

@ Adithi : I chose to toe the line of SPB in this line rather than infuse a purely carnatic rendition. Sindhuja finds it utterly unpleasing and you find my recent carnatic training helping me through it  So, I guess effectively there has been no improvement because of the classes – and that singularly means my inability to practice what my guru taught. IT has nothing to do with my guru’s teaching. She is a fantastic teacher. Thanks for your time and comments.

@ Shampak : thanks for listening !

@ Balamurali : Vidya had a few hardware latency issues which also bothered her in rendering some of the portions and while mixing, it was a bit difficult to adjust accordingly. Thanks for listening !

@ Ravi : Thanks a lot !

@ Kumar : Thanks a lot for your kind words !

@ Sindhu : Thanks for your detailed and patient response. As you may have recognized, I chose to follow the version of SPB rather than listen to a proper carnatic rendition and redeliver. Strangely, I never confine myself to such parameters in the songs I sing, but this time I did and got it all (Carnatically) wrong  There is some more to come where hopefully I will keep up with the carnatic expectations too !

@ Radhika : Thanks for stopping by. Did you face the same problem if you downloaded and played ? please let us know.

@ Sai : Thank you very much !

@ Roshni : Thanks ! and yes…there is bit more to come I this series. Your support will be crucial !


Srini S said

Great work guys,enjoyed it.5/5 from me.


Uthra said

Very nice team work. I don’t understand the language but enjoyed the dialogue. It is not an easy thing to do and good job Raju and Vamsi.

Murali and Vidya:
Enjoyed all those parts of the song beautifully rendered (gamakams, swarams etc.) but felt that the mridangam naadam during the swaram (Murali’s) sounded odd. The mridangam accompaniment (beat) did not go well with Vidya’s swaras either though she had made a good attempt at that.

Keep up the good work. In my opinion, with some fine tuning, this rendition can be taken to the next level.


Vamsi Nadella said

Thank you all of you who have enjoyed the dialogues.

Excellent Rendition Murali and Vidya. Superb Mix Meera…

Check out my Latest Song here and my other song here
Please do comment. They help me encourage and improve.


Nithya Bayya (www.facebook.com/nithyabayya) Pro user said

guys, i couldnt stop laughing and the scene from the movie went on in my head … very nice work all you guys…. loved the dialogues :) loved the singing as well.
great effort guys… keep it up.
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Shiju Nk said

Great work guys,enjoyed it.

Music….my life….
Shiju Nalukandathil


Prajna Ravikumar said

Is one of my favorite compositions……. Sung well


Priya B said

Murali and SriVidya….Aah what a treat….!!
very nice singing…loved it lots….hah who can forget this movie and the songs and the impact it had one and all…awesome rendition…full marks and undoubtedly my favourite!

And my God….the conversation at the begining was wonderful…very neatly done….almost sounded like original and needless to say i was in splits….esp…aandallu aandaallu….& aayina maate kaadhu paata kooda….ROFL s… :-)

Many congratulations to you all…Meera too!


Rekha swaminathan (on and off...) said

Great idea, in the first place…to incorporate the dialogues…very nicely done…
Vidhya and Murali – both your singing were very good. Sindhuja seems an expert on Kamaas… :) and I agree with her comments on how the Ma and Ni of Kamaas have to be sung originally, but in this presentation I did not pay much heed to the rules followed, or not being followed 100%….
It brought back good memories… :)


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Rekha Jk said

its so nice to see that our friends are bringing up new ideas,to entertain all other fellow muzibians.great idea to include the dialogues.both of you sing really gooood.


Sudha Kumar (back to listen to all of you..) said

Sorry to have missed this earlier, Vidya. Brilliant package and awesome teamwork from all of you – the dialogue team, you and Murali and kudos to Meera on the mixing…
Enjoyed it a lot!
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Preety Reddy said

I liked this very much. You people are really very good.


Srividya Kasturi said

Sudha and Preety, thankyou so much for listening, glad u liked our effort:)
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Janhavee said

Vidya and Murali….Such a beautiful rendition of this wonderful classic. Haven’t been very active on muziboo and hence missed out on the wonderful uploads :-) Loved it to the core.


" There is no Destination to my Musical Journey……
Its the Journey itself that I Enjoy "

- Janhavee

Sirisha said

hello…. this is very nice… remix is very very good… awesome…


Tn Arunagiri said

This is well presented. Very nice to bring it out to people who may not know these episodes from a fabulous movie.

Well done – Murali, Vidya and team.


- Arun.


Srividya Kasturi said

Janhavee, Sirisha and Arun, thankyou for stopping by and listening to our attempt:)
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Suri said

super song.
praananikey pranam anipinchentha super song


Latha Ganti Pro user said

Good TEAM work :)


Srividya Kasturi said

Suri and Latha, thanks so much for ur kind words…glad u enjoyed listening:)
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Lakshmana Rao said

What could I say!!!! Damn good. very good team effort. visualizing the situation while listening to vamsi’s portion. couldnt resist my laugh. and should really appreciate both of the singers for taking efforts in presenting such a great song from one of the greatest movies of Indian Cinema. Kudos to you all….


Ramesh Tadi Pro user said

Srividhya, Raju, Vamsi

Great team effort, giving a different prespective to this shows there is lot of talent and more to come. Great job guys


Give your valuable feedback n be my best Critic,

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Sam said

Srividya chala baga paadav…….Nice attempt……


Unnikrishnan Kb said

WOw, dont know how I missed this. Very good singing both of you. :)
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