Bole Mera Kangna_Instrumental with Back Ground by Gautam Parekh

Lyrics & Chords

Hello friends. Today I have presenting musical instrumental for song ‘Bole mera kangna’ which is the movie from Bandish. I wanted to play background music along with tune too. I also know to play the Dholak. But I haven’t any instrumental for the rhythm. (About the Vocal Cut Track) Then I have made a vocal cut track, in presence of rhythm and Jhankar bits. A background score also in track which is helping to sing. But all other instruments are removed. So which was needed, I have found the similar track. I have used a various sounds for background.(1) Elec Piano (2) Flute (3) Strings (4) Warm Strings (5) Sitar (6) Mandolin (7) Taishokoto etc. I have used sound for tune: For female Vocal: Violin-Piano
For male vocal: Oboe. Have a very basic instrument-“Casio-SA-1” Can only play 1 hand. It means this is not a high quality instrument. Not the smooth flow of sound within. The recording was not with pro tools. It is my experiment and I hope friends will be enjoying of my effort. Please leave your valuable remarks for my experiment. Thank you…
Song Title: ‘Bole Mera Kangna’
Movie: Bandish (1996)
Singer(s): Alka Yagnik & Kumar Sanu
Lyrics: Sameer
Music Director: Anand Milind
On Screen Actors: Juhi Chawla, Jackie Shroff
Instrument Played with Back ground too & Mixing by me.
For the original Song:
Karaoke Track Available on
Lyrics in Hindi:

अलका: बोले मेरा कंगना, तेरे बिन सजना, नींद नहीं आती! (2)
हो के जुदा मुझसे तुझे क्या चैन आता है?
सानु: दिन रात तड़पता हूँ , मिलने को तरसता हूँ। (2) (2)

अलका: तुझ से मिली मैं दीवानी बनी,
सानु: तू मेरे सपनो की रानी बनी। (2) (2)
अलका: आये सनम प्यार करने के दिन।
सानु: हाँ पलकों तले जीने मरने के दिन।
अलका: छाने लगा प्रीत का अब नशा।
सानु: दुनिया की रस्मे दुनिया की कसमे तोड़ के आ जाना, (2)
क्या दूर जा के दिल तेरा मुझे भूल जाता है?
अलका: तेरी याद सताती है, मुझे पास बुलाती है। (2)

सानु: चेहरे से अब आँख हटती नहीं,
अलका: तेरे बिना रात कटती नही, (2) (2)
सानु: कोई भी जाने ना हालत मेरी,
अलका: पागल बना देगी चाहत तेरी।
सानु: इस बेकरारी में आये मज़ा।
अलका: धक् धक् धडके जिया मोरा तडपे दर्द बढ़ा जाये, (2)
ये प्यार क्या तुझको भी रातों को जगाता है?
सानु: बेताब सा रहेता हूँ, हर दर्द मैं सहेता हूँ। (2)

अलका: बोले मेरा कंगना, तेरे बिन सजना, नींद नहीं आती! (2)
हो के जुदा मुझसे तुझे क्या चैन आता है?
सानु: दिन रात तड़पता हूँ, मिलने को तरसता हूँ……. (2)



Muzaffar Naqvi Pro user said

Very nice Gautam. So yo play keyboards too….lovely to find that. Don’t worry if you play with one hand only. Its so much fun playing on karaoke track as you can concentrate only on melody. The chord progressions and fills etc are already taken care of in the karaoke. Enjoyed your instrumental with several instruments. Keep it up.


Chandrasekharan Nair(always with music) Pro user said

Nice to hear Goutam. I am only a singer and singer only. Could’nt try to play any instrument in my carrear as singer sad about it now. It is a great gift for you Goutam. keep it up. Enjoyed a lot
Be always with a music mind to be a good person


Hema Shamal Pro user said

Wonderfully played Gautam bhai,very enjoyable and pleasant listen.Liked it very much.Keep sharing like this.


Tha Kathir said

Wow my dearest Bro:

You have so much talent playing all of those.

I am so proud of you and your skills bro.

Superp tune and excellent performance my dearest Goutam bro.

Thanks for sharing and Keep it up dear bro.

Please listen my uploads and write your feel about it. I love Music & friends, n the god inside of me.


Saroj Nair said

you are very talented person Gautam….
excellent performance… really enjoyed it…


Neil swanson.. Still not doing well but keeping the faith .surgery looking re october thanks for the prayers and well wishes ! Pro user said

@Gautam…i agree with all comments. u r
so very talented. glad to see u picking upthe
keyboard….enjoyed god bless NEIL.!
My Newest originals


Anand Sawkar said

You are really talented a person , Excellent performance.Very enjoyable instrumental Tune you have crated…


Rajesh Pandya ( kuchh naya har bar ) said

Gautam beta,
Waaaah bhaila, one man show & one man orchestra aaje jova mali. Khub j maza aavi gai. Khubj mehanat ane dimag dodavi didhu bhai. God bless you and pray god to keep you always fresh to give us such new experiments. Thanks a lot.
Rajesh Pandya
Don’t forget to visit for new uploads of friend’s who are visiting your page for real inspiration.


♪♪♪ praveen Pandit ♪♪♪ said

Gautam, you did showcased your talent earlier too and that time only was very much impressed with your talent!!and again this time you didn’t let me down and you have raised your bar!!great job brother….god bless u!!!Goes to fav!
Thanks and Regards,
Pls check my latest upload
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Shivani Zenith. said

hiii gautam bro :D :D

kaise hai? thanks for introducing one of ur hidden talents… truly pleasant listening to this n wish to hear more from you… ur experiment does worth an applause… :) enjoyed dear… best wishes for future projects :)
god bless…


Thinkal govind kumar Pro user said

WOW ! Great playing & Rocking performance !
Never knew that your good self is proficient in instrument-playing also !
LOOOOVED this a lot !
Hats off !
Please keep it up !
GOD Bless !
Loving Best Wishes,
Thinkal Govind Kumar.


Jivan Kohli (will be away for long--other commitment's..--busy on a learning mode---) said

Gautam-Bhai——Hearing you the First time probably with the Instrumentation……Quite well Synchronized,& Key-Board & Other Rhythm’s, So well Blended in the Whole set-up….Keep it Up….

With Such Minimum Equipment’s in Hand,you have Done a wonderful job of it……More & more Improvisation’s will surely Help you to Get Better & Better….Enjoyed your New talent,new for Us, a lot….All the Best….


Chandrakant Page (on & off) said

GAUTAM bhai….
Awesome……! Wonderfully played.
“I sing like I feel”. ….Chandrakant Page


Gautam Parekh said

@@Dear friends….
@ Naqvi Sahab
@ Bharat Bhai
@ Chandrasekharan Ji
@ Hema Ji
@ Tha bro
@ Saroj Ji
@ Neil Ji
@ Anand Ji
@ Rajesh Uncle
@ Praveen Bhai
@ Shivani Sister
@ Thinkal Ji
@ Jivan Bhai
@ Chandrakant Ji….

Words full of love and inspiration to all of you wholeheartedly appreciate it. I am not a trained artist. But i love music. So all my effort is my experiment. Which the appreciate my all experiments. Which is the very talented & wonderful singers on this forum. I want to say thanks from bottom of my heart to those artists. Including liking & favoriting.
God bless you all.
My Lafango Stage


Manoj Bondre said

Good one Gautmabhai…now i will bother u with request for playing some tracks which are not available in the market or on the web…nice one!!


Gautam Parekh said

@Dear Vishal Ji….Most well come at my space….Thank you very very much for such encouraging feedback & thanks for appreciation….I appreciate your valuable time & support….God bless……Thanks for L+F too….Regards….
My Lafango Stage


Gautam Parekh said

@Dear Manoj Bhai….Thanks so much for inspiring & encouraging words….Appreciate your nice support….Ji bilkul main koshish karunga, Kuchh rare songs ke tracks ke liye….Gld that you liking….God bless….
My Lafango Stage


Ramesh Tadi Pro user said

Gautam bhai…
very nice to know of your hidden talents with the instruments… that is really a great gift… god bless you buddy… enjoyed my listen to this lovely instrumental… keep them coming… to my fav[s
Ramesh Tadi


Gautam Parekh said

@Dear Ramesh Bro….Thank you so much for encouragement & liking my attempt….Thanks for L+F too….God bless….
My Lafango Stage


Vino... said

Well played Gautam…. Enjoyed it…

“Expecting d world 2 b fair wid u bcoz u r fair wid them is like, expecting a lion not 2 eat u just bcoz u r a vegetarian”



Asrar Ahmed khan(aadil) said

gautam bhai……………….class ebyond compare….enjoyed every bit …saath mein gaane laga bohat hi badiya play kiya aapne…god blessu…fav


Gautam Parekh said

@Dear Vino bro….Thanks for listening & liking….Appreciate….God bless….
My Lafango Stage


Gautam Parekh said

@Dear Aadil Bhai….Thanks you so much for encouraging feedback & appreciation….Thanks for L+F too….
My Lafango Stage


Rajeev Bhave said

Gautam Bhai, very impressive! Aap toh acche fankar nikle! Instruments bajana bhi ek hunar hai jiska anand alagh hi hai! I enjoyed your experiment!
Rajeev Bhave

My latest upload – Saanware – Ksitij Tarey


Gautam Parekh said

@Dear Rajeev Bhai….Aapne bilkul sahi kaha….Thanks you so much for liking & favoring my attempt….Appreciate your nice words….God bless….
My Lafango Stage


>>mushy<<- said

lovely gautam bhai ,
i have not heard the song but u played fantastic…
liked it
Music has no country, no religion , Its Universal


Gautam Parekh said

@Dear Mushy bhai Jaan….Thank you so much for listening & liking my attempt….So glad….Appreciate your time bro….God bless….
My Lafango Stage


Dj Wazif said

This is your second instrumental on this forum if not mistaken…. well me too impressed but with a little more practice you can do magic bro…. get a better piano and you can even do your own karaokes…. lovely work here…. enjoyed it all along…. keep sharing like that.

Wish you Gr8 Luck!

Please listen to my original here: Dekho Mausam

DJ WaziF


Gautam Parekh said

@Dear Wazif Bro….Thanks for liking & favoring my instrumental….Yes you are right, it’s my second instrumental on Muziboo….I will try to purchase a good keyboard. And definitely will try to create good karaokes as my ability. God bless….Regards….
My Lafango Stage


Hemanth Kumar Pro user said

Lovely rendering, Gautam ji :-)! I Would love to follow your participation please….

Thank you and kind regards,



Gautam Parekh said

@Hemanth Ji. Most well come at my space. Thanks for appreciation along with liking & favoring. Regards….
My Lafango Stage


Sohag Mia (back in action) said

Sorry for being late here Gautam bro….:(
Wonderful rendition by you.
another nice talent……Keep it up.
Enjoyed your rendition a lot!
Thumbs up and best wishes….
My Latest Covers


Gautam Parekh said

@Sohag bro….Thanks so much for appreciation….God bless….
My Lafango Stage


Hemanth Kumar Pro user said

Fantastic rendition Gautam bro :-)! Thoroughly enjoyable :-)!!

Many thanks and kind regards,



Gautam Parekh said

@Hemanth Bro….
Thanks for listening ones again….So nice of you….Appreciate your valuable time….God bless….
My Lafango Stage

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