Billy Is A Boxer

Lyrics & Chords

Billy’s A Boxer

Billy´s a boxer
he really likes a fight.
When his nose is bleeding
he says “I´m allright”.

Billy´s a boxer
when he is in the ring.
That´s the thing that matters
yeah, boxing is his thing.

With his gloves on
he´s a star.
As a boxer he´s just a beginner
but Billy is a winner….

Billy´s a boxer
he is one of a kind.
People in the business
say this man is a find.

Billy´s a boxer
he trains hard every day.
He´s as fast as lighting
a “knock out king” they say.

Billy´s a boxer
he works out ev’ry day.
Rocky is his hero
he´s fighting, come what may.

©Music by Attila Kovacs, Words: Hans Side and LARS E. CARLSSON


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